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Default Need to get back in the game!

Hi everyone!

I haven't been around the boards for awhile, life got in the way!

I'm still wanting to lose more weight, but have been really more maintaining for almost a full year now (after gaining about 4 pounds, which I can live with).

There are two things that have changed in my life that are causing difficulty, and I'd love to get advice, etc on how to deal.

1) I added extra work hours, so I'm busier than before--I now work part-time at a bookstore in addition to being a full time grad student and part time grad student employee. I find that I worry about being hungry during my shift, so I eat more beforehand than I need to. It's like old hunger fears coming back. Also, there is sometimes food in the break room than I shouldn't even think about, but I do eat it most days it's there. This needs to stop!

2) Bigger problem: my boyfriend! We've been dating for just over a year now. He's great, and he loves me for me, and it's lovely. He is really fit, works out every day and is nice and muscular (good arms, six pack, the works). So he eats whatever he wants, and when he cooks, it's high fat stuff. I want to eat with him, and I'm not prepared to tell him about my weigh loss efforts (I haven't told anyone--and people haven't noticed much because it's been such a slow lose).

I do cook a lot for us, so I can control that, but I can't afford to feed him every time we eat together (he eats A LOT), and I don't want to tell him how he should cook. So I try to eat less of what he cooks, but I feel so comfortable with him that I usually eat too much.

I want to get in the habit of having a big salad before we eat together, but sometimes my busy schedule make that difficult. I just need to stick with it.

So any motivation tips on how to deal with these difficulties? I realize that they're not major setbacks at all, I just need to re-motivate myself so that the sense of commitment comes back. The extra job and the boyfriend happened at the same time, so I think that adjusting to the two new things was just really difficult, and now I'm in a new pattern that is not conducive to losing weight.
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Welcome back. My best advice would be to not wait for the motivation to make the commitment, but rather make the commitment and then enjoy the motivation when it comes; because motivation comes and goes and comes and goes again.

Pretty much any food can be eaten and worked into a plan. Moderation and portion control are key, you probably know that since you've had success losing weight already!

Congratulations on maintaining for so long, that's a huge accomplishment.
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Thanks for the encouragement! I did really well yesterday (although I didn't see BF, so that helped!). I'm confident I'll do well today too!

I weighed myself again (I've been bad about that), and I have gained a little more than I thought, about 8 lbs. Not great, but still not insurmountable.

I also looked at my spreadsheet of weight, and I notice it got really bad over the summer, when I have more flexible time as a grad student. Hopefully I can use this boost right now to help me until the school year starts and my time is a little more structured.

I realize that I've stopped consistently weighing myself and eating breakfast this summer, so I need to get those behaviors back on track.
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Here we go again...
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What about splitting the recipes into his way and the low-fat alternative? Like, if he makes tacos for instance, use chicken breast or lean meat (sorry, I don't eat red meat so I have no idea what this would be), fat free sour cream, lots of lettuce, fat free cheese, etc. That way, you can enjoy dinner with him, but he doesn't have to give up his diet.

If that's not possible, I agree with LockitUp's suggestion of watching portions.

Good luck! :
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