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Angry 300+ and Ready to Try Again...#406

God Bless America!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

We chat at 8:30 PM EST, 7:30 PM CST on Wednesday and Saturday.

[color=orange-red]Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.[/color]


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Hi Gals!
How is everyone's day going? I am not getting much work done. My mine seems to have already gone on vacation!

So, I'll hang out with my friends here instead of working! No, not an option...I'll hang out here long enough for a post and then force myself to get some work done.

Steph (and anyone else who wants to listen ) --- We are leaving early Saturday for Orlando. DH is attending a Tax & Accounting conference on Mon-Wed so we are turning it into a vacation. We have a lot of fun things going on. When we get there Sat we are meeting an old friend at the ESPN zone to watch the Buckeyes! Sun-Tues nights we have business dinners to attend --- one of them is a dinner at Epcot! While Jeff is working on Mon-Wed I plan on working out at the hotel gym in the mornings and then lounging by the pool reading a good book. We are also planning visits to Animal Kingdom (Sun.), Universal (Thurs) and MGM (Fri). I am really looking forward to some time away from work! Not to mention some time to relax and have fun w/ Jeff! Unfortunately TOM is scheduled to show up in the middle of the week! That's the only negative thing I can find about the vacation! Sorry, I am just babbling at this point. I'll shut up now!!!

Lori - I figured your kitties missed you while you were gone. I have to agree with you on the Cable Internet. We've had it for a few years now and love it!! Always connected, speedy, no phone calls to worry about.....

Ok, That's it for now. I have to do some work!
Catch ya later!
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Hellllllloooo Ladies,

Long time - no see!

I fell off WW with a bang quite a while ago and I THINK, I'm getting my WW act back together. Restarted yesterday.

It's great to see so many old friends still here. I'd like to dust off my keyboard and rejoin the conversation if I may. I'll have to read back a few threads to see what you all have been up to.

I probably won't get here everyday ... but I will try.

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a work in progress...
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HEY! J-ann!!! Welcome back!

Just like WW...you can rejoin us anytime! (but we're free!)

And always open!

Good luck with your renewed efforts!
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Hi J-Ann! I missed you over on the WW thread so I moved to this group. Glad to see you back.

Not much time tonight. We're off to church class that is starting up on every Wednesday night. So no chat for me.

Tina - Great job for going back to WW and facing the scale. Forget the number itself and start thinking about making the number of pounds lost number instead. I want those silly 5 pound stars because it means I'm making progress. That was funny about Trey! :highfive: for him!

Barb - Does you DH work for a public accounting firm? Your trip sounds fun even if DH is going to a tax seminar. (I can make fun because I'm in accounting too).

How's the enthusiasm everyone? We had a rush of wagon jumpers earlier in the week. Hope you all are still on the wagon and keeping positive about this journey. Feeling down about little slips doesn't accomplish anything. Let's kick some butt!

Hmm, we may have to have some organized exercise events when we all meet up at 2Cute's next spring. Like a group bike ride or walk or something to celebrate our improved physical selves.

Got to run. Have a great evening! Sorry for not doing more individual replies. But I'm thinking about you all!
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You and Me in 2003
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Went to chat but no one was there
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Mary Mary Quit contrary......just singing to you!!! I went to chat and saw you and spoke but there was no answer. Then I saw you on yahoo and could not get to you? Then, when I finally did you went poof "offline". Sorry to miss you. 7 baby fishes....too cool, now you can raise them and you will have to get a bigger fish tank. Have fun with them.

Well chicklets, I'm off on another girls weekend retreat. We are leaving tomorrow, we have decided that we need all of Friday and Saturday to relax and drive back on Sunday. Oh what a weekend it will be. I have been to the grocery store for the hubby and kids, his list for the weekend consisted of Spaggettio's, pizza, and hotdogs, chips, cereals, milk, icecream, snacks, soda and lunchmeats, chesse and bread. Oh the perfect daddy for a weekend The kids will love it.

When I get back, well Monday am I am back on the wagon, just like I told you all I would be.....so please get the rope ready to tie my butt to the seat.

Nighty night and happy weekend....

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Well chickies, I finally went back to Curves tonight and I'm so glad I did. It felt so good to get a workout in. I'm going to start using my pedometer full time tomorrow. Can't wait to see how many steps I can get in. Since my measuring and weighing at Curves is on the 29th, I'm going to see what I can accomplish by then. I did want to welcome J Ann back and tell Sandy to have a great time this weekend. We'll be waiting with the wagon on Monday for you. Hope everyone else has a great night. As for me, I'm going to finish of this great activity filled day with a big and tasty. Talk to all tomorrow.
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** I put this on # 405 and it didn't get on this new page.. So I have tried to copy and past and deleated the old post*** Hope this works!

Hello Chickies,

I have been wondering what to call myself...I am too old to be a "Chickie" and not quite old enough to be an "Old Hen"


loranden:How exciting for you to have a speaking role in a film!! WTG! I am a cat person too, Simba is my huge long haired yellow tabby that makes me laugh everyday.

bobsgal: The number of steps you take daily will surprise you I'll bet. I am thinking about joining Curves myself. I need to find out a bit more about it first. Hopefully the machimes are large enough to accomidate my plus size body!

QueenB: I remember offering the referee the use of my glasses at a Basketball game my daughter was in some years ago...!!Do you suppose that the .......... made me do that??

Needless to say my daughter denied knowing the woman in the green sweater (myself) .. How was I to know that they caught me on tape...

2cute: Have a safe trip to MO, You know I am only 1.5 hours from the MO border. Hint hint...

Justme: I like Fall too, I hope that the chiropractic treatment will make you feel better.

BarbPa: What kind of work do you do from home? That would be something I would like to do. I am retired, but still would like to make a little extra spending $.. Sounds like you are staying OP! WTG.

Well, I think I am answering posts out of order, but I will get the hang of it one of these days...I have to leave before fininishing replies..sorry...but the guys are here that are going to paint my kitchen and cabinets...It is supposed to rain here tomorrow and they wanted to know if they could come earlier than we had scheduled! So I am off to pick out a pale shade of yellow and a shade of white that won't be too bright.....

Stay positive and

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Changin' my ways :)
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Hey everyone

Note to self... no posting allowed for me at 4 in the morning anymore. I write bizarre stuff! At least it made sense to me at the time. I swear, it did!

It has been a really long day. The town council and the planning and zoning commission keep setting extra meetings, and I have to be there taking notes. It wouldn't feel like such a big deal if the other clerk and I got paid to do the meetings, but they are supposed to be comp time. Comp time should mean we get to take the time off at a later date, but we can't do that either. So, in reality it means we work meetings for free. Ah well. We're going to address that at their next executive session.

Advantage to being busy and running back and forth between the jobs is that I don't have time to think about food. I also don't have access to junk food at either place. This is not a bad thing! My food isn't wandering far off the beaten path, and I'm keeping carbs lower now as a force of habit. The carbs just don't have that familiar, soothing texture and flavor they had before. It is kind of disappointing, actually.

Well, DH is turning down the bed. I'm going to guess this is a hint?

See you all tomorrow

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Dancing those pounds away
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Arrow I'm back ...

Gee... it sounds like everyone is getting laid tonight but me.
I think for Halloween I will dress up like a roll of new carpet so I can get laid too. LOL

Welcome back J-ann. We are like a Motel 6... we always leave the light on for you.
Good to see you back and back on WW again. I bet it will be even easier this time.
We are all hyped and ready to SUCCEED ... you can join in.

Barb... your vacation sounds like so much FUN.
My husband and I are combinding a work related convention with our vacation too. We are going to Hot Springs , Ark.
Not as much fun as yours... but still it is nice to get away.
After the convention we are going to our favorite State Park and do some trout fishing, antiquing, and I will drive my husband around the golf courses a few times and watch him play. Hopefully next summer I will be able to participate too.

Terri , Kat and other bike riders. We have several wonderful bike trails here. One is along the Arkansas River... called the River Trails. Something like 6-12 miles. Plus we have a trail that runs between nearby towns too. They used to rent bikes and roller blades... I will have to check and see if they still do. The walkers of the group could walk it. I will "supervise". LOL
There is so much to do here. We recently opened an Aquariam here. It has the "walk through" where you walk with sharks swimming all around you. We have several theme parks too. Water park, a great zoo too.
If you come here I probably won't even get to see you. LOL You will be too busy doing other things.

Sandy... have a wonderful time on your mini girl trip. I am insanely jealous.

Mary.. sorry you and Sandy missed each other in chat.
Glad to see you are getting back on track again.

Steph... sounds like you have got it all together girl !!! Way to go!!
Hope you enjoyed your late night treat.

Syn... looks like you did a great job moving your post over. Congrats.
If I ever get to the northern end of Missouri I will come look you up.
DH wants to go to St Louis and watch a ball game.
I never get further than south west end.

Andria... don't you just hate Comp Time.
I swear you never get your hours back.
I can't wait to go back and reread your 4am post. I don't remember it being weird.

Okay... that is everyone from this thread. Sorry I forgot what was written on the last thread.

Girls... you have inspired me to start ANEW.
In the morning I am downing a gallon of water .. no pop... and staying ON Program.
Good night for now.

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You and Me in 2003
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Good morning all

Food is still good. But I sure would love a hamburger,

Catch all of you later
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2Cute - Did I read that correctly about everyone getting laid? Or is it that I haven't had enough coffee? The trails sound wonderful. I'll be driving in so I can bring my bike and if i still my second bike, I can bring it for someone else. I'm so excited. When is this planned for? DH has his 40th class reunion scheduled for the weekend of 5/14/04 and we can't miss that since he indulged me for my 25th.

Well, not me either!

Anyway, I got on the scale this morning and it was...drum roll please.....250. I haven't been down here since before DH came around six years ago. I am so excited. Some of my pants are getting just about too baggy but not quite into small sizes yet. I have to keep at this as I'm only (ONLY?!) fifteen pounds from my goal of where I want to be by yearend. I have to keep vigilant as its coming off incredibly slow for me.

My heart goes out to everyone in the PA, NJ, and NY area today.

I better get moving.

Have a great day ladies!

Sandy - Have fun with the girls weekend!
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Good Thursday Morning,

To all those families and friends who lost loved ones on 9/11 my thoughts and prayers are with you today. God Bless you and God Bless America.

Sounds like you gals have been bussssy!! I am not going to reply individually right now, because!!!! I am feeling the urge to exercise!!!! IS THAT CRAZY OR WHAT!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dancing those pounds away
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Good morning everyone !!! The sun is no where to be found around here.
They predict rain for the next three days. Grrrr
I am sure they are right because my knees HURT SOOOOO BAD !!!
When I woke up they hurt just laying in bed... then ... when I stood up I almost fell back down.
I could NOT stand. Oh the pain !! After what seemed like eternity ... I finally was able to hobble to the bathroon... just in the nick of time. LOL
Actually it was no laughing matter at the time. LOL
Then I headed straight to the pain pills. I decided I would greet everyone here this morning and give them a few minutes to kick in. Since I wrote you just before I went to bed last night... and now first thing when I woke up.... I have nothing else to talk about except my pain and early morning near disaster with the bathroom.

I too want to send my thoughts and prayer to everyone.
Today is the anniversary of 9-11 ... but it has gone so far beyond 9-11 and soooo many more are now being affected from it still today. I fear this whole world is in need of a few miracles.

None of us know what life has in store for us today. Let's make it a great day. Not only a day of memories and prayers... but a day of celebration of LIFE. OUR LIFES. Don't take another day for granted.... LIVE today. Exercise today. Enjoy the sun (if you have it) and the rain. Rain refreshes and makes the flowers grow.
Stay on your program so we can all get thinner and healthier.
Being fat is not the end of the world... but being thinner and healthier will make life much more enjoyable.

Okay ladies... gotta go. Don't forget.... Make it a GREAT DAY !!!

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