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Trying to be in the 160s
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Well, I have just run 7 miles this evening in the company of good friends.

It feels great.

And the last thing on my mind right now is sex.

Happy place.
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Originally Posted by ReNew Me View Post
Super, I seem to recall you're a 45 y/o male, correct? Any chance you're on a relatively new medication that could be affecting this? (BP meds, anti anxiety, anti depressants are all notorious).

Also, have you had a full hormone panel done? Low test causes a whole host of issues. The trick is you need to see your own results. I know someone who had their GP do a hormone panel, low libido, energy loss, etc. Testosterone was in the bottom quartile, but still within normal, which actually is NOT optimal and can make men feel dreadful. The GP wanted to put him on an antidepressant. He took the results to another doctor who said "of course you feel rotten with testosterone in that range".
Yes, I am a 45 y/o male. I am on beta blockers but I have been on these for many years. Although I had a "male" issue with the drug when I first started on it, it only lasted a few weeks and everything went back to normal.

I did not notice any libido loss until I started diet and exercise. The drugs could certainly be a factor, but the libido loss happened just a couple of weeks after starting diet/exercise and has not recovered.

Guess I'll have to appease the fertility gods with a dancing carrot
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May I suggest that, if you have a willing partner whose needs you are concerned about meeting, you just do it whether you are feeling it or not? At least for me, going without leads to just not thinking or caring about it much. I spent three years between husbands where I had no sexual contact. Intellectually, I knew I missed it, but it wasn't a driver for me at all. But my husband and I are pretty active, and it seems like I can't even be around him for long without wanting to on at least some level, and I know a big part of that is simply habit. And as my weight drops and my fitness level increases, options open up. =)
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