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Not really anymore. I used to be anorectic 10 years ago - naturally that involved being hardcore every day. The last time I lost weight, I went hardcore every day (by that I mean > 2 hours of exercising and eating 500 calories or so). This time around, my goal is moderation. I'm not terribly good at it, and my 30 minutes a day of exercise often turn into 70, but that's still a far shot off the pathological behavior I had before. I'm quite happy that I'm not counting calories at all anymore. But this time around, I treasure consistency and maintainability much much more over the intense stressed-out push-through mindset I had before. I'm reluctant to do anything now I wouldn't want to keep up as long as I'm alive.

I'm probably not representative though. So, if you can "go hardcore" without it impacting your mind negatively, please do! Reap the benefits, enjoy them. Just be aware of what you're doing, and things will fall into place.
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There isn't a lot of room to go hardcore on Medifast. My caloric intake is only between 800-1000 daily, and I haven't really gotten into a good exercise routine yet (it's time!).

I tend to get a tad bit obsessive though, and have definitely one hardcore in the past - 3-4 hour workout sessions, days with 600 calories or less, etc... That was something I could never maintain
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Lol, I am getting old, hardcore isn't what it used to be for me but yes re exercise & not meaning for weight purposes but rather I have periods where I crave more & more exercise. These used to translate into hardcore gym sessions but now the joints tell me to cool it but I do go longer & more intense sometimes than others.
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Originally Posted by IanG View Post
Thanks Emma. That's like what I do too. I find the weekend gives me the opportunity to push things a little without the pressures of work and sitting at a desk all day.
Same thing for me. I also do it if I have a day off. It works really well. Sometimes if I am doing this I don't really go out at all (as much as I can) to avoid temptation.

To avoid binging I may give myself a "high" day during the week where I eat more calories -- enough to make me feel satisfied but not enough to gain.
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Not anymore. It makes me miserable and usually ends up backfiring, so it's lose-lose for me.

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I kicked off the year (jan 1st) with a 10 day Juice Fast (a la Fat Sick & Nearly Dead). Given the extreme calorie restriction I lost 15lbs. It isn't the way I want to lose weight but having been heavier then I ever was, I decided to try something extreme to kick off my losses. Interestingly I sit today at my maximum weight minus 15lbs, so despite all the exercise and calorie counting I've done, since finishing the juice fast, I haven't been able to maintain any additional progress. The main reason is eating/drinking on weekends.
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Hardcore tends to backfire on me quite quickly, so I try to avoid it. My brain goes into emotional meltdown mode when it's been too long since I've eaten (or eaten anything substantial, anyway), and when I get back to eating I may be tempted to binge. Overdoing exercise can be expected to cause a minor injury for me, which will prevent any additional exercise for a while. So both undereating/overexercising are very counterproductive to me personally, which is why I believe that consistency is far better than intensity.
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I do go hardcore, but never on the weekends. This is the time when dh and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting on different meals we've been wanting to make. It's generally during the week, if I go hardcore, that I do that. I can really focus on me. Weekends are family time, week days are me time.
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I've lost most of my weight in pockets of being hardcore, and probably another chunk of it just with day to day incremental lifestyle changes when not being hardcore. I'd usually eat very small portions and work out 45-90 mins a day, daily weigh ins. It's easier for me to stay on track with a military schedule, though I find that it rarely lasts more than a month at a time unfortunately. I have to be really motivated to stay that focus and motivation waxes and wanes with me like the wind.
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Originally Posted by Amarantha2 View Post
Lol, I am getting old, hardcore isn't what it used to be for me but yes re exercise & not meaning for weight purposes but rather I have periods where I crave more & more exercise. These used to translate into hardcore gym sessions but now the joints tell me to cool it but I do go longer & more intense sometimes than others.
Gosh, I so know what you mean!

Hardcore was extreme dieting and extreme exercising for me too. It worked for a while but then when I stopped, I went hardcore the other way, lol (binging way!).

I don't know how so many on 3FC who are older than me can do so much more than me! Exercising especially since I'm so slack at doing it, not to mention that so much is going on at the moment.
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I go hardcore but only in short bursts. For example, I have family coming in next week and I know I'm going to be indulging a bit while they're here so for the two weeks leading up to it, I'm doing damage control and eating more strictly than usual. For example, I can lose 1.5lbs per week eating around 1700 cal per day, but for the last two weeks I've been eating 1200 per day which is probably not "hardcore" to some, but for me being so large and losing comfortably at 1700cal per day -- it is.

Again, I only do it for short bursts (1-2 weeks at a time, max) because doing it long term backfires in so many ways and can lead to bingeing or eating disorder'ish behavior for me.
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yes to be honest for years i have been focused on weight loss and it's always been inconistant and extreme. like i will be fuly focused on weight loss for a bit, and i will go and like cut out everything except vegetables and do hours of exercise a day and then sometimes it's like i just still think im trying to lose weight but im not doing anything. i am finally in a place (since yesterday) where i am just doing the three meals a day and going to bed early thing which i have never done. i was always going on websites tryna find awesome diet and exercise plans and never thought to do it the old fashioned way but none of the other ones worked so here i am. argh!! long answer lol
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I usually try to be that way everyday, but let's face it, that doesn't happen. If I had a big weekend where there was a lot going on and I wasn't able to get to the gym or I devoured food the day before I always make sure I work extra hard the next couple days. For instance, this weekend with the holiday my gym closed early Saturday & Sunday and was closed Monday - so I wasn't able to get in great workouts since I had work and other various things to do. So the last couple days I've been basically killing myself trying to make up for it.
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Do you even lift, bro?
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Yes, I'm a clean eating diet **** at times. I can go stretches of months at a time where I socially isolate myself from all lunch dates for the sake of being "on my diet!!" Not saying it's healthy but it brings results quickly.
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Anytime I've gone hardcore I eventually ended up weighing more than when started. This time I went 360 degrees. No hardcore anything (diets, workouts, mindset etc.) The weight flew off and I'm doing a great job maintaining the range where I want to be.
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