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Default Don't seem to be losing weight


I was wondering if anyone could help me. I've put on about 3 stone in the last 5 years, 2 of which went on very quickly in the last couple years. I've been on and off diets as i lived with my mum and she's a yo yo dieter.
I tried doing Slimming World with my mum and she was losing weight whereas i was gaining weight, i tried Joe Wicks and lost a couple pounds but no more, so i decided to ask the doctors and they found i had Hypothyroidism. So i thought, great that solves the mystery i should be able to lose weight now. But have had no such luck.
This year is my 30th birthday so i thought i'd aim to lose as much weight as i can before my birthday which is in July, so pretty much the 1st week in January i joined the gym with a friend, i also started dieting again, not anything specific but just trying to eat healthy, thinking that i hadn't done both together surely i must lose weight, but still i am not losing anything.
I've been going to the gym 2-4 times a week for either a 30 min class or over an hour doing it on my own, since January and ate as healthy as i can throughout this time and just fluctuated between 12stone 11 and 13 stone 1.
I've obviously had the odd day where i've had a binge or went out for a meal etc, but it's less than once a week. Cakes in the break room at work i've ignored, whereas before i might have had one or two. I've changed so much but it seems to have has no impact whatsoever.
I really don't understand, can anyone help me ?

P.S My usual diet consists Breakfast being Low sugar cereal such as protein wheatabix or Rude Health Granola (weighed to the recommended portion) with semi skimmed milk, or an apple. Lunch i was making homemade soup with passata, beans and kale until recently where i have switched to salad with a bit of extra low fat mayo. Tea varies with me mainly having pasta dishes but again weighed out amount, and wholemeal pasta. All homemade sauces. Salmon and veg, stir fry (fried with fry light). Snacks have been fruit, carrot and low fat hummus, and occasionally a packet of low fat crisps.

Thankyou in advance
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I noticed that you eat several low fat foods. Are you getting enough fat in your diet? Salmon is a healthy source of fat, but how much salmon do you eat? If you're looking for more healthy fats to eat, you can try avocado, olive oil, nuts (e.g. almonds, walnuts, pecans), and chia seeds.

Some low fat foods have unhealthy things added to them, so you may want to check the ingredients of the mayo, the hummus, and the fry light, to see what they're made of.

What type of exercise do you do? I'd suggest doing some strength training if you're not already doing it. Strength training can help to speed up your metabolism.
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Are you doing cardio at gym? Walking doesn't help reduce weight, that much I've noticed!
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