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Default I feel AWFUL

I've been having my finals for the past 2 weeks and EVERY DAY I BINGE ATE for like 2000+ calories. I've gained 3-4 pounds and my clothes don't fit. I'm bloated and I got my period today and it's ****.

Feeling really bad, worried I'll gain back weight. I can't seem to get a day over with without eating crap! It's like a horrible cycle I can't get out of, once I'm bad I keep being bad. Once I diet, however, I just do really well.

And Hi! I'm new!
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I am sorry you feel so bad. I'm sure that most of us can relate...
"All or nothing" thinking can only make it feel worst.
No need to punish yourself.... you have to push past this by using your will for a day or two. Before you know it you'll be psyched into it again.
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Overweight again...dang
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Seriously, what she said..... and no matter what happens, no matter how many times it happens, you have to pick yourself up, and just start over again. There is no need to throw in the towel because you effed up "again". Just start from scratch....before you know it, you'll find it easier to control yourself and easier to get back on track when you don't.

Perhaps next round of exams, you can plan ahead and make sure to stock up on healthy, portable snacks. That way, even if you binge and lose your control, at least you've lost it with healthy foods.
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Going through finals can be extremely stressful. No wonder you overate.

Get on track now and start a new diet plan. Most of what you gained is probably water, so don't fret too much.

Next time you have finals, stock up on fresh veggies, fresh fruit, and lo-cal dips.
And drink lots of ice water or lemon water. Then you won't gain that much.

Just by being on this site and sticking to a weight loss plan -
you are heading toward a wonderful life.
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The posts above me said it.
I had the same problem not so long ago too. I lost 4 kg this summer and gained it all back (+1 kg more) this winter. I ate more than 2500 calories a day! I felt good though after eating so much (it was mainly sweets). But the next day I was very angry with myself.

Don't give up though, you can't turn time back. Just start over, like I'm doing now. I'm sure you can do it!
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If you ate around 2000 calories a day for two weeks, I doubt that the 3-4 pounds gained is actually fat. Since you said it's your TOM (time of month) and you are bloated, I'm going to guess that at least 2-3 pounds of that is water and will disappear in a few days.

Take a deep breath, it's ok.

And start again tomorrow. There's nothing you can do to change the past, so just pick yourself up and change the future. A couple of pounds isn't much in the long run, you can do this!
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I completely understand. I just finished my accounting degree in December and my last set of finals was the first set of finals I completed without completely going off the deep end with my eating. The reason my December finals went so much better than all my previous quarters was I planned ahead. I had easy to prep meals, I kept my apartment stocked with food instead of having to make multiple trips to the store and usually made enough for several days so I could eat left overs that didn't require any prep time. I ate more packaged stuff than I care to, and more than I do any other time, but adding packaged stuff into my plan was still better than fast food and binging. Just make sure you have a good plan in place before you actually get into finals.
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I'd bet most of that gain was water retention from pmsing ...2000 calories a day wouldn't really cause you to gain that much. Depending on your height and weight 2000 calories could be your amount to maintain, or still create a decifit to lose. Give it a few days. Oh and the type of food you've been eating may have caused water retention as well. Eating alot of salty foods?

Anyways, don't worry about it so much. No ones perfect, and trying to achieve perfection when your dieting will just set you up for disappointment. Get back on plan. Take it one meal at a time
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I'm with ya! I often find myself battling with my own self control and once I screw up I go on a downward spiral... these posts are helping me some, i think for myself I just have to remember that everyone has a day or 2, but that doesn't mean we can't get back on track... easier said than done right! I'm here for you!

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