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Default Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, I am in quite a dilemma. I was losing weight great over the summer, and thought that starting college would make it even easier because i would be busy. NOT SO. I have buffet style cafeteria food that is number one in the nation. And, I cant stop eating. its hard because there is always food there and I don't want to waste my meal plan. I really need to figure out what to do. I always have to have a "plan", and college life is making it very disconbobulated. Please helP!!
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Just a thought, I was at university while losing weight and on a food plan too (and I lost about 70lbs). Here is what I did. I asked for smaller portions all the time if someone was passing out food. If there's just a common area to grab the grub, how about filling at half the plate with salad and/or veggies, a quarter with a protien and a quarter with a starch (depending how big the plates are mind you) or even skip the starch and leave a quarter of the plate bare. In the end you won't be wasting your meal plan, you'll be using it wisely. Maybe have dessert once a week or something not to feel deprived, figure out what works for you.

Take advantage of your gym or campus trails or what not too...


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When I first went to college, I started out on the standard 14 meal/week eating plan and I found out that I didn't use it that much so I dropped it down to 9 meals/week and still I had tons of extra meals leftover. Not that I suggest you do that, but I basically decided it didn't fit in my lifestyle to eat at the cafeteria that often so I adjusted. If you want to lose weight or maintain weight, eating unhealthy or overeating at your cafeteria doesn't fit into your lifestyle either. You aren't wasting your meal plan if you aren't eating all the bad stuff, focus on the good stuff and eat that. I remember making a lot of sandwiches when I had a meal plan like that because those were what I wanted and they were pretty healthy.
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Is the menu posted somewhere in advance? Then you can review it and plan accordingly. Planning your meals in advance can be a useful tool. Forwarned is forarmed! Keeping a food journal can help too. It's amazing how much snacking sneaks in...

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I agree with the others. Have an idea of what you want to eat in advance. I am assumming they have veggies and salad on offer every day. Make these the biggest part of your meal. Eat fruit every day as desert and save the sugary stuff for a treat at the weekend. Good luck.
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