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Thumbs up Trying again!

OK well last time I was here was in september, I have lost 20 lbs since then naturally... just by not sitting around so much. I am now moved into my new place ( with a room mate ). I have finally just signed up for a new gym again today
I have not had soda for over a week now, nothing but water for me ( I had OJ last night for dinner.. but that is not bad). So now the next step for me is to get into a proper diet. I am willing to do anything as long as I get to eat enough and be full.

I would really like to do atkins, because I am going to be going for a very healthy lifestyle. I will not be drinking liquor so much. I used to drink 3 times a week or more...

I am 19, male about 6'2 my body weight is 278, and my bodyfat is 30.3%
So I am thinking that I Can lose weight if I do it properly fairly quickly.
I do have 89LBS of fat on my body, would like to lose about 75 or a bit more pounds of that. So my goal is to weigh about 200 or 210 if I get stronger.

Now a few questions, I have booked an appointment with a personal trainer, well I have paid for 3 sessions, he will tell me about my routine and what to do there. So not going to ask any questions about that.
But I am going to ask about Atkins, do you think that ediets.com is a good idea? From what I can see is that it guides you through the whole idea, it provides you with recipes and a grocery list. I have set aside 2.5 hours every morning to go to the gym and I am also starting to do tanning (did my first session today). Sorry to rambel on about myself for so long, but that's basically where I am at right now.

So any tips would be awesome! I will post a current picture of me later tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks again guys!
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Atkins is tough, but not impossible,. I was off and on for nearly three years and then realized that I needed to come up with a different approach! The second time that I tried Atkins I lost 46 pounds in 3 months! The weight fell off of me like it was nothing. 11 months later I had gained about only 4 pounds. The next month after that I gained 20 in one month! And believe it or not I was sick with pneumonia! However I was drinking this sugar laddened cough medicine and I believe that it simply did me in. Grant it I was healthy again but I was 20 pounds heavier! After that it was like my weight was a run away train and I couldn't control it there after. I would be good on Induction for about 10 days and then bee line to Krispy Kreme and that was it... until I tried two weeks later again. I gained all of the 46 pounds back with 6 pounds of interest. I know that there are several people out there that are living a low carb lifestyle and they are living happy. But, me I missed my fruits! I will cut to the chase here. I have developed something on my own. One day I said that I need to get REAL. Meaning that I needed to eat things that look as close as they once did. I eat all fruits (3 a day), veggies (3 a day), lean meats, 2-3 dairy a day, and complex carbs. Meaning foods made with whole wheat (not easy to get used to after eating white bread forever ) breads, cereals and foods that are high in fiber. Fiber is your FRIEND! It will allow you to be regular and it will keep you full longer. If you want to lose weight quick...do Atkins...if you want to keep it off though..you need to construct something that works for you. I wouldn't waste my time or money with ediets.com I would just pick up a few books, search this site and discover what is best for you and your lifestyle!
Best of Luck! Keep us posted!

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Welcome frodo - so glad you are here!

I agree with MotivatedQueen 100% - Some people really LOVE the Atkins diet. I see nothing wrong with that. Everyone has their own opinion on it.

But in my eyes, I see it as a "quick fix". MOST of the time (not saying ALL the time) you have to continue to eat the Atkins way in order to maintain the loss, or keep losing. Once you go back to your "normal" eating habits (like eating bread, rice, ect...) you tend to gain the weight back, and quickly.

3 of my Aunts were on the Atkins diet together. They were each other's "support". They lost a lot of weight, and when they tried to maintain, the gained it ALL back plus more. When they tried to maintain, they were still eating healthy, but also added a few more carbs to their diet, that is what did it.

I have talked and met with many people who have lost and maintained their weight loss, and what seems to really work is eating HEALTHY. By that I mean getting EVERYTHING that you need.

You need protein, you need fat, you need carbs, you need calories ect... but it is all about HOW much.

Once you figure out how many grams of protein, carbs, fat, and calories that you need each day, you can come up with a meal plan that will be realistic, and keep you full too. (And yes, getting enough fiber is very important because like MotivatedQueen said, it keeps you regular, and full too!)

There are some websites available if you do a search on the internet, that will tell you how to figure out how much of each thing you need. Or you could always set up an appointment with a nutritionalist. They will explain to you why all of these things are SO important to your body.

frodo - I wish you luck in your weight loss journey Please keep us posted on how you are doing at the gym, and what type of plan you are going to do. And remember, it's all about eating healthy for life

~ Kari ~
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