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Default Will I fit on a plane?

I'm going to Vegas for my good friends birthday in July, which I was super excited about until I started to book my flight and wondered if I would fit in one seat. I'm leaning towards Southwest for the price, but know they are one of the ones out there that actually have a "customer of size" policy! I fit in car seats and movie chairs comfortably but I'm really concerned about this. As you can see from my ticker I'm a little over 300, I'm 5'6. I still have 3 months until we leave so I can continue to lose weight, but if I were to go right at this very moment, do you think I would fit?

Who else around my size has flown economy and what was your experience like? I am apple shaped and carry most of my weight in my stomach.
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I'm 5'6 but I'm pear shaped and I've been on planes all the way up to my highest weight. I've never had to buy 2 seats. I am more muscular than average though so that plays a bit into it. Do you wear around a size 24? If so, I think you'll be fine. If you happen to wear around 26, 28, 30, then it might be a tight fit.
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Perhaps you should check out seatguru.com. I'm told it lists the seat info for most airlines. You have to fit between the arm rests, with them down, and not taking up any of the seat next to you. I think most economy seats around around 18" wide.

ETA: I once flew next to a very large lady who immediately upon sitting down yanked up my arm rest and proceeded to take up (literally) half of my seat. She looked at me and said (I was thinner back then) "Sorry skinny but you're gonna have to make room!" I was terribly uncomfortable and embarrassed to make a fuss, but there was no way I could fly 4.5 hours that way. I ended up summoning a flight attendant and asked to be moved, but instead the woman was told she had to buy an additional seat. It became very embarrassing for me and for her. So my point is, if you find you are going to need an extra seat, I personally would find it MUCH less traumatic to get it before you go so that the sort of unpleasantness the lady and I experienced doesn't happen to you.

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I have flown at my highest weight -- 287. Though I needed a lap belt extender, I fit.

One of the biggest non scale victories for me in my own weight loss journey is now seeing the length of unused lap belt each time I fly.

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The highest I've flown at was 285; I think I was a 26/28? That was back in 2007 (I was also flying to Vegas!) so my memory's a little fuzzy. I'm also an apple, which I think actually helped with the seatbelt since I was able to get it over my chest and across my hips/under my belly without issue, and also the seat itself since I've always had a small butt in relation to the rest of me. It didn't even cross my mind at the time that I might not fit; although it should have because I wasn't able to fit into the seats of my local theater!

I would ask questions and get measurements while booking to be on the safe side.
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Years ago when I (~280 pounds at the time) flew, I could fit into the seats OK. I preferred sitting on the inside seat so that I could squish myself the wall. Sometimes the window's curve gave me extra room. I didn't infringe on the passenger next to me.

I looked up the "Customer of Size" policy on Southwest Airline's site. https://www.southwest.com/html/custo...index-pol.html

I understand the policy. But I think it is tacky and mean to have CoS give themselves the middle name of "XS" to denote the second seat. Maybe "XS" means "extra seat". But I read it as "EXCESS".
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I am certain it just means "extra seat."
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I can only say that I have have been smushed by people who should have bought 2 seats, just because you can squish your butt in, doesn't mean you don't overflow into the other seat. I am not saying this to be mean, but a long flight when someone takes up part of your space is not comfortable or fair. I have also had people get the arm rest down & then immediately put it up after take off. I have asked to be moved before too, but "why" should I? The airline should make people by 2 seats if they need 2.
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