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Question Snack attacks! What to do????

Okay, so what do you do when you have a craving and it's driving you nuts? Do you break down and give in? I would LOVE some suggestions

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I have several different tactics:

* Clean something - something about cleaning makes me lose my appetite
* Do your nails - hard to eat with wet fingernails
* Go shopping - you don't have to buy anything but you're out of the house and trying on clothes is motivating
* Find a way to pamper yourself - give yourself a facial or a pedicure or experiment with your hair or makeup. It feels good!

Ultimately, it's about distraction. Depending on the craving and the situation, there are a million things to get distracted by. Change your focus and it goes away.
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It is what it is...
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I like to drink a huge glass of water ( sometimes it takes two ), once my belly
is full of water, I usually feel full enough to forget it....
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Well, for me it depends on what I'm craving and how long I've been craving it. My first line of defense is to ignore it or substitute something else for it if possible and if I'm actually hungry (for instance I'll put a little lite chocolate syrup on my yogurt to satisfy a craving for chocolate). If that doesn't work, I'll try the distraction technique ... clean, work out, brush my teeth, read a book, remind myself of my weight-loss goals, etc. One big help is that I no longer keep foods I'm likely to crave (that are unhealthy) in the house: there are no chips, candy bars, soda, etc. in my cupboards. Now, having said all that, I do not function well with "deprivation." That's why I am not on a diet there is nothing that is absolutly forbidden, that just makes me want it more So if I've having a hardcore craving for something and if I've had it for days, and just cannot shake it I'll eat it, but I have to count it in towards my calories for the day (which is often enough for me to stop craving the food). So, I may need to work out a little harder and make better choices for the rest of the day. One more thing, for instance, if I were craving chips, and decided to go ahead and eat some, I'd only buy one of those little snack-size bags, not one of the super big bags - otherwise I might eat the whole bag ! Hope that helps.
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Me? I am a mega craver! When I get to craving a snack I usually drink plenty of water and eat a caramel rice cake. If thats not enough I follow it with some fruit. If its a sweet craving I usually bring out the grapes but can usually go a bit over the top on them but at least its better than chocolate.
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Iamgonnadoit - Have you tried freezing them? Frozen green grapes are super-yummy and it takes a lot longer to eat them.
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I'll be honest here...

Usually when I have a snack attack..I eat a snack. But..whereas it use to be M & Ms, Fries, Doritos, TV dinners, Big Macs, etc, it's now healthy stuff like fresh Oranges & Apples & Strawberries & Pineapples & Veggies & Almonds & Low-Fat Yogurt & Granola & Wheat Crackers & Salads & Cheese &.... well you get my drift. I pick a healthy snack now instread of un-healthy.
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i drink a large 32 oz water or drink a 64 oz cup of water. i also will try to go shopping to just get out of the house.I am haveing this problem i recently had surgery and i cannot drive for 10 days and i see my doctor tommorrow to see if i can drive. i hope i can. i have been going nuts . i have washed clothes,dishes ,walk the floor. i hope friday i can go to the park to walk. i will be off for 5 weeks so i can get alot of walking. sue
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