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Default Coke is my crack!

So I have a horrible coca cola addiction. When I lost all of my weight a couple years back i switched to ice tea with splenda. This worked really well. I liked the tea and I only "cheated" and had coke here and there. SOOOOO now that I am trying to get back on the losing track with my lifestyle adjustment I am trying to quit again. But I am way disappointed in myself I stopped and got a 32 oz this morning on the way to work. I swear this stuff is worse than heroin. Of course i've never done heroin but you know what I mean

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I won't give up my soda, but at the same time, I've always been a "diet" soda drinker. I'm a huge fan of coke zero and pepsi one. Maybe instead of denying yourself and giving coke up completely, you can drink the no calorie variety instead.
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I'm also a diet soda junkie. After years of drinking diet sodas I can't stand the taste of full calorie regular stuff anymore.
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Mountain Dew was "my crack" for a long time.

I couldn't stand the taste of Diet Mtn Dew. So I started mixing half regular with half diet. Then little by little, over the course of a couple weeks, I mixed more Diet to less regular. Pretty soon I was just drinking the straight Diet Mtn Dew.

Now I cannot stand the taste of regular Mtn Dew! So try that little trick. Mix your regular Coke with either Diet Coke or Coke Zero. It might work for you - did for me!

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I'm in the same boat. I love my Dr. Pepper. I feel like I could give up anything else (and have!) pasta, potatoes... but Dr. P? No way.
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Originally Posted by Beach Patrol View Post
Mix your regular Coke with either Diet Coke or Coke Zero. It might work for you - did for me!
Great idea! I used to hate "diet", too. Then one weekend when I was 11 or so, I was alone at my dad's house, and he only stocks Diet Coke and beer. So beer...err...Diet Coke it was! It definitely tasted different, but after giving it a bit of an extended (more than one can) try I found out that it wasn't that bad. Then when I was 14, a friend and I gave up regular pop to lose some weight. Once I started drinking diet consistently, regular anything tastes too sweet and syrupy for me.
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I am a pepsi addict! A few months ago you couldn't tell me that I would have to give that up. The other posters make a very good suggestion. Try weening yourself off the "regular" cola and try the diet. I promise you, in a few months you wont even miss it.
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My problem was Diet Coke...seriously...There should be a group for us obsessive soda drinkers. With meeting and everything =O....I did what you did to start cutting down on my soda intake. I just started drinking unsweet tea and now I crave it more then the diet coke. I still drink soda but usually only when I have a fast food burger, which isn't very often.
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