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Default Motivation when tempted

Apologies if this is already a thread on here!
What do people do for motivation when you struggle and feel like eating and drinking rubbish? That definitely happen me a LOT! I was thinking of buying a new pair of slimmer size jeans and top/dress/whatever and hanging them on my wardrobe door as a reminder of what I'm working towards?
Another thing I was thinking of was asking myself "Which do I want more? The pizza, wine and crisps? Or the beautiful size 8 dress I no longer fit into?"

I know that bad days happen and tomorrow is a new day etc but with me, if I ruin one day, then I'd just take the attitude of F it!!

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I had this problem for a long time and recently I began talking myself out of the bad food choices. First of all, I ask myself if I am hungry, or just craving. Then I tell myself if I skip the bad food my weight will go down and if I eat it, my weight will go up. So far this is working. Once I cave to a poor food choice it usually starts a cycle, so I'm better off to nip it in the bud.

Good luck to you.
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It's important not to be too down on yourself, right? Because that just feeds the cycle of emotional eating/giving into cravings/whatever causes you to want to eat pizza and crisps. What I do is look at a recent heavy photo of myself and then look at a photo of myself when I was lighter. That snaps me out of it real quick. Then, I go to the kitchen and drink at least two glasses of water as a way of being more positive about it all.

Find something that works for you, of course. Comparing photos might be a little depressing for some people!
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I was feeling that way today as I was walking around the downtown area. There is so much food smells everywhere. But I know I'll have a cheat meal this weekend, so I tell myself I'll enjoy it so much more if I just hold out another day. Calorie counting also helps. But if I do cave (and I definitely have) I don't think about it, tell myself I needed it that day and start fresh again the next day. It's a marathon, not a race! I try to keep that in mind to keep myself going.
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I'm using an app called Loose It. It's pretty handy. If I can stick it out until Monday morning (when I next weigh myself) I'll be delighted because I didn't even think I'd make a week! I've just been telling myself all week "not today" whenever I found myself thinking about food and wine.
I decided to put €10 to one side for each pound of weight I loose.I need to loose 40-42lbs, so that will be nice little sum of money to go clothes shopping with when I real my goal weight!
That will work as motivation for me!!
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I've got every technique known to mankind going. I stick rigidly to my calorie target, and if they're done for the day, so am I. No arguments. I use the photographs inspiration thing. I have a $250 6-month bet going on DietBet. I've recently been reading the Diet Trap, or the Beck Diet Solution stuff, which is training your brain to avoid exactly the temptations you're talking about it. It's good, I recommend it. I plot my weight on a graph. I have a friend who started at the same time and is equally motivated - we text our calorie totals to each other every night. Posting on here helps. I tell anyone who notices that i'm not consuming what I normally would that i'm dieting - and so I can't give up without losing face! Etc etc..!
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I must check out both of those books.The app I use tells me how many calories I can consume a day,based on my height,current weight and my goals etc I have been very disciplined and have stuck to if so far. The self-discipline and no-nonsense approach is difficult but necessary.
The photo that propelled me into action is saved on my phone beside a photo of me in my slimmer days.That also helps.
I must say, I do enjoy the sense of achievement at the end of the day after I've eaten well and exercised.
I will be both excited and nervous to weigh myself on Monday morning.I'm hoping to have lost 2lb.That will be good motivation too.Fingers crossed!!!
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