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I still eat processed food. Just a lot less of it and not as often.
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I got three books by Michael Pollan today at a fantastic price at our used bookstore. I was already fairly well informed about the food industry but am certainly learning a lot from him, which is helping me tremendously.
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In my opinion having processed foods like crackers in the cupboard is just asking for trouble. But I'm an addict so that's my story.
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Originally Posted by Amanda1977 View Post
This is an interesting question and I've loved all the answers! I have been following plans for years that discouraged eating highly processed/prepackaged foods at all. While I always lose weight on them at the beginning, I haven't done well with any of them long term because I end up rebelling against the plan. I think they are just too limiting for me. I think some people (ME!) don't do as well with the 'You can't ever have this' approach.

It's encouraging for me to read the responses here because I've just decided to do more of a calorie-counting approach and get away from any kind of plan. It seems like many of you have found that this approach works for you.
I have found that since I have really studied up and discovered just WHAT is in the processed food and HOW they actually process it, I don't WANT to eat it because it is so nasty that the thought of eating that stuff and putting it into my system is repulsive. I try to use a lot of Michael Pollan's food rules... including "Never eat anything with more than five ingredients" (because it has likely been highly processed" and "Don't eat anything your great grandmother would not recognize as food."

A lot of people don't care... Michael Pollan says that and in fact says his books are probably not for them. And I am not at all trying to persuade anyone to avoid the processed stuff... if you want it, go for it. Just responding to the comment about "you can't ever have this" and sharing how when we have educated ourselves a lot of us can't imagine ever *wanting* it again!!
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I think that as something I'll live with the rest of my life, buying processed foods will always be in my lifestyle.

Sometimes, I just don't want to make lunch. Lean Cuisine or Smart ones is a way I don't drive myself to McDonalds.

Sometimes, I want some cheez-its in my chili. So I have those! As long as I'm within my calorie range and I'm losing weight, I see no reason to cut out the things I love and enjoy.

It's going too far with the things we love and enjoy that got us into this. Only willpower and dedication can get us out. And the occasional cookie.
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I don't ban anything from my diet, but I do weigh my options. Because I like my cooking much better than anything I can buy (and I cook ahead of time and freeze my portions) there is almost no reason for me to eat a frozen dinner or soup from a can. Not to mention that my own food is usually better quality, has less sodium, and I can bulk it up enough so that I'm eating a larger volume for the same number of calories than what is offered pre-made on the shelf.

Minimally processed foods like milk, grains, and frozen vegetables are just fine with me.
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