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I try to keep on weighing. I used to tell myself I'd do better next few days & THEN weigh, but often didn't follow through. Now I'd rather get the bad news over with and move on.

Good luck on the exams!!
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I gave myself a break while I was in America over Christmas. By the time I came back to Japan I felt bloated and pretty gross and refused to get on the scale. Then I kept refusing to get on the scale because I was scared. Ultimately I had gained 4kg. I say get on the scale so you can face reality and move forward.
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I ignored the scale after a year...turns out i gained all my weight back! I say, keep getting on the scale to remind yourself that this is a journey!
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Default re:

Yeah, I really REALLY didn't want to look at it this morning after this weekend's all out carb and fat fest. I couldn't resist though and saw the damage. 7lbs. I know it simply isn't possible to gain 7lbs in 5 days (or is it?!) and it's mostly water weight with a real gain of probably a pound or two.

I'm glad I did it though because it's much more motivating to me to see the results of what I was doing.
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I do how else will you really know how bad you were?? It's an eye opener
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Originally Posted by Vex View Post
I know it simply isn't possible to gain 7lbs in 5 days (or is it?!) and it's mostly water weight with a real gain of probably a pound or two.

I'm glad I did it though because it's much more motivating to me to see the results of what I was doing.

In theory, it's quite possible (in my binge eating days, I could eat easily eat 10,000 calories in a day - which would translate into a gain of more than 2 lbs of fat gain per day).

That being said, at least some of it probably is water (and the weight of food that hasn't been digested yet).

I've learned though that trying to guess how much I "really" gained isn't productive, because I would let my "estimate" influence my choices, even my choice to continue (because if I lost "too much," I'd be discourage enough to be tempted to quit) or worse, I'd do crazy, unhealthy stuff to try to "catch up."

Now, I just tell myself that it doesn't matter how much is "real," because it's not going to change my behavior. I'm just going to get back on plan, and whether it takes three days, or three months, the weight will come off.

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I'm going through this right now. I had 3 weeks of horrible eating and I'm actually still doing it a little bit. I have been cutting out dinner though because of it. I finally decided to weigh myself and I only gained 2lbs. I am having a tough time getting back on track.
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Yes, I do. I weigh myself daily no matter how I eat. It encourages me to move a little bit more, work out harder, or eat differently if I just go ahead and face the music.
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It depends on how much i have cheated, if I think I have done major damage I avoid the scale like the plague until I run interference (i.e get back on track) lol

After that I weigh tentatively to see what my actual damage really is lol
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I just had this debate with myself. A lot of times I don't. I give myself a chance to recover before I weigh. But this time I decided that I can't know how successfully I've recovered until I know how bad it was. So I weighed, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm up a pound and ready to move on back down.

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I would definitely recommend that you weigh, despite how frustrating it may be. I used to be the "denial girl". If I went off plan (which was usually a few weeks, minimum), I wouldn't weigh until weeks later, thinking I needed to lose the weight I gained before I weighed so that I wouldn't get discouraged. However, just recently I have gotten back on track after probably 2 months of just plain not caring about diet and exercise. I finally weighed and it was pretty shocking to see the number. Initially, it was discouraging. Ultimately, though, it's made me realize the damage that a few months of eating off plan can do. It's given me the motivation to lose what I've gained and finally progress toward my goal. The longer we stay in denial, the easier it is to have another day of eating crap. Seeing how high that number was has made me think twice about eating that slice of pizza or cheeseburger.
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I have a cheat day every week or every two weeks, and I always look the day after. I figure if I can eat it, then I need to own up to it, and it will help to get to know my body. Besides, I know that unless I eat like 5,000 calories, it can't logically be fat, and is only water and sodium from junk.
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From past experience I know that my weight fluctuates by a pound or two during the week, so I weigh in on Sundays, regardless of when I at my cheat meal.
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Sure I do. I'm usually bummed about the increase, but I don't feel devastated about it. I just weigh myself to see and I keep on with my regular habits. In general, I am a very antsy NEED TO KNOW type person, so as with anything in life, if I can see it, I need to see it! I thought about being a journalist for this reason!
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I'd always weigh in and see what the results are. During a stressful like like exams and that you do tend to lose focus. I know during my college exams a couple of weeks back, I did! In my experience, there will be times during weight loss programmes where you will have bad weeks and add a couple of lbs but don't need it discourage you. Let me motivate you! Best of luck at getting back on track.
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