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Default Pity Party for One

I am beyond stressed out at the moment, which is exactly when I start turning to calorie laden foods to help me cope.

My husband works in construction and recently ran out of work for the next month or so. Which of course just happened when I had two bills come in that were over twice what I had budgeted for. I was trying to look at it optimistically and think about how I fortunately work on the weekends (I am at home with our toddler during the week) and bring in a bit of money.

However we own some rental property which is just covering it's own expenses and of course this is the month one of the prepaid cheques from a tenant bounces. My husband had already spent the money on bills from the property so now when my work cheque comes into his bank account it's being eaten up to equal out the bounced cheque.

And of course last night our car dies! I knew it was on the way to car heaven and was anticipating it, but now it means I have to walk back and forth to work all weekend. I have a split shift, which means I'm walking there/back 4 times in a day. Really it's only a 20-30 minute walk, and I enjoy the exercise, but while I was visiting my sister to help her out with March break childcare I caught a bad cold . It's going to be hard enough working all weekend, let alone somehow finding the energy to walk. And I work in a kitchen, so it's a physically draining job to start off with.

Oh and to top it all off I'm 5 months pregnant, so I have mad food cravings. And when I'm stressed my cravings are for all the usual trigger foods. I know I'm close to giving myself free range to eat junk because 'oh poor me!'. Really I KNOW it doesn't do me any favours but somehow I think I deserve a whole bag of chips because my life is throwing me some curve balls.

Anyone else find bad things happen in clusters? What do you guys do to indulge yourself when you're throwing a pity party that doesn't involve 3000 calories in one sitting? Thanks for reading either way.
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Wow canadianmomma! You do have a lot of stress right now. I'm sorry you have to go through all of this at once. Honestly, my only advice on not binging is if you do then you'll just be even more stressed out and possibly mad at yourself afterward. If you want chips then buy a single serving bag at a deli or gas station. If you think having that one bag will cause you to binge on a bigger bag then don't do it. Decide if you are craving the salty or the crunchy and try to find a healthier way to get whatever it is you're craving. Maybe cucumber slices with a little salt?
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Whoa, that IS a lot going on. Sure hope things improve for you. Your buddies here will be thinking of you!
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Hang in there CanadianMomma!! You've got a ton of support here. It's better to vent than to eat what you shouldn't out of self-pity.
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WOW, CanadianMomma - that's a lot to handle. Binging will only make you feel worse though.

It's tough to "hang tough" - but you will get through it. Somehow we always manage, but it's hard. I hope your husband is able to pick up some jobs to help out. Is this something you've had to deal with in past winters? My brother-in-law was a roofer and he was always hustling to get work - sometimes he had several jobs lined up at once, other times nothing. It's not easy for you! Spring starts on the 20th - so hopefully warm weather will get people thinking of jobs they need done.

Hug your husband and your little one. Looking at the big picture it seems you have a lot to be thankful for -- you will be okay - this will pass! Remember to come here often for support!
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Just one comment re: junk food , not good for the new baby you are expecting.
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That's a lot to have to deal with. Handle one issue at a time. I'm not sure what type of bills came in that are larger than expected but call the company/creditor and talk to them and see if you can work out a payment arrangement or defer payments. Call your mortgage company and ask about deferring a payment for a month or two.

I find that if you let your creditors know what's going on they are more likely to work with you before you get in big trouble and things start going on your credit.

You may not what to do this while pregnant and being likely "off-balance", but later you can probably look for a used bike on craigslist. You'll still get exercise going to and from work but you won't have to spend so much of your day in transit.

Also, can your husband use a temp agency for some extra work while he's not getting construction jobs? Sometimes they have jobs just to help move offices, furniture, paint, etc. This might help cushion the blow between now and when he gets regular work again.

Good luck! Hang in there!

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Thanks for the sympathetic ears and words of support. The husband is a framer and is watching for any side jobs he can pick up. He will eventually get unemployment for his time off, it just takes a bit to kick in.

We're going to call the utility company and see what we can get in terms of some leeway, thanks for the tip!

You guys are great, again thanks everyone.
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