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Unhappy I don't know what to do anymore :(


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I kind of understand where you are coming from. In the past I tried numerous diets and they never went anywhere. I'd exercise a little but never really had the energy to do a ton. My problem though was quitting. After a month of not losing much I'd give up. Now there were times where I made around the world moves and had to completely reorganize my life but when it came down to it I still quit.

I was home (Canada) for 4 months last summer. I've lived in Korea for the last 3.5 years, and I took advantage of the food back home. While I was there I gained 10kg, disgusting, I know. I figured once I got back to Korea I'd be eating healthy again and it would drop off. Well after 3 months of thinking I was eating healthy I'd lost nothing. I started a food diary and realized I still wasn't eating well, mainly portions were too big and unnecessary snacking. So starting November 1st I started tracking everything and eating much much less. I really haven't exercised a ton, I don't have a lot of time and the weather has been too cold to do anything outside. But by cutting back from what I thought was healthy food to actually eating healthy in 4.5 months I've lost 12.5 kg.

I guess what I'm saying is track your food, I use myfitnesspal.com, to actually make sure you are eating healthy. And stick to it, it has to be a long term thing.

Good luck!
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Since you seem to have no health issues, and you seem to have portion control in mind, I would suggest take a few weeks and log/track your food, honestly and look up if you need to the calorie counts, and fat, carbs, sodium, sugar, protein,etc., and take an honest look at what you are eating.

Not all foods are created equal.

Honestly, weight loss and maintaining, is done in the kitchen and fitness is done by working out.

Ironically, losing and maintaining, takes a lot of time in the kitchen, playing with food. While time consuming, playing with food and tracking and then using that feedback, is what works.

For myself, I eat a lot of lean protein, more than most plans call for. However, I have a very active job and I strength train, so I need my protein. Lots of lean protein! I eat tons of fresh veggies! I garden, and can and freeze. Fruit, not so much. Fruit, while I like it, does not agree with me very well. Monkeys with my blood sugar, and makes me hungry and cranky.

Anyway, take a breath, take some time to honestly look at WHAT you are eating, and tweak it from there.
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Since I can't always stick to a strict 1,400 calorie diet; walking 30 minutes would do nothing for me. You either have to figure out how many calories you're eating and readjust to your allowance (based on your height and weight) or you have to burn more by upping your activity...if physically possible. I do understand your frustration.
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