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Default How many calories?

Hello everyone,

I would really appreciate some input. I have decided that I want to do something about my weight. I absolutely refuse to do anything in terms of "going on a diet" because that has never worked for me, and I won't even bother comtemplating that i can lose it quickly. I want it to be done right, with no binging, and kept off. I am 100% willing to lose very slowly - I have learned it is better to have one pound off permanently, than 5 pounds off but back in a few months!

Some stats about me: 5'2 1/2....135 lbs approx....21 years old...female

I don't have a set goal number in mind, because that has never really helped me. I just want to be healthier on a regular basis and not binge at all...I don't need to weigh a certain amount, but guaranteed the weight will slowly come off if I put in the effort to eat healthier, spaced throughout the day, and exercise.

I know that I binge when I undereat. It took me YEARS to realize that. I don't want to lose fast because that is poor muscle gone, that when binged and gained back comes back as useless fat. And if we undereat, sooner or later, if will come back to haunt us! I have done a lot of research and in order for weight loss to be truly permanent and easier to maintain, the weight loss must feel imperceptible on a daily basis. When your body realizes there is a famine, it wants to survive and will only work against your honest attempts to shed those pounds.

Sorry! What I am getting at is this. I want to start eating about 5 times a day, and I haven't really figured out the calorie amount yet. I don't know how little I can have without triggering a binge at night, and sheer willpower only works for so long until you go off the deep end. I am thinking my trial and error will be somewhere in the range of 1500 - 1900 calories. If I lose TWO pounds a month, so be it! I am going for PERMANENT!

If you would be so kind as to share how many calories you eat a day, and your bodies reactions to it, I would be so grateful! I guess this is kind of some more research on my part.

Thanks a million

Good luck to you all, and talk to you soon.
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we are about the same height. I eat around 1200-1400 cals a day eating pretty much whatever i want. Once is a while I allow myself to eat over 1400 cals. There is a calorie counter club under clubs in the forum... Hope that helped
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First of all, I think you have a great outlook on the whole thing.

Second, there are websites where you can plug in your stats and get an estimated basal metabolic rate for YOUR body, age, etc. One of these sites is www.room42.com. If you eat MORE THAN your BMR, but less than your Active Metabolic Rate, you should lose weight if your metabolism is normal.

Third, you might want to look into having your metabolism actually tested. Go to www.healthetech.com and see if there is a facility in your area that tests with the BodyGem or MedGem. It costs less than $100 and can give you REAL info and take the guesswork out of it.

You've made a great start by just identifying a trigger and having a healthy attitude about making a lifestyle change. Good luck.
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Hi,.. I agree, I think you have a great outlook on all of this. Its good that you are willing to lose weight slowly as long as you do it the right way. I took the liberty for you and went to inch-aweigh.com/dcn.php I typed in your stats, and since Im not sure quite how active you are, I picked the lowest setting (sedentary) and it said you should only be eating 1200-1300 calories a day. However, light exercise takes it up to 1400, and so on.

Of course, you really should just go to your doctor and talk to him/her about it. They could probably give you a much healthier way of doing things. Hope I helped a bit.

Good luck!!
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I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers. I have tried many other systems. And for me this is the best, especially the newest "point" system. It is a relief to know that I can eat anything if I want to pay the "point price". Unually I decide that it is not worth it, so I make a healthier choice. It is also easier to count smaller numbers---------I get lost counting over one thousand : You have a wonderful attitude that is necessary. I do think a pount a week is very do-able. One or two pounds a month sounds discouraging to me. Rememer to drink your water. Min. of 8 glasses a day. That is one big secret. The only exercise I do is fast walking. I do not even jog. If you stay within your points, drink your water and walk daily you will lose one pound per week and keep it off.
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Hello. Now for my 2 cents worth. Never go below 1200 calories, that slows down your metabolism and slows losing. I think 1200-1400 is a good range, you are still young so you still have a metabolism, mine seems to have gotten lost somewhere's, walking and exercising will also help as will eating a lot of high fiber whole grain products. Good Luck and God BLess.
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