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Originally Posted by Lori Bell View Post
Never give up, no matter how crappy (or even good) the day is. Stay on plan even if your dog dies, if your BF cheats on you, you get a bad grade, you break a nail or get a zit. PMS/TOM, "it was calling my name", I didn't have time, I didn't make time, I was running late, I am late.

Stopping the multitude of excuses and making it happen is the ONLY way I have successfully lost weight and kept it off.
I love what you said here! Just because we tend to feel negative doesn't mean we have to punish our body and binge.

Originally Posted by blueheron777 View Post
1. Eat a small breakfast (250 calories) and lunch (300 calories) and the rest at dinner or as snacks.

2. Crystal Light--sip all day

3. Big salads with any kind of dressing for lunch

4. Count calories

5. Nothing is forbidden if it fits into the day's calorie count

6. Have low-calorie snacks on hand for those times I feel like munching on something

7. On special occasions, eat whatever I want, then get back on plan.

Everybody is different so these may not work for others. But I lost 40 lb without cravings and am comfortable eating this way. Because it's not a "diet", I feel I can do this for the rest of my life.
^ I feel the same. Counting calories and having nothing forbidden is working for me.
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Eat food you like. Don't force yourself to eat stuff you hate on the theory that you'll get used to it. I mean, try new things, but don't think that your lifelong aversion to, say, citrus is going to just magically disappear.

Also, don't discount what works for you just because people say it won't work. I have a fresh-baked brown-n-serve roll most days. That bit of fresh baked bread means I look forward to my dinner. Some people would say that can't work, cause it's carbs. Others say that Diet Coke will kill me. I find it essential. And as long as things are working for me, I'm not gonna change them.
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You can make a fantastic cream soup substituting bacon grease for a healthier oil (and often about 1/2 the amount, but use some) and unsweetened unflavored almond milk instead of cream. WAY better than trying to sub in skim milk.

In fact bacon grease may be my secret weapon. It adds so much flavor to foods that it far outweighs the negatives.

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Plan ahead. I know in the morning what my meals will be for the day.When I quit planning and quit counting calories I know that trouble lies ahead.
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Exercise, exercise, exercise. Every day.
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I don't think about the food I'm craving, I realistically think about how I will feel after I eat it. Will I be disappointed? Will I regret eating it when I step on the scale? Will I feel bloated? Nauseated? Then I eat according to what will make me feel the best!
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Sorry, a huge coffee lover here and also very limitted to what I allow myself in the realm of "feeding my addiction", LOL! Maybe something you could try is using almond milk or vanilla almond milk. As a fluke I tried it and it gives the sweet taste along for the coffee and much better for you then sugar
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-Small portion sizes,
-30 min cardio a day,
-the less your food comes out of plastic packaging the better, stay clear of microwave food (Mine broke a few months ago, I didn't replace it & I'm not missing it either!)
-when your tummy rumbles a bit when you lay in bed at night...that's good! It only means you're use to eating more & now that you're not, your body will have to resort picking off the extra calories from your bum or tummy!
-Did you know, true hunger is a dizzy feeling & NOT your tummy going grrrumble!!
-when you're really hungry, 3 table spoons of food is all it takes for your body to get up & go again,
-a couple of vegetarian dinners a week for a good clean out
-massage your buttocks & tummy in the shower with a massage thingy (the thing with the knobs on it ) Stroke always in the direction of your heart
-tomatoes, lemon, veg high in fibre help fight fat
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Doing it.
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I gave up pop and fast food, after two months or so, I gave up anything that isn't juice or water, and last month I went vegetarian. I've lost 32 pounds since April, when I started. Now I have to get back into the gym on a daily basis. I just have to make sure it works with my daughter's schedule (she falls asleep around 8:30-9pm and the gym is super crowded til 8) because I got her a membership as well. I'm also trying to fit more vegetables in my diet instead of pasta.
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My best dieting tip, since I forgot to add that after trying to offer the suggestions for the coffee dilema...

Do it for YOURSELF. Not for others, attention, etc.... just for you. It's how to make it successful
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