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Default Anyone else feel obsessed?

Does anyone else worry that they're becoming vain or shallow, or obsessed with how you look?

I've lost almost 30 lbs since the end of September and even though, yes it's been hard, I have really really enjoyed the results. I've started shopping constantly (at Goodwill) because it really bugs me to have lost weight and still be wearing big baggy clothes that don't show off the loss. As a result of this, I've started caring again about having cute outfits, style, etc. Before my "style" = I can get it on my body. I'm paying more attention to my makeup and hair, and buying heels again.

I still have a little over 15 lbs to goal and I'm pretty sure I'll adjust my goal to a lower weight. My plan had been to hit 160 then see how I look and feel and go from there. Now that I know hitting goal is not just possible, that I DeFINITELY will do it, a voice is whispering in my head that I'd like to be a size 10.

I worry a little that i obsess so much over this. Without fail, the first thought I have every day is to wonder what the scale says. I'm celebrating my 5 lb increments and every time I hit one I am walking on air for days. I like to weigh first thing in the morning after doing "morning business", but I have to have coffee as soon as I wake up. Once I have the coffee, the "business" happens. I'm so obsessed that I begrudge drinking my 2 cups of coffee because I'd love to be able to weigh after eliminating but BEFORE my coffee because I know that it will be a lower weight. Rationally I know lbs lost is lbs lost and as long as I'm weighing at same time under same circumstances every day, I'm getting an accurate picture of my loss... but I sooo want the number to be as small as possible!

When I think about how much time of my day is spent thinking about my weight, or clothes, I worry that I'm being shallow and self absorbed. I also can't stop looking at mirrors. It's not pure vanity, I do still have a good bit to lose (at least 25-30 more lbs if I go for a size 10)- but I must admit I am finally at the point where I enjoy looking in the mirror and seeing what's NOT there. I have great supportive friends and I talk to them some about my loss, and they're great, but I really mentally edit because I am always afraid they're thinking "Geez, don't you ever think about anything ELSE?" But this is on my mind so much- how much better I look, how much better I feel, all the little NSVs and realizations.... I feel like I'll explode if I don't talk about it!

Anyone else feel like this? I'm so grateful to have this forum to post a lot of this stuff in, but I want a reality check- is it normal to have this on your mind as much as I do?
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Which round am I at now?
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Well - I've never had that kind of success and I've never talked about it much with others. Feeling proud is a-ok!

Resenting coffee and "your business" - a little overboard Keep tabs on that, but I'm sure many of us sympathise! Obsession is what gives us results and keeps us on track!

The closer you get to goal, you may have to start developing new hobbies, though, to keep your brain occupied and make transition easier.
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Playing to Lose
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I totally agree with Kara! I was going to give you a few examples of other things we can obsess over but her's were better. (I love the motorcycle story! LOL)

Our body is like a new toy - like her guy's motorcycle. We are in awe of it, we want to dress it up like a new doll. There is nothing wrong with admiring it. I mean, we worked hard to achieve this. And it doesn't matter if you only lost 10 pounds or 100 pounds. If you see a change, admire the change!

A few confessions of my own as I am just as completely obsessed as you. LOL.

* I bought a full length mirror. On the surface that sounds ok but the thing is.... I dragged it into work on a weekend and it's hiding behind my filing cabinet.

* I also bought a mirror that sits beside my computer. I am always fixing my makeup and hair. I also use it to admire my ONE chin and collarbones. Which I touch a lot too btw. My hand is constantly resting on my shoulder.

* The tighter the shirt, the better. And yes, I'm a Goodwill shopper too. And Ebay. I decided I love clothes now but my wallet says otherwise.

* I am weighing again every morning except for when I have TOM. And I have certain rituals that I must do before I weigh. Ha!

* There's not a reflective surface I won't find.

* I am always googling images of women my height and weight. Sometimes I don't see what others do. And I involve certain people when I'm out and about by asking, "Am I smaller/bigger than her?" or "Pick out someone that has the same body type as I do".

But I keep most all of these things a secret for the same reason you do. A part of me sometimes feels ashamed of my obsession -- or maybe I feel guilty flaunting it -- or not 100% "worthy" yet. But in the end I know it's not really in good taste depending on the company I keep. Most of my friends are unhappy with their weight and it is bad enough some openly resent me losing weight without me even flaunting it. I was sad about it when it started happening but I'm over it now. This is about me, not them.

But anyway, THANKS for letting me get this out here! LOL AND ENJOY YOUR NEW TOY!

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live ur life
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you're not alone. definitely obsessed over here
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one choice at a time
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Oh, I am constantly feeling myself up (collarbones! hipbones! biceps! quadriceps!) and admiring my muscles in the mirror. Constantly. I've often wondered how long it will take in this "new body" before it stops feeling like a new body.
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Go for it be obsessed for a while .... you deserve it ...

I guess it would be a problem if it really starts impacting on other aspects of your life ....
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We've earned the right to be shallow and obsessed with our new bodies. I am guilty of checking myself out at all angles, and on any place that involves a reflective surface. We've all put alot of work into ourselves, and theres nothing wrong with admiring the results :P. Besides it keeps me motivated to get down to my goal weight. I love the analogies Kara used.

This is the great thing about this board. We can't admit this to our friends in real life for massive fear of being considered to obsessed. But we can talk about it here, where alot of people are going though the same thing
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Jillian stole my abs!
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Obsessed here too! I found a pic my DIL took at a Christmas supper, that had my butt in it! Wow! It's little! I might have to hang that on my fridge!

I have morning rituals as well. But, I'm staying on track so it's all good.
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Optimistic cynic
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I prefer to think of myself as strongly focused, rather than obsessed.

I do try to consider my audience, though, and not talk about it with people who don't care. I'm fortunate to have some really supportive friends but I try not to burn them out!
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I choose me...
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I touch myself more now than ever before! HAHAHA. It's ok to be proud of what your doing, as long as your not comparing yourself to others or judging other people based on their appearence, then I don't see a problem loving the new you! For me I've been big most of my life. I am always checking myself out too, hey we have to in order to get accustom to how we look now and then get ready for more changes.

My motto is "If I don't watch my figure nobody else will"
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You're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

If you don't show enough concern about what you look like and how you present yourself, you're fat or depressed or hostile (or called names that are meant to make you feel bad about your sexuality). If you do you're vain or stuck-up or obsessed.

If you're a youngish woman in western (certainly American) culture there's no way you can win in terms of how you think about your body and your personal presentation. Someone, certainly a lot of strangers and most likely many people you know or encounter, will have a problem with it and with you. So what. Screw them.
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Pain Is Fuel
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I think we all deserve to be a little obsessed with our weight loss. I know I am! Honestly, I think being slightly anal about it is what has helped me come this far and continue pushing myself harder. I completely understand that you would want to skip your coffee ritual in the morning, even if it means the scale will be .2lbs down its a loss, right?! I must admit that I am like this in the morning as well, I refuse to drink anything before I weigh myself. I hate wearing my old clothes because they are so baggy and don't show off my figure at all! I put way more effort into looking good when going into public now then I did before.

I don't see it as something to be ashamed of, why shouldn't you enjoy your accomplishment?
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Calorie Counter
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Add me to the obsessed list. I buy a ton of clothes at the Goodwill. I too hate baggy clothes because they do not show off my hard work. I get my hair done on a regular basis now, I get my nails and toes done, I got my ears re-pierced and love to wear rings and necklaces. Even when we just go have a drink at our small town bar, I want to look good.
Losing weight is HARD work, we DESERVE to obsess and enjoy it.

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I spent the better part of the last 30 years avoiding mirrors. I think I've earned the right to spend as much time as I like checking out my progress!
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I Will do this....
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I think being obsessed is what helps get the job done. Take your eye off the ball, and bingo it goes back on!
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