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Unhappy I dont know where to start!

I have been struggling with my weight for as long as i can remember, but i've gotten to a point in my life where im just sick of it. I want to lose weight and be confident in myself again... But i have no idea where to start. My problem is i will start something for a few days and then get bored of it or have something come up that stops me from doing it and just stop whatever it was all together.

I could really use some tips on successful exercises and good foods to eat.
Summer is fast approaching now and i would love to be able to be comfortable with myself more so than i have been in past years.
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Hello Shelby92,

I would like to post here, but also, must disclose that I'm just back from gaining 50 lbs. in one year. I've lost weight many times before only to regain it so right now, I'm not sure if I'm a good person to dispense advice, but here goes.

Personally, I tend to count calories. Honestly, I don't know how else one would know if they're eating too much or too little. Some people can do intuitive eating, but it just doesn't work for me because I'm such a food addict. Also, just eating a few extra things a day can actually make the difference between weight loss and maintenance or weight gain. It sounds like a lot of work to count calories, but it really isn't once you get the hang of it. I use an app on my iPhone called LoseIt, which is free but there are online programs that people recommend such as myfitnesspal. Those programs will help you determine how many calories you can take in. If you exercise, you can eat more so don't be discouraged if the program tells you to have only 1200 calories a day because if you're active, that number can go up.

Second, I think it's very good to plan out what you'll be eating for the day or week. The more veggies, fruit and lean protein you eat, the more full you'll feel on fewer calories.

Third, I would try to limit sugar intake by as much as possible since it only makes you hungrier.

Fourth, try to include some protein and fiber with every meal and snack.

Fifth, avoid drinking your calories.

Sixth, drink enough water.

Sevent, aim to move more every day. You can get a pedometer for fairly cheap and aim to move more every day with the goal of eventually moving 10,000 steps per day.

I hope that helps some! Best of luck to you (and me!).
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Hi there! You've made the first step, which is deciding to make a change!

Start with small changes such as more water, less sugar, more fruits & vegetables, more activity/exercise. While you're doing that, come up with a plan that you can maintain longterm. You could count calories using any one of a million free apps or websites. It can take some trial & error to find what works for you, but you can totally make the process fun to prevent boredom. Try out new foods/recipes or new exercise classes that you actually enjoy. Whatever methods you choose, good luck!
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I count calories & exercise. I also count steps. Just wanted to wish the OP a good journey & success!
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You posted here. That is a start.

I'd like to say go and talk to your doctor. Everyone always tells you that. But most people get stuck with a doctor that tells you to eat less, hands you a photocopied sheet of the food pyramid, and pushes you out the door. Very few people have a doctor like mine who is just as commited to my weight loss as I am. I am blessed in that sense. So, outside of making sure you are fit enough to diet/exercising and doing routine blood work, I'd say this is a waste.

I found, for me, lurking here was motivation. Seeing tickers with 25 pounds, 55 pounds, 79 pound, 144 pounds lost, all I could think of was WOW! HOW DID THEY DO THAT! Then I started stalking those that struck me as amazing, you know, to learn the tricks.

I found out that all diets are awesome and all diets are failures. What that means is, what works for person A will likely not work for person B and so on and so on. You need to know what your weaknesses are prior to going into a diet if you expect to last at it.

I am addicted to food. Counting calories would NEVER work for me, as I would "forget" to add that half a cupcake or would miscalulate to make it not look so bad. Intuitive eating is another one that would NEVER work for me. I'd eat even if I wasn't hungry. I needed something that addressed my addiction so I could break it. So, I am on that pre-packaged mumbo-jumbo since it is SUPER strict and the slightest opps sends me spiraling in the wrong direction. I'll tell ya, it is doing the trick for me. I find that I don't mindlessly eat anymore. I don't crave sweets anymore. I am never hungry. And something I just recently started...counting calories..has been teaching me whatluckymommy posted about. But had I done that first, I would have failed and given up way before now. I am more structured now...and structure works best for me. Some people need the freedom. I am not one of those.

As for exercise, think of something you enjoy. Seriously. If you enjoy swimming, make that your exercise. If you enjoy dancing, enroll in Zumba. If you enjoy watching TV...make that your exercise. There is a trick to that one though...sit with arm weights next to the couch and maybe a foot pedal on the floor and make sure you are moving throughout the entire show/movie. The trick to exercise is to find something you like. If you don't like it, you'll give it up. Most people don't like running. Those who you see running ACTUALLY enjoy it. That is how it is with most forms of exercise. I mean, could you imagine doing the same thing every day all the time and hating it?! Nah-that's not how exercise works. You'll do it if you like it, you just need to find what you like.

For me, I like the burning sensation of HIIT. I know...I am insane. (although, I must admit, I like it because a year ago, I couldn't even walk up my stairs.)

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By posting here, you're off to a great start. One of the easiest things for me was to ease into it. For the first month, I didn't count calories, but I did try to cut out all sugary drinks, add in more fruits and vegetables, and replaced white bread, rice, etc. with wheat and whole grains. Losing weight is about lifestyle. Easing into it may be helpful for you as well. After my first month, I downloaded a free app called MyFitnessPal that I use to track calories.

Losing weight comes down to calories burned versus calories consumed. You need to create a deficient to lose weight.

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Like luckymommy, counting portions (weight watchers points, calories, etc) and planning is integral to my success.

When I started really paying attention to my foods, I figured out a good calorie range for me, then I literally sat down and wrote out/planned my entire next day's meals like this:

B: Bread round (100), 1oz goat cheese (80), basil, spinach (5), tomato (10) = 195
S: Orange (60) = 60
L: 1 cup spicy tomato soup (118) = 118
S: Cherry tomatoes/baby carrots w/ 42g hummus (105) = 200
D: cup white rice (100), 3/4 cup vegetables with scallops (150), cabbage (30), flounder (100) = 380
S: 2oz Trader Joe's PB filled pretzels (284) = 284
TOTAL: 1237

As time went on, I tweaked my plans to follow my hunger. I like to eat small meals very often. Others may like no snacks and just meals or eating during a set number of hours of the day.

The other part of my success is to get in the kitchen and COOK! Find ways to eat the food you like to eat, then you will be able to sustain healthy eating for a lifetime.

I like to make meals on the weekends, portion, label, and freeze. It saves money and time, and it's CONVENIENT and healthy. Plus, it helps to have things cooked, portioned, and ready whenever you are, so you don't have to eat "on the fly." I get ideas from healthy blogs like www.skinnytaste.com, www.cookinglight.com, www.eatingwell.com, and www.eatbetteramerica.com
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For me getting back into the flow I just dove head first and went for it. But when I first started I started with a trainer 2 times a week then it got too expensive and went to twice a month, then I started with really paying attention to calories and counting everything, then I began a program alternating exercised per day, and I sort of stick with that 3 days of running 3 days of strength alternating those days with 1 rest day in-between, good luck!!
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