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Default What I've learned through this process..

What I have learned through this journey so far:

(Note: I've only been on this "diet" for about a month now, but I realize I have already learned so much!)

*This isn't a "diet".. it is a lifestyle change. You have to fully commit yourself to this change as a way of life, and not something that is temporary.

*If you don't bring IT (junk food, bad stuff) into the house, you won't eat it. If you are only surrounded by healthy food, guess what? You'll eat healthy food!

*Fast food is the works of the devil. So just don't go. Its too difficult to try and find something healthy, and you'll probably end up eating that cheeseburger.

*weight loss is kind of like a "game" for me. It gives me something to look forward to, and it satisfies my natural competitiveness. I look forward to eating well all day, knowing that the scale will show results in the days, weeks, and months to come.

*I heard this on I Used to Be Fat (MTV weightloss show) and its VERY true: Once you stay away from fastfood and junk food for awhile, your body doesn't want it anymore. You're body has broken the addiction and its just not important to you anymore.

*NOTHING feels better than loss fitting clothes, compliments on your appearance, and a "healthy" glow.. no matter what the scale says.

*If you find yourself wanting something unhealthy (such as ice cream, candy, etc) tell yourself to WAIT 60 MINUTES. Cravings usually only last a small amount of time and when that timer is up, chances are you'll be over that craving!

*don't look at your goal as 1 big number.. I like to look my lifestyle change 1 day at a time, 1 pound at a time.

I plan on adding more but right now.. this is what I have learned. Hope it helps others!
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Wow thanks =) this helped a lot and is all so true!
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Originally Posted by Live4Summer13 View Post

*If you find yourself wanting something unhealthy (such as ice cream, candy, etc) tell yourself to WAIT 60 MINUTES. Cravings usually only last a small amount of time and when that timer is up, chances are you'll be over that craving!
I still really struggle with this one, and have been at this for 8 months now, and I never get over the *craving*. My solution is to feed myself something not as "bad" as the craving. When I want chocolate, I usually get a skinny cow 100 calorie bar, or a sugar free chocolate pudding or hot chocolate. A serving of popchips helps with salt, during the rare times I want something salty.

I know this is mental...Food gets in my head and I can't get the thoughts out, no matter what I try. I don't think I'll ever be over this, and it is something I'll always battle.
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I also enjoy the 100 calories packs, they are a good way to get what your craving in a small amount, I'm one of those people where if I never let myself have something I will more than likely never stick to a diet. Although they can be dangerous (its not 100 calories if you eat 5 bags at a time lol). Thanks for the post it was a great motivator this morning -we can do this-
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I definitely agree with everything you've listed here, especially the stuff about fast food! Fast food is my biggest weakness, and the biggest reason I got to my highest weight. I always told myself, 'oh I can have one double cheeseburger if it fits into my calories'....but that 1 double cheeseburger turned into going to get fast food everyday, and not stopping at 1 item on the menu. I just can't do it in moderation. I'm currently trying really hard to stay completely away from it. It's hard, but I agree that if I stick with it long enough I won't want it anymore. Hopefully.
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