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Up and at 'em...again!
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Default Need some major motivation *insert dramatic sigh*

I had my weekly weigh-in tonight and I'm down 0.2 pounds. *sigh* I know it's a loss, and I know as long as it's a loss I should be happy, but...I just find myself feeling kind of unsatisfied with my losses over the last two weeks (last week I was down .4 pounds.)

Now, I *know* the reason why I haven't been losing the way I was previously. I haven't been tracking as closely as I should; the weather's been completely lousy and I haven't been walking the way I usually do; and I pulled a muscle earlier this week, which also contributed to my not walking as often.

But knowing the reason isn't making the slow losses any easier to take. I guess at this point in the game (it'll be five months on June 26) I just need some motivation and encouragement. I see people here on the boards who have lost amazing amounts of weight, and I know that those people probably experienced periods exactly like the one I'm experiencing now.

For those of you who have been in this game longer than I have: How do you keep motivated? How do you power through those times when you just aren't getting the results you've been used to?
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Wow, my starting/current weight #'s are similar to yours, and I'm 30 too. Sorry, a bit off topic!

I had the same problem a few weeks ago... I had a great week and weighed in to find I lost ONE pound. I was so disappointed that I wound up going off plan for a few days and gaining back. What I've decided to do is weigh less often. I weighed on Monday and I'm not weighing again until July 1st. Then I may try to go a whole month without weighing, although I doubt I'll make it that long lol! My thinking is that, even if I continue to only lose a pound a week, seeing a four/five pound loss at the end of the month is much better than just the one at the end of a week. I know, I know, it's the same thing... but mentally it just helps me seeing that larger number.

Also, I don't know about you, but I used to be thin. Over three years I gained 70 pounds! I watched the scale go higher and higher and higher..... so now even if I've stayed the same weight for a while, with no loss, I remind myself that the # on the scale would be HIGHER if I'd been off plan. For example, I'm 170 now and I was 170 a month ago. I kick myself thinking if I had done better, I'd be 165 or maybe even 160 by now. But then I think- I also could have easily GAINED 5 pounds (or more) over a month, and could easily be 175. But I'm not. Yay!

Anyway, I'm rambling. But my point is, focus on the good, remember you are still going in the RIGHT direction. And you never know when a big loss will surprise you! You may get on the scale next week and see a 3 pound loss. So keep going!
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Commitment more than motivation. I do the things I have to do (especially on gloomy days like today where I am) because I made the commitment. I told myself for 99 days I'd stay on plan and exercise. Mentally, there is no other option for me.

If I feel I needed a boost, I meditate on a phrase or think about my journey as a whole. I either go back mentally in time to a point when I'm feeling good... like when I'm on the treadmill and the good chemicals are rushing through my veins...and I feel strong and empowered. Or imagine a point in the future when I take the stairs without huffing and puffing.

I'm not always going to feel thrilled about weight loss and eating healthier. In fact, my weigh-in last week was the opposite of thrilling. But, I made the commitment to be vigilant and active regardless of what the scale said. I can't go back on my promise to myself.

I reaffirm through positive thought and encouragement from forums (such as 3FC), and I DO what I promised, because of commitment.
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