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Post Movie Theater Snacks

Yesterday was my husband's birthday so we celebrated with a dinner of his choice and a movie. We only go to the movie theater a couple of times a year so it's a pretty special treat, but I was uncertain about how to handle the snacks. I looooove movie popcorn (sans fake butter- it makes me sick) and soda. I inevitably waddle out of the theater feeling bloated and guilty from snacking too hard, but I didn't want to forgo it altogether- I've learned in the past that being too restrictive leads me to feeling frustrated and rebellious about my food choices later down the road.

So last night I chose a small popcorn, brought a bottle of water, and took a couple of sips from my husband's soda. I felt like it was a compromise I could live with and for once I left the movies feeling good. There was one sad moment when my hand reached the bottom of the empty popcorn bag and I went , but it passed quickly and I was very happy with my decision.

When you see a movie, do you guys typically opt to indulge as much as you want, go for moderation, or is it better to just avoid the snacks altogether? Or maybe you never go to the movies and this awful dilemma doesn't occur for you? Just curious.
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I personally don't like eating when I'm in the movie theater. I also think that eating while watching a movie in the dark is probably the epitome of mindless eating.

I don't know the answer for someone who links movie theaters and popcorn or eating in general. You could try not eating popcorn once and see how that works?
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It's been a VERY long time since I went to a movie, but if I were to go again in the future, I think I would make the same choice as you did. That sounds like a sensible compromise.

That said, I wouldn't sneak a drink of the soda. I used to drink a LOT soda, but I quit that about 5 months ago when I started my diet, and now I absolutely detest the taste of soda.

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I love going to the movie theater, and I love the popcorn too! I try to limit myself somewhat on the popcorn, and I often bring with me a package of dried edamame or lentils or dehydrated veggies to give me something else to munch.

You said your choices made you feel satisfied and happy with yourself instead of bloated and guilty, so well done! Every little thing counts.
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Almost 3 years ago, at the tender age of 46 (!) I got braces on my top and bottom teeth....and when I went to the movies I couldn't eat popcorn (or licorice, or milk duds or anything I really wanted!)....braces are still on the bottom for 2 very stubborn teeth, but I can eat popcorn again (it doesn't look pretty when it's stuck in the bottom braces but I don't care!) I used to equate movies=popcorn, but I don't any more. Maybe what you need to do is try a movie without popcorn, and see how it goes. Think of the savings too! Movie snacks are SO expensive...maybe set aside the money you would have spent on popcorn and save it for something you REALLY want!

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Originally Posted by LovesToTravel View Post
When you see a movie, do you guys typically opt to indulge as much as you want, go for moderation, or is it better to just avoid the snacks altogether?
I always get a large popcorn (without butter). The movie experience just isn't the same (for me) without it! I compensate by not having dinner that day. The popcorn IS my dinner. Works for me.

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My large family nearly always gets a giant popcorn to share when we go to the movies. Popcorn is not something I can very well control myself with (air-popped, movie, kettle - any kind really, as long as it's not too salty), but I absolutely love it and it's one of the few naturally gluten-free treats I have left, so I still allow myself to have it occasionally. Last time we went to the theater I hadn't done so well with my calories earlier in the day so I made an agreement with myself that I wouldn't eat any before or during the movie but if I still wanted some of the cold, salty bottom-of-the-barrel popcorn I could have up to 3 handfuls after the movie. [I also took my empty 1-liter water bottle with me and filled it at the water fountain before going into the movie, which the ticket checkers had no problem with.] Well, I did still want some popcorn after the movie so I took just 2 handfuls of the leftovers before we drove home. On the car ride home I felt horribly sick and had an awful headache, which I attributed to the popcorn (I know the fake butter doesn't agree with me either.)
Next time I think I will just skip it entirely.

freelancemomma - I have had popcorn for dinner before, many times! Not at the movie theater, but sometimes when I really want some kettle corn or even homemade airpopped popcorn, I eat a ton of that instead of dinner.

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Would it 'take away' from the experience if you brought your own snack?

If buying a snack is the only way to go, without changing your movie experience, then a small popcorn is probably the way to go. I'm not wildly familiar with theater fare, but I can't imagine movie theaters selling snacks that are much healthier than that.
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Hubby and I go to the movies about once a month on average (sometimes more sometimes less), in fact we just went to fan favorite screening of Serenity tonight. We never get any snacks at the movies. We smuggle in water (no way am I paying $4 for a bottle or a soda), and I'll often get a coffee to sip through the movie. We usually hit the food court for Asian food (healthy options) for lunch or dinner, so we're full by movie time.
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I think you did totally right! There's sometimes when I'm feeling hardcore, when I do 120 calories of microwaved popcorn, and before, when I was doing a different plan (also of my own making), I would just do fat-free Twizzlers, but that sounds like a very good, modest choice!
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I'm not a fan of eating at the cinema either, but I will go for the diet soft drink treat.
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I think its fine to indulge in a few movie sweets on occasion. But typically I like to bring my own snacks into a movie (shhhh ). Something sweet like fruit that I can cut up in a bag and cover my entertainment cravings. It might sound silly, but its healthy, it covers both food and hydration, and takes care of the sweet tooth. Win Win Win

But if none of that fits your forte you could always try something else like bars or nuts of some kind. Same idea.
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I usually have a small popcorn and ask them to fill it about 3/4ths of the way, so I can justify sprinkling on a bit of powdered cheese flavoring.
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It's more price than anything for me now. I just bring my own munchies to the movies because I can't justify spending so much money on popcorn.

Last time I brought Edamame and diet soda. It worked out well
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No movie snacks, ever. It's all gross, over processed and worst of all...how many hands are in that popcorn? I've watched the workers, they all dig in the bin to fill the little paper containers and the popcorn touches their skin frequently. I guess I just don't like the idea of eating something that is so contaminated. Especially since it's usually teens working at movie theaters, and they aren't known for stellar hygiene.

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