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I have an injury that has sidelined me for the last two of weeks and may last for a while longer. I've been losing weight at a steady tick and watching the scale stick for two weeks in a row has been AGONY.

I am so sick and tired of being fat. Yes, I have lost a lot of weight. But I spent nearly all of my life at my goal weight, so while I may no longer be as heavy as I once was, I'm still significantly larger than my "normal" size. I'm just "over" it......and the only way for me to finish this off is with exercise 5x per week.

Anybody have any strategies?

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Not sure what your injury is... So I'm not exactly sure what your limitations are... But I've had my fair share of sports related injuries over the years and I can completely relate to how frustrating they can be...

Most of my injuries have been related to my running and some required complete rest... Which was very frustrating, especially when I had the NYC marathon coming up... But fortunately I was able to start doing "runs" in the pool and I was ultimately able to run New York that year...

What's worked for me is switching things up... Can you go swimming or maybe some water aerobics? Are you able to do some walking? (it's better than nothing, right?) or at the gym what about just working out whatever area isn't injured (if it's ok with you doc)

These are all just suggestions... And I know that sometimes you just can't work out because of an injury and it sucks, but if that's the case than focus on healing and not pushing it, so you won't be out of commission any longer than you have to be...

I would always tell myself... It's not the end of the world...

Good luck!
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Overweight again...dang
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Is there anything you can do to replace what exercise you were doing?

I had an injury that forced me to give up running for a couple of month, shortly after I started running. I even had to give up walking. I was devastated and cried over it! But then I ended up going to a gym and using an elliptical. It was kind of a pain to have to go to the gym to work out, but at least it kept me from losing progress.
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This stinks! I can totally relate! I have chronic migraines, which sideline me for days or weeks at a time.

I have managed to still lose weight or maintain, by lowering my calories during these times to compensate for not being as active.
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What part of you is injured? It was always mentally important for me to do SOMETHING, if I possibly could. So if you aren't on complete rest, try looking for alternatives. For a leg injury, you can box with your upper body and get your heartrate up. For back injuries, you can work with a physical therapist on stretches to help. There's almost always something you can do, and mentally, doing SOMETHING is so important.

If your injury prevents you from doing anything, I'd try focusing on the things that you can control - your eating, your sleep, and your attitude.

Ultimately, this can be a game changer, or it can be a temporary blip, and luckily, you get to decide which!
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This a great opportunity!

You might not be able to exercise as much (or any) as you like but you can certainly control your calories and this is an opportunity to practice maintinence and get an idea of how many calories you can eat and not gain weight.
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Thanks, all. I am now back (not 100%), but back to exercise and feeling human again.

I do control my calories.....this level of weight loss takes both diet and exercise. I never GAINED any weight w/o the exercise, just didn't lose for 2 weeks, which drove me a bit mad.

Thanks again for the support.

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I was over exercising and a fitness coach pointed out when we exercise to much it holds on to fat, something to do with cortisone, and I reduced my exercise in half and boom, melted off!!! so hopefully you can look at the bright side of something otherwise not so nice.
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