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Unhappy So much going so quickly! Im worried and admittedly afraid?

Its May, I started this journey in March, about 56 days ago and I lost 26 pounds so far. When I calculate it, its a great loss rate! But it doesnt FEEL like im doing well!!!

I go to the gym AT LEAST 3 times a week, I just recently got a membership. I stay within my calorie range (except once, I admit), so by all accounts im on my way to success, right?!!? Im not feeling it.

I think MAY has me psyched out. Finals are the week after next, and im taking 8 classes. I am also in a musical (Theater student) which is why I am missing so much work. Tech week started this week, is all of next week and Friday the 11th is opening night! I am also graduating with my theater degree this semester, I walk the stage May 21st! As long as I pass my classes. 8 classes, to study for, tech rehearsals every night until AT LEAST 10 pm, most likely later, and the days I still do work, and going to the gym and keeping up my diet!

I really really want to be about 230 pounds when I walk that stage on May 21st. I really REALLY do, i have about 2.5 weeks to lose just over 10 pounds.. Im afraid of being stuck in the 240's. Im already tired and anxious about being in the 240's for this long! (which realistically probably isnt that long). Im just worried, about everything. About my classes and making sure the grades are perfect, about making sure I have everything and its perfect for the show, etc. :? :

Im anxious, any suggestions? May is totally psyching me out!
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Take a deep breath.

You have so much going on, it's no wonder you feel stressed out!! You'll be fine--just think of the relief you'll feel in JUNE!!

Keep calm. Carry on.

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Trying for normal
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What are you doing to yourself?

For the next week the MOST IMPORTANT THING is to study and do your best on those finals. STOP THINKING ABOUT DIET. Your weight loss is a lot. Quite a lot. Perhaps too much. Do not starve yourself. It makes it hard to concentrate and therefore to study.

Until finals are over your goal should be maintenance. Yep. That's what I said. Maintenance. Maintenance requires just as much vigilance as losing weight, but you get to eat a few more calories. By all means, keep going to the gym. It's only one week. Then you can get back on the diet.

Screw the 230 number for graduation. 230 is a blip - a mere moment in a lifetime's journey. Graduation is THE milestone. Don't lose your focus.
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I am feeling the same. The first thing I do is I think of the worst case scenario, and its usually not tragic, if everything falls apart. Usually, we will do an OK job and in the back of our minds, my mind at least, the worry stems from not getting the goal (like doing really well as opposed to average). I just tell myself that panic, anger burns no calories. I give myself an hour (I did this before finals) just to sit there and breathe and think about how to manage my time in the most efficient way possible. I try to avoid talking to people who stress me out.
Getting to your goal at that deadline-its worth going for and I think you should go for it, but imagine if you don't get all the wya there-and its not so bad because you will probably still lost some weight-don't be afraid of getting the 75% because it's better than a massive gain and mental breakdown.
So take some time to breathe, make plans to achieve your goals, and try not to feel too bad if you don't get to everything 100%.
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Honestly, it has taken me well over a year of continued success to feel like I'm successful. I've lost 75-80 lbs now (I haven't weighed in for a couple weeks) and it really, truly is just now sinking in. Even through all the compliments I've received, the fully new wardrobe (in much smaller sizes!!) and all the weigh-ins, I didn't "feel" thinner.

I sincerely believe that one of the biggest reasons people regain quickly after losing is because they do not "feel" like a thinner person - they don't really look at themselves in an honest light and therefore, sliding back into their old habits is much easier. The longer I have sustained my weight loss, the longer the success I have, the more I believe I am a changed person - it makes it "less easy" it is to slide back. I have my moments, I get scared, but I haven't turned back...something I have always done in the past.

I have to say, in the past month or so, after replacing all my old clothes (ALL of them) with size 10's and Mediums...now I feel like that person.

So, give yourself time. With continued success, with long term maintenance, the easier it'll be for you to believe.

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That is LOT going on in your life! Please don't add more to your already-overflowing plate by stressing about 14 lbs in two/three weeks - that is just frankly unreasonable! I'm not trying to discourage you, but in times like you're in where there is stress everywhere it is really hard to lose weight - and for absolutely no reason that you can control! Stress causes the release of the hormone cortisol, which can stall people's weight loss or even lead to gains. I agree with the poster above who said to focus on graduation - that is the BIG milestone for now! You will see the 230's in no time!
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Hi, I'm Lauren! :)
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I agree with AlmostMe full-heartedly. I know exactly how you feel; I just graduated from college on Saturday. The last two weeks before graduation, I took it easy. I didn't exercise, I stayed within my calorie range; I really just chilled for a couple weeks. I actually still ended up with a 2lb loss!

Don't sweat it. (Figuratively, lol) If you don't lose 10lbs in two weeks, it's really not a big deal. I thought the exact same thing as you and was in the exact same place as you, and you know what? It didn't matter. Once you cross that stage, your weight will be the LAST thing on your mind. Graduation is so much more important than weight loss -- focus on that. Then, you'll have your whole entire LIFE to focus on weight loss. Don't be in such a hurry! There's no rush.
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Don't turn back.
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Hey girl you're wonder woman for taking eight classes! I can barely manage 4. I agree that graduation is THE milestone, and you can't cheapen it because you feel like a failure for not hitting an arbitrary weight loss goal. You've accomplished so much, and however much you lose by then is not going to make a difference, there's no reason to take on another thing to be stressed about. I find that if I don't set goals, I usually surpass the goal I would have set, but if I set a goal I stress about it til I feel crazy and usually don't meet it, and then feel awful on my birthday/Christmas/graduation you name it, when I should feel amazing. Take a breather, you have so much going on! I have to give myself this advice every day.
I think you should eat your calories, but I know theatre (tech or cast) IS a workout! So if I were you, I would lay off on the gym and focus on assignments and RELAXATION! maybe try yoga if you feel you need some exercise.
Good luck hon, you're doing so great!
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Thank you everyone All of the encouragement and advice is more helpful then you can imagine.

And your all right, Graduation and finals should be my primary focus and my diet shouldnt be so stressful right now. I know that in the end how much I weighed on my graduation wont matter and I shouldnt let it bring me down.

You are all wonderful, thank you so much!
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