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Default Giving Up

I started this a few months ago, lost about a pound a week for a month and then hit a plateau that I've been at for 45 + days. Not a "i'm only losing .3 lbs a week" plateau. An "I weigh exactly the same as what I weighed on June 1, with the scale never going any lower, and going a pound higher every so often."

Visited an RD "give up cheese and crackers, those are causing the plateau." Gave up cheese and crackers, still no change. "Up your calories/cut your calories." No change.

I think my body is stuck and just wants to weigh this amount. (It's 184 for those of you who like numbers.)

The scale was started to dictate my moods. To work so hard at something and see zero results starts to take a toll. To spend so much time thinking about what I was eating and getting nothing from it. It hit me when a friend texted me a picture of her dinner and I thought "I bet she didn't weigh that chicken and pasta before putting it on her plate. How freeing that must be."

So, I'm done. For how long I don't know. Will I gain back the 4 pounds and weigh what I weighed all those years I was putting zero effort into my eating? Who cares. It's 4 pounds.

And because this is a message board and not a personal blog or journal entry, hit me with advice, admonitions, stories of your plateau, ideas, scientific studies, etc.

I'm off to eat a bagel that I haven't weighed, and hopefully soon the knowledge that it is approximately 1.5 ounces and what its calories are will leave my brain and let in some more useful knowledge.
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I plateau'd at 186 for about that long, but I lost about an inch during that plataeu. I don't just use the scale as a measurement, I kept at it and my body was finally ready to move on when it felt like it. I just had to be patient. I also stuck at 184 for a while, then over tha past weekend i had a whoosh and went to 181.
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Overweight again...dang
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I had to reduce my calories more. I'm near starving to death, I'm sure. Seriously, though, have you reevaluated BMR, and your goals? You probably have. That was my problem. I was trying to lose weight with the same goals as when I was 20 pounds heavier.

I also did a "crash diet" to kind of push things along. I know the general opinion of crash diets, but I'm at a point in my dieting life where I just don't see the big deal. It's a tool. I haven't gained the weight back and I'm back to healthy weight loss, and losing. I would do another crash to push me through another tough spot if need be.

I really believe the body likes certain weights and will fight to stay there. I'm certain my body loved the 170s and that's why it was such a fight. I'm pretty sure that in about 15 more pounds, I will have a serious fight on my hands again.

And maybe a break is what you need. Maybe not thinking about food, just resting for awhile, let your body get used to maintaining instead of losing, and then it will release again.

Don't give up, though! Don't let yourself gain weight back. Four pounds is one thing, but 10 or 15.... don't go there! Take a break, sure, but not for too long!

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You know what number is going down each week? My average minutes per mile on my runs!
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you know what? i agree. stop obsessing about food.

keep MINDFUL of what you are using to fuel that beautiful machiene that is your body. remain mindful of how certain foods make you feel. try eating when you are hungry- maintain, let your body have a break. there is no rush.

you are at a gorgeous weight (i am actually sitting exactly where you are right now) and i am shorter then you, and i know i am at a gorgeous weight. keep your workouts, work on some deffinition- if the scale wont move, tighten up! let your skin bounce back, be happy, be free, and the rest will follow.

"the universe will align to the nature of your song", you just have to sing it loud enough!
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keep going
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I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel. Mindful eating and physical fitness are great goals to pursue. Hopefully you'll find a good balance and will lose weight without stressing about it too much.

I don't calorie count, if I did I'd lose my mind.. weighing stuff is just too much effort for me. I know when I'm over eating and I eat slower now so I become aware when I'm full.

Enjoy that bagel
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Never Giving Up
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Have you measured yourself? Sometimes you lose fat and gain muscle.
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Originally Posted by stimkovs View Post
you know what? i agree. stop obsessing about food.
you are at a gorgeous weight (i am actually sitting exactly where you are right now) and i am shorter then you, and i know i am at a gorgeous weight.
I agree with stimkovs. When I was in my best shape (not lightest), I was 5'6", 150-153lbs. and was a size 6. A lot of it was muscle, and I did a lot of races. I stopped looking at the numbers and just aimed for other fitness goals. Maybe focus on other things than the actual number, and you'll find yourself in a good place!
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Originally Posted by Mer du Japon View Post
Have you had your thyroid checked? How many calories are you eating? Do you eat every 3-4 hours? Drink 2+ liters of water a day?

I found that when eating healthy, drinking only water, and doing light exercise, the weight comes off pretty easily for me but everyone is different, and sometimes our bodies can be stubborn. Have you changed around the foods your eating? Do you eat plenty of fiber? My RD told me to eat high fiber (4 grams or more) and low fat foods (5 grams or less fat per serving).

I wouldn't give up yet! Hang in there.
No medical issues, thyroid was checked recently. Calories, water, fiber, more less, blah blah blah. Yes, all tweaked and nothing changed.
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I'm doing this!
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I don't have suggestions for you, but want to let you know i'm with you. I'm in the same boat as you. I was consistently losing 10lbs a month through eating right and many hours at the gym then suddenly in June I lost no weight. I've switched up my workouts, switched up my food! I'm also very frustrated but i'm sticking to plan and don't want to throw away all my hard work. this month also has been very difficult, with the scale barely moving up and down.. I understand your pain, but I think we can move through this plateau, we can do it!
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I think you should take a break, yes, but not feel bad about it. Just relax and focus on maintaining for a month, and see where that takes you.

But don't stop with your amazing sports achievements. They are admirable & wonderful!

I will miss your round here so hope you come back after a refreshing holiday & let us know where you are and what you have decided

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At one time in my life I weighed 247 pounds. It was a long time ago and over time I kept losing small amounts or plateauing or having small regains. I lost down to 117, which wasn't exactly right for me, rebounded some and now am struggling to re-lose the last 14 pounds or so from that rebound. I had 25 to lose now 14. It has taken a long time. I am fit and sort of run (knees are not so great, which is one reason I want to keep pounds off), lift weights, etc., and that helps the cause. But it is calorie level that is the major factor in managing my weight and if it goes slow, I don't care.

I do think the bod takes its own sweet time for a variety of factor.

I just know I'll never give up on my goal, which is 125.

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is super awesome.
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I was in the 220's for most of 2011. LOL. Oh well... I didn't give up, I kept going (even when there was nothing else left to tweak) and I finally made it past it, to where I am now.

Maybe dont give up, maybe just stop looking at so many numbers. Like others said, set a fitness goal. Set another goal and stop thinking about weight.
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Listening to what your body is saying is a great idea. You'll probably notice some great benefits, including possibly those pounds disappearing and an improved mood.
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I am with you. I am stuck in the 150's and my body is saying no more. I lost over 55lbs. I am now just maintaining and I work out HARD. I really wanted to lose 10 more, but I have done everything. I am almost to the point that I am just going to accept that my 45 year old body does not want to weigh what it did when it was 26. I am going to keep working out and counting my calories because over all I am happier and I know much healthier when I work out. I know that if I stop doing what I am doing, I will go back to my old weight and I just wont do that. But accepting where I am at today is a good thing.
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