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Default Scale showing a large range of weight !!!!

Of late, my scale has been showing me weights that ranges between 169 to 175 lbs. It really annoys me because how can I gain or lose 4 lbs on any given date ? It is also discouraging when I have eaten almost nothing the entire day and exercised, and it flashes 175 lbs !!!!

I use the mirror as well, and seem to have a waist now, which wasn't the case a month ago, so I assume that it means that I have lost some weight ? However, my tummy looks like I am pregnant (and I am NOT) so this is really upsetting.

Anyone else experience this ?
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Yup. It's why I put away the scale for now. I'll look less. I use to do it once a day and it is jumpy as all bloody h e l l .

It's not that you "Gained" 4lbs in a day. It's more than likely water retention (high sodium days did that to me). Weight naturally fluctuates a few pounds. It's water, symptoms that haven't cleared yet (you know... your poo...), and it's just our bodies. The only way you had a real "gain" of 4lbs is if you ate an extra 14,000 calories that day. If you're somehow eating that much, I doubt you'd weigh 172 lbs right now. That's a lot of calories. IT's like... 17-18 fast food burgers too many.

What a lot of people do, is track their weight on a spread sheet. This is important for daily weighers. You'll see a drop of 5 lbs, then small little gains then a drop. It's just your body letting go of water weight and retaining, but the fat loss is there if you're eating less calories than you consume.

Personally, stick to inches, dress sizes, and put away the scale for now if it's getting to you. If not, then track it and see if you see patterns for the days you get big ups.
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If it is changing a lot on a given day, it could be that your scale is screwed.

I noticed my old one was going wrong when I weighed myself, stepped off it, weighed myself again and the number was different.

I bought a new scale and the reading was down a few pounds. So that was nice.

Just a thought.

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If it's a digital scale, try replacing the battery.
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