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Default Feeling sorry for myself

I have been struggling to stay positive this week.
I am 1lb away of losing 25 lbs and I loss nothing last week and have not lost yet this week. Last week I ate on plan and was starting a running program so I was sadden not to see a loss of any kind.
However, my long anticipated running classes and excitement over developing my own running program has ended. After our group run on Wed., which went well, when I got up Thursday my knees hurt so bad I could barely walk. I did not run on Thursday or Friday but felt a little better on Sat so I have it a try. This was a BIG mistake. My knees hurt so bad I can barely walk. I have developed patellar tendinitis and it has totally derailed most all of my exercising.
I can't run, I can barely walk and my weight machine at home is buried under all the stuff from my daughters room because we are repainting it.
I have not totally gone off my plan however, I have eaten a couple meals off plan and day by day I feel myself losing my initial drive.
Guess I'm frustrated at not losing one stupid pound so I can reach that 25lb loss (no special meaning to the 25lb loss, just want another dancing carrot) and for not being able to run. My desire is there but my body is just not cooperating. Sucks getting old.
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Aww sorry about your knees. The best thing you can do is take it easy and not cause any additional damage.
Sometimes everyone gets discouraged, it's okay and totally understandable. 24 lbs is still a BIG accomplishment and you should be proud. You know the scale will move again. Whatever you do don't throw away all of your hard work. Think how disappointed you'll feel in 6 months or a year when you're starting all over. Technically you don't need to exercise to lose weight. Just do what you can until you feel better.
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I'm sorry to here about the challenges you are facing right now. Just remember these obstacles are like tests and you just need to stay positive and get through them.
I understand your frustration with your mind being ready and able but your body fails you. Just treat your body with care and rest up. Do not push through any exercise that hurts you!
Instead try doing some exercises that just involve upper body like standing punches. They can still get your heart rate up.
Also try hard to keep your diet really clean and on track if your exercise has to slow down a bit. We all know 80% of our results is diet alone.

Keep your chin up. You have done so well.
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Oooh, take care of those knees. Don't push it. Do you have access to a pool? Swimming is great exercise and good for the joints. Biking is an option too. I love running but I really fear my body can't handle it, so I'm waiting to lose a lot more weight before I even try.

I really know where you're coming from. I've been at this for over 3 months and the excitement just isn't there anymore. Furthermore, I've lost weight before and this is the time-frame in which I traditionally lose excitement and derail.

Here's what I'm feeling good about. I'm still going. It's not reasonable to expect to stay THAT excited for long. So I'm doing it anyway, even though it's not exciting. I'm not always eating as well as I think I should, but it's not that bad either. If we want these changes to last, we just need to slog through, even when it's no fun.
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I have no words of wisdom other then
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It's tough when our bodies don't cooperate. I'm talking about the getting hurt part, not the losing. I'm sure even though the scale hasn't moved, your body is readjusting after the first 24 pounds and the inches are coming off. But when you're motivated to exercise and can't, it's aggravating.

Definitely take care of those knees! Have you tried the glucosamine (sp?) supplements? They take a few weeks to start working but have done wonders for my knees (arthritic), my husbands (who is a normal weight), my Mom's, and quite a few of her friends (70'ish age group).
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Remember you can also do some upper body work and weightlifting in a seated position, if you are wanting to do some exercise and have lower body injury. I'm sure that last pound will go, just keep sticking to your plan.
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You could be my long lost twin (except you're so much smaller than me!) I can't tell you how many times I cried last week because I was eating on plan and watching my weight creep up. I ended the week with a 1.5lb gain. I was walking 2 miles a day but I had to keep coming home and icing my foot because it would swell every time. I finally said this is just foolish. I have to scale this way back to something manageable so I can continue. I now walk just a 1/2 mile a day. I wish we could force our bodies into cooperation, but they will ultimately do as they please. Hang in there, I'd give you a if I could. It will happen! Don't give up!!!
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i'm worried about your knees. don't stress them anymore. think about some swimming or some seated exercises like suggested. take care of those knees!
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Thank you all for your support and encouragement! This is why I love this site!
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Don't give into off plan meals. Off plan meals quickly turn into off plan days, weeks, months!

Knee injuries are tough, but remember that in order for your knee to heal, your body retains loads of fluid around the injured area to help protect it and lubricate it. I am most certain that the stalled weight loss is because of the extra fluid your body needs to help repair your injured knees. Though, even with it being water, it will not go away if you start adding carbs/sugar/salt back into your diet in the form of off plan meals. The water (+ eventual new fat) will take up permanent residency of you keep giving it a comfortable environment to live in.

Chin up NEMom.

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