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Old 10-20-2003, 02:02 AM   #1
I'm doing it this time!
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Default I am beautiful.....

Watching Beautiful Girl tonight inspired me to look at myself to find beauty. Am I a beautiful person? Maybe not "pageant" style beauty, how many people out there actually are? No, there are millions of other ways to see beauty in and around a person. I think I possess a few. Do you?

I believe I'm a beautiful person because I...

always hold doors open for people leaving a building or entering a building after me.

smile and say hi to strangers

forgive and forget

never take the last snack at the snack table. (Someone else might be coming hungrier than me)

laugh when I hear someone's joke

live and let live

care about everyone's feelings, even if they don't give a hoot about mine

Tell us what makes YOU a beautiful person?

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Old 10-20-2003, 08:35 AM   #2
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Heidi, You are very wrong about something!

You listed all the ways you are INTERNALLY beautiful but you are also BEAUTIFUL on the outside. One of the biggest things I work with women about is seeing that being overweight or obese is NOT UGLY! Every woman is truly beautiful on the outside. Just because the world doesn't think so, does not mean it is true.

Add I am a truly beautiful woman on the outside to your list!

BTW, that young woman who plays the part is cute as a bug!

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Old 10-20-2003, 10:57 AM   #3
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I am a beautiful person because......

I always think of others first..then myself.

I try to always give genuine compliments when one comes to my mind about someone.

I have a good sense of humor.

I have high morals.

I have high ethics.

I have empathy for others.

I LOVE animals...I wish I could have 100!..all kinds

I treat my grandparents extremely WELL!..(84 & 80 yrs. young)

In my mind I always think of things I would like to buy or provide for people if I could afford to...things that would make their life easier.

I trust in my faith...the belief of a higher power...mine being GOD!

I do not lie, cheat, or steal from others.

I have compassion for others.

I actually like sharing.

I have beautiful teeth.

I have beautiful eyes.

I feel a NEED to volunteer some of my time for others or maybe animals....something I have yet to act upon...BUT..the strong urge in present inside of me.

I like to COOK for others to enjoy!

I LOVE giving gifts to others...especially just because.

I love giving cards to others.

I liked making halloween cupcakes with my 10-year old neighbor last week...whose mom happens to work alot.....she has to..she has five kids to feed!

I KNOW 100% deep deep deep deep down that I WILL BE a really awesome, fun, loving mother one day!

I enjoy praying to GOD while I drive..for me and for others.

WOW!...doIlookfat?.......thanks...I think you made me feel REAL good about myself today!!!!!!!
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I just want to weigh 2 4 9 already?
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Old 10-20-2003, 08:29 PM   #4
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Oh I loved that... I am feeling a bit down today and that little poem really helped!

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Old 10-20-2003, 10:50 PM   #5
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Hi...you got me to thinking. I've been all sizes...98 lbs when I married, 160 lbs after twins were born, 212 lbs after taking steroids for back, 130 lbs after steroids & diet, 190 lbs after depression, now back to 140 lbs. Was I ever beautiful? I never thought so. If our weight made us beautiful...where did I fit in?!
I've heard beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

I try to have others see me doing for others

Having a smile to share

Showing the love I have for God

I'm willing to share whatever I have with anyone

Keeping a neat appearance...no matter which weight I was at

Visiting nursing homes, etc

I sing (at least, the best that I can)

Showing it's ok to be a grandma(11 grands)...what a joy!

Ok, the outside...I like my eyes...my smile (always had ugly teeth, now they're fixed...& love to smile), my complexion has always been good...& DH thinks I have pretty legs (& always valued his opinion )

No, never thought I was beautiful...but, not ugly either...come to think of it!
When I look at someone, it's not their size, it's their character, I look into their eyes & most of the time see beauty! I've seen your beauty in a special way...you've made us all feel better today...thank you for that!
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Old 10-21-2003, 10:35 AM   #6
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I am beautiful......

because my daughter(9) said so. And that is all that really matters!!!

"Nobody ever drowned in sweat"
-Steve Prefontaine

"You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be."
-David Viscott
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Waiting for ONEDERLAND!
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This is a great post. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way, and I think everyone here is beautiful because we are all taking initiative to care about ourselves by taking care of ourselves and becoming healthy (or healither depending on the person).

I have real self esteem issues, I was made fun of a lot as a kid because I was chubby. And its funny how that sort of carries over into adulthood. I still haven't been able to shake it now at age 20. I don't feel beautiful and I look at myself and I just.. tear myself apart so easily. I can point out everything that I don't like about myself. And its because I don't look like all the 'other girls' is what sets me aside. I believe people should be individuals, but if you look around today (especially college) all the girls (and guys really..) look the same. They are all tall and thin and blonde or have hilights. And that isn't me, and it never was, reguardless of weight. No matter how much weight I lose, this is who I am. I'm not going to change what I wear or anything, because I am who I am.

I don't feel beautiful physically. But maybe I am and I just don't see it.

I think I am beautiful on the inside because I am sensitive, I care about others feelings and hate to see my friends or loved ones in any kind of pain (that includes animals as well).

I am beautiful because I care very much for my family especially my grandmother and parents who are the most amazing wonderful people in the planet-- I am beautiful because they make me beautiful.

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Old 10-22-2003, 01:49 PM   #8
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I always know I am beautiful on the inside and when I need reminding about the outside my husband never lets me down. It was so hard for me to believe that he could ever find the rolls and dimples beautiful, but now I really believe it. And on the days when that doesnt' work, I just have to say how do I look to my WONDERFUL step son, and he always tells me I am beautiful. I am very greatful for my wonderful family!!! They make me beautiful even when I dont' feel it!
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