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Default Anybody else throwing caution to the wind for Turkey Day?

This is probably a pretty incriminating thread, but in a way, I feel like I'm being "accountable" (my favorite word) by posting it

I see all these threads and articles about how to stay on plan for Thanksgiving. And for those of you who are going be good, maaaajor props! Some of you might know from reading my posts that I like to set aside one day a month to have a no-calorie-counting-free-for-all day. Picking a day for November was a no-brainer, lol. So, that's right, I'm not going to count a single calorie, I'm not going to worry about appropriate portions or choosing the "safest" foods, I'm not going to worry about limiting myself. I'm going to eat what I want and how much of what I want. In fact, I want to feel properly stuffed. I want to feel like I just ate a Thanksgiving dinner, hehe. Not that I'm going to make a point to hoover absolutely everything in sight just because it's a free day, but I'm not going to be "the one on a diet" either.

And here's the accountability part of all this. I have been eating light all week, I WILL jump right back onto plan with a few more light-eating days and regular exercise immediately after. I already have it all logged onto my calorie counter. I'm not going to touch leftovers (I'm going to avoid bringing any home...my fiance can take what he wants, but it will be his).

We all parrot it over and over...this whole thing is a lifestyle change. We are trading things that made us happy (overeating, junk food, etc) for things that make us happier (health, improved appearance). But sometimes, the joy of eating delicious holiday foods with family is just plain worth it. In my NEW lifestyle, I eat healthy and exercise but I still enjoy the rare indulgences. I'm going to have a great time with family, eat all I want, my tummy will hurt, I'll remember why I love staying on plan, the scale will be up from the sodium and <ahem> digesting bulk in my system, I'll get right back on plan, and all will be well.

Anybody else having a freebie day for Thanksgiving?
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I just can't do that. Its great you have a plan of action to get back afterwards.

A couple of weeks ago I had a rough weekend and I'm just now getting back to being close to new weight loss territory again. I don't want to wait another month to see new weight loss if I went overboard.

I want to spend time with friends and reflect on what I'm thankful about, not eating to excess. One of most important things I'm thankful about is my improved health!
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I'm not gonna count calories, but I am going to try to be careful. Gonna be hard! Working out every day this week to at least "maintain" what I have lost so far.
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You know, I would do it if I trusted myself enough to get RIGHT back on plan. I'm not saying I'm not going to spurge a little, because I am. But if I went whole-hog and went back to my old way of eating everything in sight the whole day, it would put me back to the beginning with uncomfortable cravings and "white knuckling" for at least a week or 2. I KNOW it would. So I'm going to pass on that this year. I've got some really good momentum going and I'm going to keep it up. But I am going to ENJOY every morsel I allow myself, that's for sure!
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No freebies for me tomorrow. I'm going to keep it tight-ish for Turkey Day, though will probably go over my usual losing calorie allotment. I'm still working off a few excess pounds that I allowed to come on me and I'm not willing to tack on any additional pounds at this time.

Thanksgiving is by mom. She goes all out, but it will be fairly easy for me to avoid her fattening, calorie laden dishes. I will be bringing a few side dishes - roasted brussel sprouts with pecans, roasted asparagus, cucumber salad and red cabbage slaw. That right there is plenty for me to eat. And of course there's the good ole' turkey breast.

And lucky me - I'm in charge of dessert (I called it!) . No pecan or pumpkin pie this year - sorry folks. I'm making individual (quite large actually) apple crumble pies. Just enough for each person there to have one. No one needs more then one dessert, though I did buy some vanilla ice cream to serve with it. I will make a special one just for me, consisting of sliced apples, baked with cinnamon and sugar free maple syrup - no crumble.

I too will thoroughly enjoy my family, the football and the *feast*.
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Thanksgiving is at my house. The plus is that I get to control what we eat -- and there won't be anything extra fattening or crazy. That's the plus side. The downside is lots of leftovers! I don't expect there to be any leftover desserts, but the stuffing will be the one to watch.

That's one big reason I won't be going whole hog on Thursday. I don't think I'd get back on track the next day. Plus, I haven't really been as on plan as I'd like. I really don't need to backslide right now.

But as I'm thinking about it... there are ways to either make sure there are fewer leftovers or... I can just toss them!!
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Not exactly. I'm planning on putting whatever I want on my plate (reasonable portions) but only having a few bites of each thing and loading up on veggies. I've also been eating light in anticipation, but that has more to do with the fact that I'm recovering from TOM. I'm going to be out of town this weekend again and next weekend too, so I can't really afford a free for all tomorrow.
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I think maybe that is something that is easier to do since you're already at your goal weight. I'm struggling with the last 15 pounds, only losing about 3 pounds a month. So even a couple pound gain would be very depressing.

I also would HATE all the comments like, "So you're off your diet? You're not eating healthy anymore?" Everyone thinks I'm going to gain it back again, so I don't want to give the rumor mill any ammo!

Also, I don't want to feel stuffed sick like I used to. That is a horrible feeling, and I'm never going back.
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Well, I'm not going to be good by any means. I, too, have been extra good all week and I just can't cook a big meal like that (and yes I'll be the one cooking it) without trying everything. I'm also attempting a sugar pie this year because so many Canadian friends were talking about their sugar pie recipes last month and now I'm curious (I've never tried it). We are still having our traditional no sugar added apple pie so, yes, I will be eating 2 pieces of pie this year lol. I AM however going to measure everything and plan to drink a ridiculous amount of water and eat 8 oz of turkey and lots of plain green beans and salad with only balsamic vinegar as dressing. Once I've eaten all that, I can have small portions of whatever I want! (I figure I'll probably be so full that I wont be able to eat much else lol)
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I'm not going hog-wild but I am going to enjoy the food. I don't have a problem over-eating with the actual Thanksgiving meal, so I'm giving myself carte blanche to try everything I want (just being mindful of portion sizes) including pumpkin pie.

I DO have a problem overeating with the appetizers, so I'm having healthier stuff this year that won't be the end of the world if I eat a lot of. Fruit/veggie tray, low fat/low cal pumpkin dip for the fruit, and cheese and crackers.
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I am going to eat. I am having all sorts of weird issues right now because I am getting myself artificially inseminated this morning. I'm also in the middle of a pretty good losing streak. Part of me wants to stay strict, because in all honesty, whether or not this works probably has nothing to do with whether I eat 1600 or 2300 calories a day these next 2 weeks, or if I exercise or not. But not eating/exercising almost feels silly (This is $1500/time, plus the emotional stuff--don't I want to maximize my chances?!). So overall--for the next two weeks until I know about the pregnancy--I have no idea what to do.

So I think I am going to eat and not worry about it. However, I WILL record what I eat, at least in terms of over-estimated calories, so that I will see the effect in my daily average for weeks to come. I will indulge, but I won't pretend it didn't count because it's Thanksgiving.

If it weren't for the baby thing, I'd probably still eat and not worry about it. I don't really ever have unexpected bad days/weekends: I am a compulsive planner and the least impulsive person I know, and I know I can return to my routines. It especially helps that Thanksgiving is a couple hours away--context is important.
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Originally Posted by Heather View Post
The downside is lots of leftovers! I don't expect there to be any leftover desserts, but the stuffing will be the one to watch.

But as I'm thinking about it... there are ways to either make sure there are fewer leftovers or... I can just toss them!!
Or give them away. HAve containers ready and hand it out to your guests as they leave. They will love and enjoy it and you won't have to have that stuffing calling your name, because if it was sitting in my house, I would just *know that it's there*. I HATE that feeling. Much better to get rid of it, immediately, if not sooner.
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I am also not limiting myselft. I find that if I give myself "permission" to have whatever I want, I actually eat less than when I criticize myself and try to stay on plan. I am cooking, too, and making a smaller feast, but either way I'm not going to beat myself up. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Schmead, good luck!
I am not counting calories, but am not going hog wild. Since joining OA, I've noticed it takes a lot less food to fill me up. I did nibble a little too much thi sweek, but it's also my TOM and I expect that. I'm off to the gym now, actually.
Have a safe holiday!!!
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Although this is a 'non-issue' for me as I do not participate in holiday celebrations. I think that it's important for the long haul to get used to eating in "real-life" situations in a way that is moderate. IMHO, it's the ALL or NOTHING mentality that gets us to be overweight.

Life will continue for me as usual...however, I may take advantage of some of the seasonable fresh yams and pumpkins...but yup...just another meal. I tend to try to enjoy people more than food
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