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Default Question about getting started

Hey all,

I'm new here. I'm 40 and I need to lose weight, but I find it so difficult to get started. I begin with good intentions but when it comes to actually doing it, I just put off and procrastinate. I'm sure I'm not the only one but I was wondering how you managed to get around this issue.

I guess we all have different sticking points, but if I'm honest I don't even know where my problem starts, maybe it's laziness or being stuck in a rut or just not feeling like I have the energy.

I feelbkike I'm waiting for the answer to strike me and suddenly I'll have all the motivation in the world, however unrealistic that may sound. Anyone have similar issues to begin with thst they be willing to share.

Thanks in advance
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I finally admitted to myself that this wasnít gonna be easy. It was going to be a slog and require some serious stepping up to the plate from me. I felt so scared and nervous to start.

But after a day or two I realised it was easier if I only focused on that single day. Donít think about tomorrow and forget about yesterday. Just focus on what youíre doing today. Before I knew it I was 90 days along in the plan and 21lb lighter. Good luck!!
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JohnM, nothing about it is easy but you've taken the first steps to getting serious about it by just finding this forum and reaching out to others

All I can offer for advice is to take a slow but steady approach to it. You at 40 probably took decades to gain the weight, you can't lose it in a short period of time like a couple of months. You don't say how much weight you're talking about but if it's something like 100+ lbs, it is going to take significant time . There is no viable shortcut but the folks here will give you advice as to how to proceed, many have achieved a lot here, but there is no way to do it fast

Good luck, brother,but you've made a good start.
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Healthy Fl,I like to think I have a decent vocabulary, but you got me with slog, I'm like is that really a word ?
It's not common for me to have to look up a 4 letter word in my primary language, well done !
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Hi @JohnM,
I'm only 26 yet I've already started putting on around the ol' tum. Given my sedentary work life and the fact that Sundays are the only free days I get to give some degree of attention to my personal health and fitness, I'm beginning to realise the importance of utilising whatever little time I get. Ultimately it all boils down to hauling oneself off the chair and getting things done, because being healthy and fit is something you owe to yourself. Rujuta Diwekar, a famous Indian celebrity nutritionist sums it up pretty aptly on She says that good exercise and healthy eating must go hand in hand and that no single approach in isolation can make you fit.

Hope I've been able to help you in whichever little way I could! Wishing you all the best!
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All good advice above. I will add that you might like to look at your portion sizes. That's a good way to begin before looking into nutrition and the types of food you are eating. Many people don't realize that the amount they are eating is way above what a portion should be.

Portions, in my opinion, are realllly smallllllll.

Add some exercise to your routine and you are on your way. At that point you could look into calories, specific foods AND drinks. Lots of types of beverages contain a lot of calories and/or sugar so that's a great place to start looking for what's putting the weight on.

Good luck!
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