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I echo most of the others in saying that one serving of pasta remains puny and unsatisfying for me, so I prefer to eat other things even though pasta is technically not off-limits. I sometimes have pasta when I go out to eat.

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I can be satisfied with one (maybe heaping) serving of pasta. :-)

But, it's usually begrudgingly.
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Before I cut wheat out of my food plan, I was always able to get full on one serving of pasta for I mixed in lots of veggies.
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I think I have learnt to be 'satisfied' with one serving. I'm the tye of person that will finish everything on her plate, so once its gone, my mind seems to think its done. Well, most of the time it does now anyway.

Faling that, I've taken to eating an apple as I'm cooking as it helps to curb hunger and will fill me up a bit beforehand
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I eat a serving of pasta for dinner about once a week. However in that pasta there is also a serving of chicken and probably 2-3 servings of vegetables. It's so much more satisfying than how I used to eat pasta- 3 servings + sauce. Now that it's getting hot my favourite dressing is just oil and vinegar.

I'd recommend you play around with adding protein and veggies to your pasta and you'll also find it satisfying and there are so many combinations to work with. I could never ever give up pasta so this is what works for me.
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Spaghetti is a comfort food for me, I could eat probably a good half a pot or more all by myself. I don't consider myself someone who binges, but when it comes to spaghetti I definitely did! I am using diet to go, so my portions are all controlled for me. I'm shocked by how satisfied I am with such a tiny amount of pasta. Their pasta dishes are usually bulked up with a protein source and always with veggies. Knowing I only have a little bit of pasta allows me to slow down and enjoy it instead of trying to see how much I could really cram down in there.

I still remember the first time my dad pulled out a food scale (I was a kid at the time) and weighed out a serving to show me, I'm pretty sure my first reaction was to scream in horror. haha
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No, I never stop at one serving but I don't eat pasta often. I'm actually more of a meat lover but I can easily polish off a half pound of pasta in one sitting. I like it with olive oil and garlic.
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I don't really have a problem with pasta serving sizes. One thing I do is serve it in a smallish bowl, rather than heaping it on a large plate. I'm hoping that helps "train" my sons' eyes.

Lately, what I've been doing is making a huge pan of stir-fried vegetables, and then just mixing in a small amount of pasta for my meal, while everyone else eats the more traditional bowl of pasta and sauce.
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I got this
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With time, I have learned that I can be satisfied with one serving of pasta or less as long as there are plenty veggies and meat to go with it. Now, I prefer to go with a half serving of pasta then fill the rest of plate with a ton of veggies and meat.

Although I will say I could probably still finish half of a box of pasta in one sitting (I am not going to try to find out if I can!)
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I am not to be trusted around pasta. When I have it, I go for it. It's my main meal and that's it. A big bowl of spaghetti bolognese is my go-to comfort food, and you cannot, will not, over my dead body limit me on how much I eat of it. Instead, I have to limit pasta to only once a month.

This is how Giada de Laurentiis does it and she's around pasta every day! http://pcmlifestyle.com/2012/04/giad...-eats-so-well/
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Originally Posted by nelie View Post
I'm not really a pasta person but one thing you can try to do is stretch the pasta with veggies. I think cabbage is a good way to do this as pasta sauce on cabbage is good but some other people use spaghetti squash.
I do this. I usually take my 2oz of dry pasta, then saute onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, whatever I have, then mix it all together and top it with sauce.

Zucchini or squash "noodles" works for me most of the time.
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I love pasta so much that I think I might have been Italian and/or Asian in a former life. If allowed, I could easily eat it every night. But.......

Like other have said, I've gotten used to the correct portion size. I've learned to think of pasta as a side dish instead of the entire meal. I add in veggies and experiment with new sauces that feature protein and veggies. I honestly can't remember when the last time was that I made my special spaghetti sauce and ate a whole plate of pasta and sauce (that is a meal that requires a lot of exercise because you keep adding on more sauce as you work your way through the mound of pasta!).
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Originally Posted by KindaSortaAthlete View Post
I love pasta, could eat it everyday...and sometimes go through phases where I do I used to be a large plate, large mound of pasta, and ladles upon ladles of sauce kind of gal. Now, I try to eat 2oz of dried pasta (1 serving) and 1/2 cup sauce (1 serving) and a serving of soy meatballs. I'm getting more and more used to it...but I always finish the meal still hungry. It takes me about an hour to feel like, eh, maybe I'm ok not eating more.

He anyone successfully transitioned to feeling satiated immediately after eating 1 serving of pasta??

Just curious
I do not eat carbs..because I am incapable. One bite and I am on a binge.
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Originally Posted by franciejones View Post
I do not eat carbs..because I am incapable. One bite and I am on a binge.

You're not alone! I absolutely can NOT keep bread, pasta, or potatoes in my house. They are reserved only for treats when I'm dining out...and even then it is in a very small portion.
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Well surprise, surprise, I'm making pasta tonight! I'm gonna take your advice and add some mushrooms, onions, spinach, and tomatoes and see what that ends up looking like
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