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Talking 300+ and Ready to Try Again #357

God Bless America!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

We chat at 8:30 PM EST, 7:30 PM CST on Wednesday and Saturday.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.

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Default Finally, some relief!

The humidity has finally gone, and I can open some windows for some fresh air today! Of course, the minute I opened the front door to take out the trash this morning, I had a two-cat stampede nearly knock me over, especially Tigger, who acted like he hadn't been outside in a year!

TOM is about over, and for the THIRD month in a row, no cramps or pain in general! I guess getting off nearly 40 pounds helps some ....though Brian has a thing about my "child bearing hips." (Go figure)

Tina: OUCH! Sorry about your knee and I hope you feel better. Congrats on staying OP ---you go with your bad self!

Barb (newbie): Welcome to our little world here...your kids sound adorable! Hope to hear more about you and your weight loss journey.

Thin: Ah, there you are! You ARE a busy little beaver!

Hello to all I missed, and here is to encouraging all to stay OP and get their activity in today--I am planning a long walk later now the humidity is down!
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Progress..not perfection
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Talking First things First:

Here we go.....

Tracy: I'm SO glad to see you! (really see you since your pic is now your avatar) Hun, I know sometimes you get down and you're uninspired and it's hard to come here and post, trust me, I really do know. Trust me though...we've probably all been there and will be again. Just remember, we're always here for you.

Thin: Wow! YOU have been one busy beaver here lately. I would absolute love to apply for a job with you, but as Kat said.....the commute would be ! The ring sounds gorgeous just like you. Good job dh!

Connie: Awww, I didn't know you didn't have a computer at home. That must stink. What did we do before we had the internet? I loved your last post to me, you're such a sweetie!

So, by the time that is done I'll probably be ready to kill him --- or at least send him back off to work.
<< Boy! Isn't that the truth? I always can't wait for dh to be on vacation and then the minute he's home, I can't wait for him to go back!

Mary: I'll keep my fingers for you at your doctor's appt today. Hope you get those hormones under control....and the rain stops.

Amanda: Sounds like you didn't do too bad on your food choices at your new restaurant...I think the important thing is, that you were trying to make good choices and isn't that what this is all about? Good for you!

Kat: I always have lots to say to you, but I will keep it to what is most important. There is no way I will be in your neck of the woods and miss you. We will make adjustments where we have to and we will get together, ok? Don't you worry!

Barbara: It is very nice to have you with us. Welcome! You are right....losing the weight is something that you have to do, but you don't have to do it alone. We are here for you and will help you along the way.

Lori: It has been awfully hot and humid here too.... I think I'm gonna lay off the knee today and let it get better, but hopefully, I'll be out trudging the streets tomorrow or at least listening to the lovely lilt of Leslie Sansone's voice!

Now, onto some news....not HUGE news, but I'm real unhappy about it. Ok, I'll try not to ramble much....(if that's possible) Ever since the kids were little, dh and I have worked different shifts so at least one of us would be with them at all times. I have always felt that if there was a way for me or dh to be home with them, we would put our personal needs aside to give priority to our children. I mean, sometimes there's just NO way around it and you have to have childcare, but if we could find a way around it, we've always tried to. Honestly, I'm not sure if it was always the best decision to make, because absence does not always make the heart grow fonder. There were some very rough times in our marriage earlier and even though I am happy to report those are way in the past and we have worked through them, I'm not so sure that all the time apart wasn't a contributing factor. (sorry...I'm rambling) Anyways, for years...I worked first and he worked thirds or vice versa. Well finally, or so we thought...we are on the same shift. The boys are old enough now that even when school is not going on, they can stay home by themselves. Well, dh has a wonderful opportunity at work, (he will get a raise of over 6.00 an hour) but it is on seconds. That means when I get home, he will be gone. He will come in after I have went to bed, and when I get up, he will be in the bed. I know perhaps this sounds selfish of me, but I am SO not looking forward to this. I just feel like we have suffered so many years and we are finally in such a good place and now I'm going to be all alone at night again. Well, not alone. The boys will be here of course, but you know what I mean.

Oh well, at least we won't fight over the computer anymore.
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a work in progress...
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Oh Tina...I know exactly what you're talking about! We've always worked opposite shifts too...for the same reasons. About 8 years ago, my dh found a new job...with great pay and good opportunities, but he had to work all three shifts; 7 days straight of each shift with a few off in between and then a week off. I never knew whether he was coming or going! Forget planning a vacation! BUT...it led to a much better position, with even more money and a better schedule...(if you can call rotating 12 hour shifts better...he alternates 7a-7p/7p-7a) I don't know... when opportunity knocks, sometimes you just gotta answer! It will all work out for the best.

Your time together will be that much sweeter, because it will be precious!


...Besides, you know what you said about too much togetherness!

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Popping in for a quick post - my time at the library is about up.

Think fast, think fast..........

Okaaayy -

Barb and Mary - good luck at the docs; I don't care much for the OB/GYN thing either.

Amanda - you did so well and made such good choices. Tina's right, it is about the choices we make.

Kat - did you make it alright at work? It takes me awhile to get my back in my sleep routine when I've been off a few days.

Welcome Barbara - another Barb!! Glad to have you. There are some real cool ladies here.

Whoever mentioned the pie, I won't get to make it, couldn't find a pint of frozen yogurt. Could have got a half gallon, but that I'd be setting myself up for disaster.

The timer went off; gotta go.
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Good Afternoon Gals!!
Phew - what a day it has been. I started off with my Dr. Appt. - I thought the appt. was at one office and I showed up to find out that it was scheduled at her other office -- luckily I called and she was nice enough to still fit me in. So, I was just frazzled by the time I got there. It went as expected --- she was pleased w/ my weight loss and encouraged me to continue. She doesn't think my weight is the problem with me not getting pregnant, but it can only help to continue losing. My temp charts didn't look good and I may have some ovulation problems. So, I have to get some blood tests done and DH has to get is little swimmers tested. I go back in 2 months to review all results and probably go on fertility meds. Sorry for all the detail -- may have been more than you wanted to hear!!! However, if any of you had to deal with issues like this with conception I would love to talk with you!

Then once I stepped into the office it was a whirlwind that has just slowed down. Now that it's 5 I'm in the middle of traffic ****, so I will putz around here for a bit before I head home. Tonight is going to consist of a big salad for dinner, a walk on the treadmill and painting the crown molding. Sounds like a happening Friday night, huh??? Hubby actually asked for salad for dinner ---- he may be coming around!! Usually Friday nights are eat out nights and he pigs out while I TRY to be good!

Mary - I hope your appt. went well and you've got your hormones back.

Amanda - Good job on the dinner out! I've tried Fitday a couple times, but I have such a hard time finding the correct food. I end up customizing it all. I like the idea of seeing the daily intakes of everything. I currently use and excel file to track calories, fat, carbs, fiber and protein. It works, but I don't have the fun graphs and whatnot.

Kat - It's good to see you long post! This one seems to be getting pretty long as well. Actually I've proably bored everyone to death by now and you are all asleep drooling on your keyboards. I sure hope we can figure out a place to meet up with Tina. If you can make a quick detour on Sat. that may be our best bet since Michelle can't do it on a weekday. DH and I will be in Atlantic City - I can just leave him at the Blackjack table and come meet you guys.

Barb - Hi Barb, I'm Barb (uh oh - I see some confusion. We need to figure out diff names for each other). Welcome to our wonderful group! I've been around for a couple months and absolutely love all these gals!!! Wishing you all the best with your weight loss journey. I hope you will find this site as helpful as I have.

Lori - Glad you are getting some decent weather. It is just plain old HOT here. However, it's better than the non-stop rain we've had for the past 2 month!

Tina - I'm sorry to hear about the dilemma you are in with your work schedules. I can't imagine how difficult it is to work completely different shifts. Jeff and I are on the same (somewhat) hours and I still feel like we don't see each other. I hope it all works out for you!

Connie - That's ashame that you didn't get much time on the library Internet. It was nice to see you pop in. Have a good night!

I guess I will end this saga for now! I hope everyone has a wonderful night! Talk to you later!
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You and Me in 2003
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I got my hormones back.
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Default "Wow" I think I must owe a big post too.

There once was a time when I posted long long posts. What has happend to me? I know, I lost my mojo for a bit, but I am still trying to come back. And, life really has been so so busy. I told you all about my company changing names and locations, finally I think it is all done. Now maybe I can sneak back on during the day and get my fixes and post some for you all too.

Now on to replies.......

Tina: Sorry about you and dh maybe having to go back to different shifts. But "wowzers at $6.00 raise" thats awesome. Maybe you can try it for a bit and see how it goes. And like Kat said it will make the time you have together that much more special. I hear you about paying the childcare thing. I am lucky though and only have to pay during the summer one of my dh's young cousins for 2 days of sitting a week, the rest my mil does for free. And my hubby is a lobsterman so his hours are all the time.

Barb#1: I had a really hard time getting prego both times. My doctor never did tests, she just told me to relax and it would happen....and finally after 2 years of trying the first time it happend. With Alexis it tool about 2 1/2 years. I wish you all the luck in the world with it. One bit of advice she gave me, is when you are done.....to not get up and go potty and whatever, just to stick a pillow under your butt and lay there and let those babies swim for all they are worth. And different positions, but I'm sure your doctor has suggested those things already. Wish I could tell you more.

New Barb: Welcome to the 300+ thread. Please pull up a chair and join right in. There girls will encourage you more than you can imagine. They are the best....I have one of those almost 6 year old teenagers too...lol...she will be 6 in August and start 1st grade this year too.

Connie: You got to get a computer at home....they are a blast. Actually I spend way to much time on it, and wonder what the heck I did before it? God, I would hate to loose it now. Okay, that can be your reward for loosing all this weight and being good, save a little money each week and wahlaaaa you will have your own puter sitting at home...good luck with it.

Kat: loved reading your post, and you dragged me out of hiding and made me post too...thank you. Hope you are doing okay in the heated barn tonight, I'm sure your daughter is so happy that you were there and thats what counts.

Amanda: Now I got that country song "amanda" stuck in my brain.... You are doing so good!! I am so so so proud of you. Keep up the awesome job. And I LOVE the new avatar.

Tracy: It was so nice to see you posting...I'm glad you popped in. Please make a habit of it, good or bad we are here. I've been the down one lately too, but these girls keep me going. Love your pic too, you are a very pretty girl.

Mary: I'm patiently waiting to see how you made out today at the doctors. Did they give you something else for the hot flashes?

Thin: That ring sounds soooooo nice. I keep telling hubby I want an anniversary band.....the gold ones with inlaid diamonds. I don't like anything that sticks up to high because I catch it on stuff all the time. I have had my engagement ring fixed so many times I can't count cause I am always bending the prongs. Your job sounds like you have been running in every direction. Hope you get a break soon. Don't make yourself sick.

Terri: Hows the SBD diet going? I was thinking of going and checking that out..I am at the point I will try anything.

Okay, I think I got everyone that has posted lately.

Monday night I go to curves for the initial meeting and work up...whatever that consists of...wish me luck.

There, was I long winded or what? BBL

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Height: 5'7"


Sandy and anyone interested in SBD:

I'm on day five. Today, I felt great. I did have slight headaches most of the first days and was hungry. I also felt like I had no stamina at times. But I've been staying within my WW point range so I'm not starving myself. I will tell that I've lost four pounds which has helped me get past this point that I haven't been able to get to in five years. I get down to 258 and then bounce right back up and can't get it back down....get frustrated, quit...you know the routine. I'm at 257 this morning.

The thing I miss most is my shredded wheat, milk, yogurt and fruit. But it will all be back in a week in small doses.

I have to admit, that while I thought I was trying to control my high-sugar carbs, I really wasn't.

I do have the book now. The thing that really impresses me is everything this doctor is talking about in his book is stuff I've read in Prevention by lots of different authors about healthy nutrition. I don't feel like its quack material.

DH's sugar has also been so much better than ever before. The great thing - HE IS even looking at the carb quantities of food at the grocery store and putting it back. He has never done that and has always acted stupid about even trying to learn about controlling his diabetes.

Ooops, got to go now - dinner is ready!
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Hi, Chicks

I absolutely my new job. Thanks again to all of you who contributed with your good .

Eating has been so, so. Well, NOT good since I haven't lost anything since I was here last but I haven't gained either.

As you can guess, I haven't read all the posts so I won't be responding to each of you. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi, I think about you often.

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Connie Think of what you WANT to look like. Keep that picture in your mind - brownie's won't help you achieve your image. Think of how much better you will feel - come on - concentrate!!!!!
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Progress..not perfection
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Red face Connie!


Remember Connie, you are stronger than they are. I know they look good...I know they probably taste even better. But what will you have after you've eaten them? First of all, you'll be mad at yourself. Then, you'll feel like a failure. Then, that one small failure may turn into two small failures. Then, you add that to another failure....and another, and pretty soon...you've been eating with abandon for a week. You wake up in a potato chip haze, with a smear of chocolate on your lips and wonder where the he%# you are! Don't do it girl! Step away from the brownies! You be stronger than they are. NO, You ARE stronger than they are! Don't you know that? I have faith in you.

Lucky: So nice of you to stop by at our humble home. You look very familiar to me, but I just can't seem to place you. We used to have a friend named Lucky, but she desserted us and left us all alone. Ok, has the guilt trip worked yet girl? You know I'm just teasing. I sure do miss you though. I'm so glad you like your job. I sent a lot of those your way. Glad they paid off. Now if we can just get you to stop by more often and get you married off!
I love you sweetie. Never forget that and never forget where we are....ok?

Ok, that's it. I'm done. I've got a really sweet email to share with you tomorrow, but I've got company sitting in the livingroom wondering...."Gee, how long does it take her to use the bathroom?"

I'd just rather be here with you guys, that's all. Have a lovely night.

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Hi everyone! #1 son went to work with me today. It was fun to have some company while I run from one place to the next. I got a late start this morning and I guess it was good because before I left the house I got a call from a company I haven't heard from in about 4 months with $60 job to do for Monday. And surprise, surprise, I actually have some time to do it on Monday!

I finally got my calendar out and figured I had better get my currently booked jobs onto it before I'm doing a month's worth of work in one week.

I got some paperwork in from a company and they wanted to know how many jobs I had done in the last year. Like I was going to go through all my paperwork and figure that one out! NOT So I answered "hundreds - I did 49 in June alone". I hope that gives them some idea of how busy I am.

I am a 'showgirl' again this weekend. A little job for Charlie's Angels and a big job again for The Hulk.

I did my nails this evening, since it is Fun Friday and I haven't done anything fun in awhile. I have never wore red polish, but I bought it in honor of the fourth of July. Then I got a kit of fun sparkles and stuff so my thumbs have white stripes and a blue sparkle star on the red polish. I've been used to using some clear polish so these nails are really jumping out at me! YIKES!

Last night in bed honey says to me, "can you believe it's been 27 years?" I said "27 + 5" since we went steady for 5 years before getting married. He said it didn't seem like that long. I told him sometimes it doesn't seem like that long and then other times I can't remember a time in my life when he wasn't there. He's a keeper!

Barbara: (from MO) I think I'm going to address you as "Barbara" since that's the way you signed your post and I'll keep using "Barb" for the 'old' Barb because that's how she signs hers. Will that work for you? Anyway, WELCOME to our humble little corner of the site. This really is a great place with lots of cool information. And the girls on this thread in particular are just a great group. I know you'll love it here. You family sounds delightful.

Connie: I guess I didn't even think about posting a picture of my new ring. DUH! Guess I could do that. You'll have to wait until next week though because I had to drop it off to get it sized today and it won't be out until Tuesday. Of course, by then the nail job will be trashed so you'll have to wait until I do my nails again..... * On the subject of the pie, get the bigger frozen yogurt and make two pies. Leave the one frozen for next weekend and take the one to the party. It's not like a berry pie or something that will spoil, it'll be in the freezer and fresh when you want it later in the summer. * It's probably too late but, shut that dang Dr's door and leave those brownies alone!!!

Barb: (from PA) I hope my explanation of how I'm going to address you two: Barb and Barbara, will be ok until you guys decide if there's something else you'd like to be called. I think it will work out fine. * Thanks for the congrats! * I'm glad your appointment went ok. I agree with whoever it was that said to relax and let pregnancy happen. My girlfriend had been married for two years when I got married and they had been trying for a child. Honey and I waited like 2 years before we started trying and I got pregnant right away. I felt really bad for my friend, but she got wrapped up in me being pregnant and two months later she got pregnant too and we finished up together. It was alot of fun. She just needed to relax.

Mary: I'm so glad you got your hormones back. It sounds like you really missed them. Hope you had a nice day off, other than the Dr.'s appointment.

Amanda: It sounds like you did great at the new restaurant. If they're brand new and not set in their ways yet, maybe you can politely suggest some items that you'd like to see on the menu. A nice grilled chicken or grilled fish entree, grilled veggies as an alternative to rice, pasta or potato and maybe even a fruit salad for a choice. Maybe being new they'd be open to some suggestions, especially if they thought you'd become a regular.

Kat: "Sooooooo...what did you give him??? hmmm?" I wanna know how you guessed???? Besides that, I gave him a Seiko watch. * Do you really think the commute would be too much? I'd love to have you come work for me.

Lori: Yes, I've been running like a mad woman, not much time to get in here.

Tina: Awww, come on. I can't entice you to come work for me either??? Geez. I thought for sure I'd find some takers. I'm really sorry that you and DH are going to be splitting shifts. That is really a tough one, but I can see how it's almost an opportunity you can't pass up. Since he's going to be making so much more, maybe you could even cut back a day or two, just to be able to connect. Or see if your work isn't some flexible on hours. Even though I know you just got that all settled again. I sure hope you can work something out.

Sandy: I know what you mean about wanting an anniversary band. My engagement ring and wedding band are in white gold and they've been soldered together for years. Then for our 10th anniversary I told honey I wanted an anniversary ring. I'm terribly picky and practical and didn't want one with the diamonds that go all the way around because I didn't want the underside diamonds to get all yucky all the time. Anyway for my 10th we bought a yellow gold anniversary band and I have it soldered to the wedding ring side of my wedding set. My diamond is a pear shape and I love any of the pointed rings so for our 25th, I told honey I wanted another anniversary band, but this time one that came to a point so that it would lay nice on the pointed side of my pear stone. So that's what I got and I had that soldered too so it looks like it was meant to go together. Each of the bands I watched for on sale and each of them cost me only $99. So I didn't think I cost him too much! Good for you starting at Curves. I looked again at my schedule today and now I'm wondering where the heck I'll put a trip to Curves.

Terri: It sounds like you and hubby are doing great on the Sugar Busters program. Good for you! I'm glad your DH's sugar is coming down.

Lucky: I'm so happy for you that you love that job! It's good to see you. Are you going to return now, or was that just a fly by to wave hi???

Tracy: It was good to see you. I'm glad you remembered where to find us. Don't be such a stranger.

Ok, I think I'm caught up. There are still some of you in hiding. Don't make me get out Tina's cattle prod!!! I'm not sure whether I'll get in here over the weekend. Busy weekend. Love you all.

"The mind is like the stomach. It is not how much you put into it that counts, but how much it digests." - Alvert Jay Nock

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Talking Just a Quickie

It has been a VERY busy day. First I got up and cooked breakfast for us, Huevos Rancheros. Next I had to drive hubby out to his work site. We had a couple of other stops along the way. Then, I had to go pick up a Western Union Money Transfer from my dh's folks to help us pay for our auto repairs. Then my dd and I drove to Steamboat Springs-60 miles from here, and hotter than here. We picked up the clutch parts then had lunch at Taco Bell. I have no idea how many calories or fat I consumed. I'll look it up tomorrow. Then we went to a couple of thrift stores, WalMart, McDonald's, where I had a hot fudge sundae with nuts, Safeway then home. Only home for a few minutes to unload enough stuff for all of us to ride in the car. Then had to go pick up dh at worksite. (20 miles away) One our way back through town we saw that they were having a fundraiser ( I think) BBQ. Never ones to turn down a novelty, that is what we had for dinner. I haven't entered anything into Fitday yet, but I will.
Then I had to run out to where the Dance Studio was building their float for the parade to deliver some balloons. After that I came home and had to put away all my groceries. I just showered and sat down for about the first time since 9 am. Whew.... I'm not worried about my choices today. I've got to live my life too, and when it is busy food just has to fit around it. I didn't make aweful choices and that is all that matters. I did get myself a new water bottle at Wally World, and a water bottle carrier for my walks at the thrift store.

I do not have the energy for individual replies tonight. But I did want to say: WELCOME BARBARA!!! This is just about the best group of ladies you could find anywhere, and we are so happy to have you join our group.

That is all for now ladies, I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow. Otherwise, have a great day.

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