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Default What is your WHY ?

hi everybody

After my last post on motivation, I would love to know everybodys WHY on starting their journey !

My why is so I can feel and look the best I possibly can going into my 30's

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Faith. Family. Fitness.
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Hi adams23!

My "why" is not to lose weight... It is because the healthy lifestyle makes me happy. (weight loss is a huge perk)
So my WHY is happiness. Reduction in stress & depression.

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pick your hard
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Health is the main reason without a doubt, but I also want to think and worry less about clothing. I think it is easier to dress better at a smaller weight, not to mention cheaper.
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Health and mobility issues as one ages, being obese and honestly 113 lbs overweight and 55 years old is not a great combination.

My former boss dropped dead in her sleep at age 43
She was fatter than me at about 5' 7" inches tall and admitted to weighing 350 lbs, could of been more than that ?

Actually no great surprise she died so young, but really not all that shocking given her obesity and also a tobacco and marijuana user, perhaps even more than just weed, but I doubt that

If you think about it, how often do you see a 300+ pound person that is 80+ years of age ?

Close to never is the answer.

A long life is anti- correlated to bring extremely fat !

If you don't want to die long before qualifying for social security, Medicare, etc
, Better change something up while you still can, plenty of people start dropping dead after age 50, 75 is pretty optomistic for an average male. Those that live to 90 and beyond are never fat asses, just the way it is
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My why is to start seeing my body as something good that works WITH me, not against me!
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My why is for my health, stress levels and to just feel amazing for the first time in my life.
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My Why. I guess I just got tired of loosing my breath tying my shoes. Then I saw by blood pressure go up. Not high but close and too high for me.
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My why is to be able to look after my special needs daughter as she heads into adulthood. She is fully dependent and I need to be able to safely work with her. And if I am healthier and stronger then I am going to be able to do more.
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