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Default *sigh*

Hi all. I haven't been on the boards for the last few months. I've actually been actively avoiding the boards for the last few months.

I fell off the wagon. More like I just got tired of trying and gave up. The last few days I've been trying to get my head back on straight. I've been reading posts for the last few hours, trying to get some inspiration to get my lazy butt motivated again.

I haven't weighed myself in about a month probably. I know I've gained weight back, I'm just hoping not all of it that I lost since October. I really don't look forward to finding out so I'm putting off till the 1st.

Just thought it would be a good idea to put up a kind of post of shame. Let others know I've been bad and hopefully that will be some extra motivation to start working hard again.
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The first step is weighing. You should weigh first thing tomorrow and face it. Then start on plan again right away. What motivated you before? Health? Family? Vanity? Try to remember and get that motivation back! You could also try to just force yourself to eat on plan even if you want a donut or something instead. Fake it til you make it! Good luck!
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I CAN do this!
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you could do some exercises right now. just start right now. here, today, i will not. quit.

we can't be perfect. the hardest and most important part is getting back UP. we will all fall.

perhaps you can learn from the experience. try to figure out what went wrong so you can prevent it this time.

sending you will power dust your way!
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Closet skinny chick! :)
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Welcome back, Kim! Sounds like you've already taken the first step to getting back on the wagon. And you know what? It happens to the best of us, real life gets in the way, things happen, or you just plain get tired of trying. It's okay! Sounds like you're gearing up to get back into the game, so give yourself credit for that. Don't wait til the 1st though, start today and DO SOMETHING, even if it's 10 minutes on the treadmill or walking away from the cupcake. You'll feel better for having made a healthy decision, and one smart choice leads to another. You can do it! And we're here for you
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Weighing in every day keeps me in check. Of course, I go off my plan but getting back on that scale seems to make me more honest of what I have got to do in the future. Set some goals...for YOU and device a good eating plan. SOmetime, we set ourselves up for failure because its so strict to follow and after a few days or weeks, it not tolerable. I have done this to myself more times than I wish to count!!! I agree with Chantelle, exercise...exercise...exercise to help you out of your mood. It's a great feeling of accomplishment when you are done..whether its 10 minutes or 1 hour. Best of luck!
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I hope you get your mojo back! Do whatever feels comfortable and you know works for you. Maybe just ease back into by cutting down for a few days, or jump right back on, if that works better for you. When I am to close to binge episodes, just getting back to 3 meals a day is my first step, then cutting down on the calories slowly at each meal until I am back on track.

Try not to think of it being "shame" or a negative thing to return to doing good for yourself. It's ALWAYS a great thing to make your life healthier!

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Hi TooManyDimples,

I know just how you're feeling -as if everyone is just passing you by with their weight loss success stories and you can't even get "back in the game" - Been there,Done that!!

Not knowing you personally, I can only give you 2 different suggestions:

1. Create a plan for yourself. Choose a weight loss program; buy the foods you need and prepare them so that you have the tools you need to get started and make a minimum 3 day commitment to STAY ON PLAN. Once you get going, commit to 3 more days -you get the idea...

2. If you're not an "all or nothing " kind of gal - just make a few small changes -like no processed/ junk food, no soda/juice/alcohol or no fattening desserts -add more fruits and veggies -you know what it takes to lose the weight. The hardest part is getting the motivation to start - still need to make a commitment to and for yourself though - that's the key!!

Personally, I only have had success with option #1 -and once I started to lose weight, the motivation remained.

Here's hoping you stay connected and accountable here to help yourself get started again - Good Luck - L.
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You wrote my story. I have just gotten back on the boards because the past several weeks I have been off plan. It is such a feeling of disgust, you know?

I do it over and over. I can't believe I don't have discipline in this area of my life as I am very disciplined in other parts of my life.

One thing about me....if I buy the cookies, put them in the cupboard, they WILL end up in my mouth. It is crazy
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Playing to Lose
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You haven't been bad. You have been human. No one said this journey was easy and sometimes it gets the best of us. BUT, you are back now and that is what matters. And I agree with the above....you should not put it off another day and weigh yourself ASAP. I fell off the wagon a couple years ago and it took me a long time to get back on that scale so I know how tough it is. But I wish it didn't take me as long as it did because had I done it then, I'd be father along in my process right now. DON'T WAIT ANOTHER DAY!

You can do this again. Look how great you did last time. That motivated person is still somewhere inside you!
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Welcome back and good luck !
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Hi Kim,

Think of whatever type of exercise you most look forward to (or dislike the least, or relieves your stress the most) and do that tomorrow. Then get your kitchen/food pantry in order so that you can get your diet back on track as soon as possible. It would probably be good to weight tomorrow morning, as others have said, but I think it's another good option to pick a weigh day and stick with that. So if you truly want to wait until March 1st, then make sure you do it that day.

We're all here to support and listen, so I hope you stick around! Even if you feel like you're falling off the wagon, it helps to post here once in a while, to stoke that motivation even if you're in a slump. I think it'll help get you out of the slump faster

Good luck with getting back on track And remember that you don't have to be perfect, you just need to try your best for yourself.
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