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Default Going cold turkey on caffeine and soda... would like a texting buddy and prayers...

I am going cold turkey on caffeine, starting now. It's easy to say right now after I've already had 2 glasses of soda today as well as taken a dose of excedrin for my migraine, but I really need to do this. I have been caffeine free in the past, and I felt much more energetic and was almost migraine free. (I had them about once or twice a month as I have my whole life, as opposed to 3-4 days a week like I am now.) I am pretty sure the migraines are being caused by the caffeine, and possibly in part by the artificial sweeteners in the diet pop I've been drinking. I started drinking the caffeine again when my child stopped nursing back in around October, and my consumption of it has steadily increased... then I was going through 1 two liter a week, and lately I've been up to 2-3 two liters a week. Bad.

The best way for me to do this I know is just cold turkey. That's how it is with everything for me at the moment. If it's in the house, I will be too tempted. I have a super active toddler, and this muggy weather makes me feel so tired, and sometimes it helps my headaches, but I really think it probably causes them in the first place. I know I would fall back on it to have it in the house.

So to start there is no more soda in my house and I'm not going to buy any more. My husband doesn't drink it so that won't be an issue, but usually when he stops to fill up his tank he will buy me a bar of dark chocolate. That is going to have to stop too for the time being. I don't "overdose" on chocolate, I'm pretty good with it... but I think getting rid of my caffeine addiction will be quicker without it. I have been taking excedrin for my migraines and I know it is going to be bad for the the next few days to a week maybe... I started taking a daily feverfew supplement and hope that will help, and I am going to try ibuprofin or tylenol instead... something without the caffeine. I suppose I'll be stopping the "diet" fake sugar stuff at the same time since the soda is really the only thing I take that in, so if that is also causing the headaches, well, better to get rid of that too. So, cold turkey.

I would love someone to text with maybe going through the same thing right now, because I know this is going to be difficult for me. It's easier for me to text than get to the computer. (I have to keep the laptops up and out of reach because my toddler is obsessed with trying to pick the keys off! Lol.) Please say a prayer for me. My headaches are difficult and I don't want to be a bear to my husband for the next few days or weeks because of it. I'm hoping my system will detox quickly! This is going to be my first "weight loss" step as well... I know this issue has been holding me back. If you want to text with me please reply here or leave me a private message with your number and I'll send or text you mine as well.
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I was planning on quitting tomorrow and the rest of the day, but I didnt end up having another diet soda. This is one thing that is really difficult for me to give up!
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Diet soda was one of the hardest things I gave up...my fiance and I would literally go through a 12 pk of diet soda in 3-4 days, sometimes even faster. We would drink it with every meal, never really drink anything else. But I knew, when I made the choice to get healthy, it was going to be something I had to give up.

The first few days were the hardest...went through the caffeine withdrawal (I used coffee to help with this...only drank one cup at the start of my day), had several headaches, and literally craved it all the time.

After the third day, the cravings subsided, and by the fifth day I could be in the same room with my fiance while he continued to drink it (I would make him go in the kitchen to drink his soda, so I wouldn't be tempted to take a sip). I've been 3 1/2 weeks soda free, and I feel much better about it ^_^ I haven't had a single drop...I'm worried that if I drink it, I will crave it again so I just avoid it. If I need something with flavor, I will squeeze some lemon juice, or pure cranberry juice into my water so it has a bit more taste.

You can do this!!!!
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I found (find) it SO hard to give up my diet caffinated beverages I go through phases of extremes over the years from giving it up cold turkey for months only to drink a 2ltr bottle a day when I fall off the wagon. They are/were my only source of caffeine.

When I first tried to kick it this year, I had aweful headaches for about a week and caved. I retried giving up 3 weeks ago and so far so good. No headaches, no real cravings.

I allow myself one day a week to eat & drink what I feel like, so I buy 1 2lr bottle a week on shopping day, and when its gone its gone. I seem to have less binge breakdowns this way.

I hope some of that helps! Keep strong! If all else fails, think of your teeth
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I would have never thought that I could be soda free but it happened. I was drinking at least 6 cans a day. I have tried in the past and couldn't quit. What I did different this time is I didn't try all those flavoring things they have for the water (mio, hawaiian punch). It took me 2 days to get off soda. I drank 2 the first day, 1 the second, and quit on the third. It feels so good to not get caffeine headaches all the time!
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i used to drink almost a case of mtn dew a day. it was insanity. i quit cold turkey, which was hard but doable. honestly, i'd cut the soda and slowly ween myself off excerin if you have migraines.
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Well, I am on 48 hours without caffeine. I'll admit I had about an 8oz glass of sprite yesterday. It is caffeine free and was not a diet drink, so I just counted the calories and the bubbliness helped me get through. I don't want to make that a habit though as I am also doing this for my teeth! Anyway, the guests finished off that 2Liter and now there are no more sweet bubblies in the house.

I was headache free until about an hour ago, but now I'm starting to feel one coming on... ughh.
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Good job!!! Stick to your guns! No matter how hard.

Not like I should talk I am a total sucker for diet coke! I really need to consider quitting, but feel like it may be impossible. I drink about 4-5 cans a day.....terrible.

You are an inspiration.....I am going to take quitting in to consideration!

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