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Default Stopped a binge

I came in from a long, hot walk and was starving after not having eaten for a few hours and dinner was not ready yet. I drank a cup of water and opened a can of chickpeas to eat on whole grain crackers to hold me over until my grilled chicken dinner was done. My mother has just gone shopping at Trader Joes and had a container of those little peanut butter cups sitting on the counter and I had ONE and then stopped myself. I ate a healthy dinner and then I ate a banana to stop myself from going for more artificially sweet foods/candy/cake. I know I caved and ate that one peanut butter cup, but I can assure you it is much less that I would have if I wasn't being conscientious about what I am eating. Its 6PM now and I plan not to have anything else for the rest of the evening.

I have said in the past that my biggest obstacle is binge eating at night so I feel that I did well tonight in stopping myself from having more sweets. I reminded myself in my mind that losing myself and mindless eating is not the way to go. I have goals to reach. Its not worth giving up on losing weight and looking great for a few seconds of indulgence. I am actually starting to welcome a feeling of slight hunger between meals because I know I am doing something right. Our bodies need time to go into those fat stores if we want to get rid of them.

For the rest of the night I am going to have tea or water. What is everyone else's plan tonight?

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Aloha nui loa
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Well done
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When I am at my worst in terms of wanting to binge I allow myself things like fruit and plain oats with dried fruit and almond milk.... to hopefully quell that gnawing insatiable feeling. Congratulations on figuring out what you needed to do!
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You never want to let yourself get too hungry because it's a bad set up for a binge, you may not have enough willpower one day to fight it off the way you did tonight and then once you go down that route it can be a free for all. I like the feeling of hunger too but if it gets to be too much there are any number of circumstances that lead to a binge, for example if I'm overly hungry and then someone makes me angry... that's a disaster waiting to happen because I'm like "screw the roast chicken I'm eating oreos" iykwim.

Also, what makes you choose 6pm as your cut off time for dinner? My cut off time is 7pm, which is 3hrs before my bedtime and I don't eat past that time because I don't like the digestive issues it causes. If your cut off time is several hours before bed that can also be a bad set up.
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Congrats on stopping your self. Be sure to set up for yourself some "tools" to help stave off cravings or help you wait. One (of many) I use is I keep a vial of grapefruit essential oil on me to sniff. It really helped me a lot when I first started

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