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Default New to this site, in need of help/support.

Hi! Just signed up today after reading several posts. I'm 32, recently divorced, with a wonderful 8 year old son. I've always been heavy, but was comfortable with my weight and how I looked (I was about 250 when last I was happy with how I looked) Then 8 years ago I gained a lot of baby weight and my husband and started having martial problems. The pounds packed on. I'm a stress eater and my life was all about stress! Now I'm divorced and at 360 and wanting to get healthy for my son's sake and for myself looking at entering the scary dating pool again. I work at a job that I keep fairly active in; I'm constantly moving. I enjoy eating healthy; I love fruits and veggies. But having time to actually make healthy meals and exercise is tough cause my work hours aren't consistant. I just recently bought an elliptical machine to use, but I can only do it for 5/10 minutes before I'm wiped. A friend of mine started using Skinny Fiber and has had success, has anyone else used that product? I'm not looking for a "get skinny" quick scheme..I know it's going to be hard work. If any of you have advice, tricks, suggestions, or just would be greatly.appreciated! Thanks for reading!
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Hi, I know nothing about skinny fiber, the only thing I know for sure about weight loss is that no matter what you do it must be a permanent change in your eating habits. Is skinny fiber something you can do for the rest of your life, only you can answer that one question.

For a permanent change it is best to write down what you eat to get a better idea or where you can make some changes. Go slow, adjust, get use to your new food choices, make it permanent and dont try to change everything at once it might be overwhelming.

you could try cooking one day a week where you prepare different meals and then freeze for future meal. I always double the ingredients this way I am always ahead of the game. On busy days I can dive in the freezer.

For your exercise, you will be fine, you will build strenght over time, just keep at it and the first thing you knowt will be a breeze.

Wishing you the best of luck.
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RedTigerLady: Congratulations on making the decision to get healthier! Good for you! I also don't know what skinny fiber is, but I would agree with Michou on logging what you eat. I have been doing that and it has helped me a lot. You need to see where you are and then start making adjustments. Keep in mind that you didn't gain the weight overnight and it does take time to take it off. It reminds me of a saying: Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

Also, for exercise, just be patient. Do what you can and slowly build. It will come! When I started back up with going to the gym, I called it a victory just getting in the door. The next week, I increased my goal to doing "X", and then each week, I increased my expectations. Worked well for me!

Good luck, keep posting and keep reading other posts. There is an incredible amount of knowledge here!!!
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I've not used Skinny Fiber, but I've used one of its ingredients, glucomannan powder. For a while I tried the Johnson Up Day Down Day Diet (JUDDD), which is a sort of intermittent fasting where you eat about very few calories one day (the "down day") and much more the next, and alternate from day to day.

On those down days when hunger came a-gnawing, glucommanan powder was a great help with just filling me up and getting me through.

I found that with my insulin resistance and pre-Diabetes, I needed to eat more regularly than JUDDD allowed, so I went back to my standard lower-carb, restricted calorie plan that slowly but surely allows me to lose weight without going crazy from hunger.

But I still have the gluc powder, which is very helpful on days when I've eaten all my calories for the day but still feel like I need more food. It's quite filling.
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Welcome! You did the first and the hardest step - you decided to change your life!! My congratulations! This is reat you love healthy food vegies and fruits. Well if you have not time for real cooking just make salads! Isn't it easy and fast? Boil meat it is also rather fast. Do not try to make some fancy and complex dishes! Make them easy, fast but healthy. As for sport.. I started with long walks. Maybe you can find time to make long walks in the evenings? or can you walk to work? It helps a lot!
Any ways i am glad to see you here! Come to me for support any time;-) Best of luck to you!!
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No doubt you've gotten a lot of information already and you'll be getting much more. The amount of information is overwhelming and frankly most of it is garbage.

The topic of fat loss is actually very simple. Sure there are details but there is only one way to lose fat and that is to be in a caloric deficit.

No matter what anyone tells you calories always matter.

What frightens me is your post is that you've just begun and you're already talking about what you can't do.

Guess what? You CAN do this. You don't have to make healthy meals. You don't have to exercise. You don't have to change your entire life in a single day or week or month. You just need to be in a caloric deficit and you will lose fat. It is actually just that simple. Over time you can fine tune things.

I don't know if you need professional counseling but food is not the way to manage stress. There is lots of help and support in this area on this forum.

Last point is this. You think it's bad you can only go 5-10 minutes on the eliptical. That's actually good news. I'm not kidding when I say most people your size are not capable of more than a couple minutes. You're ahead of the curve. Keep it up! Exercise doesn't have to be an hour long to be effective and it doesn't have to be concurrent. You can jump on for 10 minutes in the morining and 10 minutes at night and it is almost the same as having gone for 20 minutes straight. You'll build up your endurance over time you just need to be consistent even if it is only 5-10 minutes at a time.
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Thank you all for your support, and honesty. I have started using my elliptical machine in the morning, but on JohnP's suggestion I will work on doing some in the morning and in the evening. Should I do it every day? I heard a good exercise routine is to do cardio 3 times a week, strength training 2 days, and let your body rest for 2 days. I don't want to hurt myself by overdoing it before my body is ready, but I also want to get the most out of exercising. I bought a set of weights to work on my arms, I know its important to build muscle and to help tighten. I guess what I'm asking is what a healthy routine for me to start.
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