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Default I slipped up :(

Everything was going so great. I was about to hit my 15th day binge-free and controlling my calories. I totally blew it today though. I had fatty Chinese food, and then I figured I was done eating for the day. Then I woke up after a nap and consumed an ungodly amount of HC icecream, along with cookies, cocoa crispies, French bread and a strip of fried chicken. I know that I need to dust myself off and keep on fighting the good fight, but I feel so incredibly ashamed right now, not to mention bloated and fat
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*hug* It's okay to feel sorry for ourselves every now and again. At least you've acknowledged how you feel and like you said, all you can do now is dust yourself off and keep on going.

Every day is a clean slate. As many people have said before; weight takes time to go on, you wont balloon from this one binge, but you will learn from it.

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Sometimes eating "off plan" ends up triggering more eating. Chinese food also has a lot of hidden carbs, and that can trigger someone with a carb "addiction" to eat even more.

In other cases, the thought process is something like, "Oh well, I already blew it, what difference does it make?" And so a bad situation is made worse.

You might want to try to remember what you were thinking when you decided to eat the ice cream, then the cookies, and so on. Sometimes that can give you insight into the tricks your mind can play on you to get you to pretend it doesn't matter. And then perhaps the next time it starts to happen, you'll remember the past experience and have a better chance of stopping.

Remember, you're not a bad person, you just made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

I never have off-plan foods in the house--but because you live at home (I assume) you don't have much control over what's in the fridge. One idea would be to go out for a walk or something when you find yourself obsessing about the food in the house.

You can start again on your plan right now, right this minute. One day won't wreck your program. Several days will.

Good luck to you!
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Hang in there Kiddo, we all goof every now and then, 15 days OP is excellent, just try to focus on that instead of the goof and you'll be back on track in no time.

You can do it !!!
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Just like everyone else has said, ONE bad day does not ruin a diet. What is important that you start fresh at the next available opportunity (the next meal, the next day, the next minute)!

Remember, you didn't get overweight by eating bad for one day, and one bad day is going going to make you gain back everything you have lost. Even if the scales go up, it is more likely a gain from fluid retention (Chinese food seems to have a lot of salt in it) or simply the weight of the food you ate. It will come back off as it is digested.

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Thank you so much guys for your responses. I love being able to come here for support, it has made everything so much easier.
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