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Default Calling All Chocoholics

Help. I need chocolate. i have been on my diet for two weeks now and haven't had a bit of chocolate, and all of a sudden today that is all I can think about!!! I want it and need it now. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can supress my craving through tonight??? I am going out for dinner and I really feel like skipping dinner and just having dessert. Anyone with advice, please help me. I have been doing so well these past weeks and I don't want to go downhill from here.
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From one chocoholic to another: If you can get through dinner, go and buy some ff jello chocolate pudding (100cal no fat), or honey graham makes these little chocolate graham sticks (around 130 cal and 25 cal from fat I think)or crackers (about the same) that are good or get you some ff fudgsicles which are only 60 cal apiece. Maybe you should stop on the WAY to dinner! Good luck! DO NOT GET DESSERT AS IF YOU ARE HAVING A CRAVING YOU WON'T STOP AT A BITE BUT WILL END UP EATING THE WHOLE THING AND HATING YOURSELF AFTERWARDS!

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some very good suggestions from Faye. Also Blue bunny makes chocolate ice cream bars, they are called Health Smart, 60 cal, 0 fat.. they are very very very good =)
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I am also a chocoholic! Maybe not so much now as I used to be. Ice cream is the worst! (I'm going to try that blue bunny Tonya-if they have it around here)

What I've found to help is SHARE. If you feel you want get dessert with chocolate, get one helping and share with your hubby. Or with your friend or child, whoever. Split it and take the smaller half. When you go out, servings they give are just too big for us who are trying to "watch" what we eat. It doesn't hurt to give in, but just a little. I found that if you try to cut it out of your life completely, then there is trouble ahead. And it really doesn't hurt to indulge every now and then.

I am not on any weight program....yet, Although I've been thinking about WW. What I have been doing so far though is watch what I eat and the portions all week, then ONE day is my indulge day. Not ALL day mind you. I just choose this one day to have whatever it is that I have been craving and I have it. Then back to what I've been doing all week. I've lost 25lbs. so far doing this. I still have 20lbs. to go to get my goal. I will get there.

You'll get all kinds of advice on this, I'm sure. Hope it all helps.

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Default Chocolate

I LOVE chocolate! I work it into my plan at least 2-3 times a week, and have lost consistantly. My new favorite chocolate 6treat are the Almond/Toffee Kashi bars. I cut them in half (2.5 points), and sit and enjoy them with a cup of hot black coffee. Also, WW seems to have improved the taste and texture of the chocolate ice cream cones ...very good, and only 2 points!

Hang in there ...don't totally deprive yourself of something that you really want, or you'll binge ...been there, done that!

We CAN do WW and have our chocolate, too!
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I'm not a chocolate addict ... can take it or leave it alone ... but I DO know about cravings. I think the best way to handle them is just to have some of what you crave, but count it into your diet plan in whichever way you are counting (points, calories, grams, etc.). Only, as Faye says, it's better to have it FIRST before the dinner or whatever, if you eat a healthy dinner with that monkey on your back and THEN order dessert, you'll just eat the whole dessert on top of the dinner and feel guilty and have some more food later and this'll just go on and on for days!!! Far better to program in the food you KNOW you'll crave and count it as part of your plan and know that you can have some every day and that it will always be there for you (so you don't have to fight it, just kind of watch it!)!!!

Good luck!!!
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I too am a chocaholic, I can stuff my face with chocolate until I feel sick and then eat some more. I am doing well at the moment and haven't eaten any for nearly 14 days. Unfortunately I'm not one of these people who can eat a little and leave the rest until next week, if it's open and I've got the taste I eat it.
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