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Totally agree with Kiwi1222 - I spent hours looking at goal and mini goal photos. It's amazing how different some people look in their before and after photos. Check out the huge smile they all have in common in that after photo. Yeah, I want that.

Also, adding a daily dose of fiber pills with lots of water made a big difference. As did having a handful of mixed nuts in the middle of the afternoon.

Good luck! You can do this!
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I had to learn the difference between cravings and real hunger. When I want to eat, I think of eating something healthy, like a piece of fruit. If I'm really hungry, the fruit sounds appealing, and I eat it. If it's just cravings, boredom, stress, etc., then I find the fruit doesn't sound that appealing to me. When that happens, I try to just drink a lot of water, or sloooowwwwwly sip some green tea with a little honey. The sweetness of the honey helps, and taking my time to sip it makes me feel more satisfied.

But when I really am hungry, and the fruit doesn't help, I try to drink water and distract myself. Sometimes I go for a walk or go see friends. Other times I watch netflix or play a game on my phone. Whatever works for you to distract yourself for a little while. And remember, you might be hungry now, but you won't be hungry forever. Telling myself that I will be eating later seems to help too.
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Cabbage! I had a bowl of fresh, shredded cabbage in my fridge, and every meal I had, I had on a thick bed of tender, almos sweet, fresh cabbage. Also telling myself, that if I still feel hungry in an hour or so, I can eat a snack, no biggie, helpedl.
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Honestly I munch on healthy things when Im hungry like string cheese, nuts, granola bars, hummus n veggies, berries.. I try not to be hungry.. my hardest time is post dinner.. I dont eat much at dinner and I eat early around 6pm.. so around 10 im hungry but ill drink some mint tea and brush my teeth n get ready for bed so I keep myself occupied.
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Distracting myself with other things. I guess it being finals week helped because sitting around and just doing nothing/watching TV is a huge trigger for mindless eating.
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I focused on drinking lots of water. I have noticed that a lot of the time when I feel 'hungry' and then I drink a big glass of water, I feel better immediately. I do not like drinking water very much but I have found that Crystal Light for the first two weeks helped and now I would say I'm 50 / 50 on the water with CL and without.
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I am in week 2 and I am still struggling with the hunger. So far I am coping by being cranky and moody, noticing every morsel of food on tv or in books/magazines and bemoaning the fact that serving sizes are so dang small.

I am trying to just keep my hands busy, coloring and sketching has been helpful and trying to keep in mind that I have a reason I want to lose this weight - I feel miserable at this weight and I want to feel better, not for anyone but myself. I want to feel good.
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