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Originally Posted by Arwen17 View Post
This makes SO much sense. Thank you!

I'm so glad I posted this thread. Thank you all for the encouragement and help. Just keep swimming....
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I'm down 10 pounds and don't notice a difference - except that my work pants all sag in the bum now and look terrible. And things are mushier.

Remember that you can't tone fat. You can build the muscle under it, which does improve how it looks but if there is fat on your belly a million sit ups won't give you a six pack.

you have made amazing progress - 30 pounds is something to be proud of!!!
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losing it for good
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I am in the same boat. About 45 or so pounds down, and I noticed a difference about 15 pounds ago but haven't noticed a difference since. Plus, my weight-loss has stalled the last few months (some of it was self-induced due to giving up for awhile, but now I'm back on track).

Anyway, I am especially frustrated with my clothing size. I see people here and on other forums that are severals sizes smaller than I am, yet they have the same stats. How does that work?!? I barely fit into a pair size 16 jeans that I have right now, so it makes me wonder if I'll ever get to size 10 or lower. I started at size 20, so after almost 45 pounds and more than halfway to my goal I've only lost 2 sizes?

On the other hand, I started a strength training program about 5 weeks ago and although my weight-loss on the scale has slowed to a crawl, two people have told me in the last few days I look skinnier. And these are people that see me all the time (husband and mother). So maybe there is hope yet.

Stay on track, it will all eventually come together for you (and for all of us). :-)
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