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Default sick and dieting.

I was just wanting some opinions. Do you think being sick makes it tough to lose weight? I have been around 159 for about a week and I have come down with a cold. Sore throat, head aches, body aches, bla bla. Anyways. I weighed myself this morning and it was 160 and I have NOT changed anything. Please someone reassure me that your body retains water more when you;re sick!
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Yes, it definitely does retain water when sick or otherwise stressed. Drink extra and try to feel better. (( Hug ))
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It can mess with your weight a little, but it's just important to feel better. Drink lots of fluids rather than worrying about water weight. Eat nutritious things when your body feels hungry.

I wouldn't go nuts with the icecream though... That is a slippery slope.
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Don't pay too much attention to the scale, especially little fluctuations. It'll even out.
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Just stay on plan as much as you can and avoid the scale until you get better or if you can't expect it to go hay wire until you get better.
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You know illness adds like TEN freaking pounds of mucous! (Seriously where does that all come from?!)

Continue to drink your fluids and eat what you can (NO ICECREAM!) until you are more recovered
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Depending on how sick you are, you might want to not "diet" while you're sick. From the sounds of it, you're pretty sick. My advice is don't restrict yourself. Don't feel stressed out either if you start getting over it and you want a lot of food. It's fine. Your body just needs the extra energy and nutrients to recover. Besides taking time off and just maintaining makes it much easier to lose weight when you go back into "diet" phase. Plenty of liquids, tea is a GREAT drink while you are sick. I drink it religiously especially when I'm sick. :P Feel better soon!

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I just got over a nasty flu and the opposite happened to me. I tend to hibernate when sick (slept like 14 hrs a day) so after 8 days I had lost 8 pounds due to dehydration.

Like everyone has mentioned, just ignore the scale and focus on feeling better so you (and your body) can get back on track.
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