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Default Sorry guys. This one is for the ladies...


Have you noticed any patterns when checking your weight when you are PMS'ing/first few days of AF? Are you consistently higher than slightly before and/or after AF? I know that bloat and water retention are common around this time of the month but I'm curious how much of a difference in lbs you experience.

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just last week when I started I had about a 2-3lb increase. I've leveled off today though. It sucks, but happens.

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I typically go up 2 to 3 lbs in the days before, then maintain that during, then I get a pretty decent whoosh in the several days after.

This month looked like this:
191.6 - 3 days before
193.6 - 2 days before
194.6 - 1 day before
194.6 - during
193.6 - during
193.2 - during
191 - during
192 - during
189.2 - after
188 - after
187.4 - after
187 - after
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S/C/G: 307/282/170

Height: 5'9"


Thanks ladies! That really helps. I know that I should have lost in the last several days but my body has other plans. Sometimes being a woman blows big hairy donkey balls.
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I can gain up to 8 lbs of water weight. Reducing carbs a little further than usual seems to help keep the gain a little smaller and also seems to helps reduce PMS/TOM hunger (so that I don't end up "keeping" any of those 8 lbs).
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3-8 pounds for me. Not sure why it's more some months and less others, but I also notice when it's late my cravings are out of control. Not fun.
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keep going
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I'm different every month, sometimes I keep losing until the 2nd day and then up and down other times I go up a few pounds a few days before and it usually take a week until I start losing again. It can drive you crazy alright!
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I usually go up or plateau for a few days before...then I go up the second/third day, then stay up or maintain until I whoosh of the water weight. Usually my main weight loss for the month happens right after TOM.
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2-3 up with TTOM, 4-5 up with Ovulation. I only show losses on the scale a few days after ovulation until TTOM.

Restart 5/18/15 began at 263.9. All time high was 275 in 7/03. Low in Summer 2012 of 169.
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Mine mirrors LockItUp's almost perfectly. Up, hold, whoosh.
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I tend to gain between 2-6lbs on the scale, hold it for the week and then even back out after.
It's a little annoying but at least it is a good indicator.
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Height: 5'4''


I'm about average I would guess between 3 to 6lbs. I gain for a couple of days before, hold for a few days and then down. I even gain during ovulation! But it's shorter and only a couple of pounds. But still annoying! LOL This month was different... only about a 1lb. gain, but my cycle was shorter at only 27 days. Which was weird. LOL

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I gain weight during TOM, typically 4-6, but I continue to lose inches. That keeps me motivated even when the scale goes up a few pounds.
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I am sooo glad to have found this thread. I recently joined 3FC, and had just started working out during my PMS week. Then the next week was tom, and I was really REALLY discouraged because I only lost 1 pound, and felt grossly bloated! Now, when will that "whoosh" happen???
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3-5 lbs gained with the bloat.

Sweet cravings/steak cravings. Ranges in degree depending on how I've been diet wise and with my vitamins.

Breaking out on my face. Hooray pimples.

Horny as all get out. Hooray DH!

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Crankies -- Why do you breathe my air? Go away, family! Stop it! You breathe TOO LOUD!

When the "whoosh!" happens and the weight just disappears and I'm peeing like crazy? Period is around the corner... like within 2 days.

Thank goodness!

Started Jan 2016:

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