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Default How do you reward yourself for losing weight?

I'm really motivated to keep losing weight. Especially after I saw myself in some vacation photos, ! I've decided to reward myself for every 5lbs that I lose. I bought a Beauty.Com kit, at Walgreens, that has 6 or 7 of their best sellers in it. I love that sort of thing and it was only $25.

Do any of you reward yourselves? If so, what sort of rewards do you use? I'm looking for some ideas,
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Somebody else on here shared her brilliant idea of a charm bracelet, adding a bead for every so many pounds. I decided to go that route and I love it. I get a bead or charm every five pounds. Whenever I look at it I am reminded of what I have accomplished so far. I love this idea and am grateful to the person who first posted it (sorry, cannot find the thread at the moment).
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I plan out rewards for certain weight milestones - a new pair of jeans, a haircut, a foot massage, a certain number of new songs from iTunes store. The important thing is that they be not food related and I generally try to pick things which will motivate me. Like new jeans which fit but are on the snug side to encourage me to keep going. Or new songs I can add to my workout playlists for running or walking.

Of course, the real motivation is reducing my risk of developing type II diabetes, the possibility of going off of Metformin (I have a form of PCOS and insulin resistance), and knowing that I am healthier. But the goodies help in the short term. I sometimes feel a bit silly - like the kindergarden student who wants to get a gold sticker on the sticker chart for good behavior, but, I tell you, it is a motivator! Have fun picking out your rewards and then enjoy working towards them!
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I love this thread! I reward myself every 5 lbs with a new carrot man in my signature, and a treat for myself every 10 lbs. I live in a northern place with only one tiny store, so all of my rewards are through online shopping. For 190, I bought myself Jillian's "Winning By Losing" and opened a love letter from my boyfriend for the 190 milestone. For 180, I am ordering the sweetheart eye shadow palette from Sugar Pill and I so pumped!

I will be home visiting friends and family in Toronto this summer, so my awards will get more awesome, including paddle boarding lessons with a bikini top and shorts, treating my two best friends to a girls' night out on the town, buying a tight dress, and finally, at goal, a hot beach pic in Hawaii for March 2014! Just some ideas! It's been a lot of fun finding non-food ways to reward myself!
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Trying to be in the 160s
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I get to move my ticker, update my chart and brag about it here!

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Fat to Fab and Fit
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I have a charm bracelet. 1 charm for every #5 on a scale, 2 charms for #0. -- I feel bad wearing it tho, because I have gained almost all of my weight back BUT I wear it as a reminder how far I got at some point...and I am itching to add some new ones. -- I picked a pretty expensive charm brand; therefore it is truly a treat to get a new charm.

I am back, determined... this time to actually finish this journey.

Since I can not add any more charms until I lose another 12 1/2 pounds, I have decided to double treat myself once I hit 150 pounds...one charm AND eye lash extensions!!
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Sometimes I buy myself something special. After I lost ten pounds, I invested in a balance scale. I had to promise myself that this weight loss was going to continue or I would have spent all that money on something I never used.

I agree with Ian that bragging on here is very satisfying and rewarding. No one else wants to hear about it.
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Because I have never really been thin or fit in my entire life, I feel like getting to goal is worth a big reward. I plan on going on a trip when I hit goal. Travelling is my main motivator in life so it's really lovely to have something like that to look forward to. I want to take my husband to London for a week because I adore that city or maybe we'll mix it up and head somewhere like Egypt or Iceland. I can't imagine how amazing it will be to travel and be fit. Everything will be easier!
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I have a bracelet that I add charms to when I get 5lb or 10lb increments (the 10s are bigger than the 5s). I got the idea from Elladorine on another thread, mine isn't as nice as hers but it sure does make me smile. And now that it's filled up pretty good, it shocks me to stare at it and comprehend what it all really means.

I also buy clothes (way too many) as it's a real true measurement of how far I have come. Wearing a size 14W in jeans I bought yesterday (I was too excited to even wash them first...I took my chances ) was the best thing I gifted myself lately for a whole $17 and change.

I haven't decided on a big gift for the end, whatever that number may be. But I figure the gift of good health is priceless and will be the gift that keeps on giving!!!
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Finally in control.
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I get to buy new clothes when the old ones get too big?
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Clothes. Nail polish. Jewelry (nothing expensive, like new earrings at target etc). New sexy undies and bras. Lingerie. Make up.

All things to make me feel even more beautiful and sexy.
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Starting over sucks.
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Mostly clothes. There's nothing I really need or want, so I just sock money away for a big trip at goal.

I did buy a diamond ring at 100.
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I never really reward myself with gifts or treats. I guess buying new clothes/pretty undies and seeing a smaller size in the tag was my reward.
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I get myself a gift every 10 pounds, earrings, perfume, fresh flowers a houseplant anything but food. New clothes purchases were saved for getting to goal. I don't count those clothes that we have to buy during loss as a gift, they are just to "get by" until goal.
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I promised myself a pedicure for 10 lbs, but it came too quickly and the weather was still cold. But those kinds of pampering treats, I am thinking of some hair coloring for 20 lbs. I can't buy too many clothes because I have a lot of nice but too small things that I have from my way up the scale. Just by going down a size I got 5 new pairs of jeans out of my closet.
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