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Question Anyone else not working out?

I came into this with some plans in the back of my mind about doing Zumba, the P90X Ab Ripper workout, maybe giving running a go... but I haven't.

As someone who has abused exercise in the past, who has put off losing the weight once and for all for five years because she thought weight loss had to be a miserable and soul destroying experience, I am really wanting to sort of show myself that weight loss can be easy and stress free... and done my way.

So I'm not planning to introduce a fitness baseline until maintenance. The result is that I'm actually looking forward to it and I don't feel overwhelmed by making a huge number of changes to my habits at once.

Anyone else? What are your reasons? Too busy, tired, hate it, unable?

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I havn't been yet. But I see this as a long process and I'm losing weight without it right now. I figure I'll put it off a bit, get the food right and add the exercise after a bit
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i am losing without it as well, i will eventually as well, but on my terms
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Thanks for writing back guys.

I was nervous after I posted this thread, worried I might get told to harden up/don't cop out etc., although I shouldn't have been - 3FC is too friendly for that!

So I'm glad I'm not alone!
Baby steps, right? And I think it's okay to admit it, I really dislike exercise.

I'm going to find something I can get into a few days a week in maintenance though, the maintenance subforum TFL threads convinced me.
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I'm walking, and almost daily I walk more and more ~ I went out 3 times on Thursday! ~ but no gyms or workouts: I start a gym with great enthusiasm and a tied-in monthly contract for a year but peter out after a couple of months. Decided to save my cash for a bit longer.
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I try to exercise, but I don't regularly.
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I have been weird about it lately. I go through very long periods (well, months anyway) of being super faithful, then about a month of being completely lethargic. IDK why that is, but it's all too common for me. I am trying to get back in action right now, though. The holidays and their sweet offerings are never my friend.
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i've been seriously slacking, making excuses- my exercise pants don't fit, my ipod isn't charged, i don't have a cute water bottle.. etc,- and only been once this month. It's kind of embarrassing that a couple of people in my gym have noticed that I haven't been going, but tomorrow i'm going to go get new pants, and have already planned to go.

I'm lucky I have people in my life to keep me accountable with exercise, but i'm not a huge fan, unfortunately

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Feeling a looot better now about lying on the couch talking about exercise on 3FC.

LOL therex, not having a cute water bottle! That's my kind of excuse.
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I haven't push myself to exercise when I don't want to, and I've found that when I eliminate chocolate (my only real weakness, but to a ridiculous degree), reduce carbs such as pasta, rice and bread, and focus on nutrient-dense foods, my energy goes through the roof and I want to exercise in all kinds of ways just to expend the energy, never mind that I know it's good for me.

So for me, it's worked best to sort out my food and then introduce exercise later because I almost feel as if I have to.
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I don't exercise for weightloss benefits, I do it because it makes me feel good - energetic, happy. Its about the only alone time I really get during the day, to just zone out and listen to music.

Exercise minimally impacts my caloric deficit - the main purpose of it, for me, has to do with just out everything BUT weightloss. Different exercises appeal to me for physical benefits - mainly the impressive muscle tone and strength I get from weight/resistance training. But even that isn't for weightloss, because to build good muscle I need to eat more calories than my current diet allows for. So for now, my only exercise is cardio as I want it, and for the sole purpose of making me feel good. If it doesn't do that, I won't do it

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I go between being in periods where I'm super into exercise, do it almost everyday, have a set plan and stick to it whether I feel like it or not, and then periods where I won't exercise whenever it rains or is too cold (hint: it's rained and/or been cold almost everyday for the past few weeks ). I love to walk, and I have technically been doing a lot of that, but more because I have to get some places by walking than it being actual set exercise haha.
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When I first started this up back in May, I did not exercise at all. I, like you, was really trying to get the eating down pat first -- because lets face it, that is the biggest problem for most people who weigh what I did. I left it on the table, saying to myself that I don't just desire to be skinny, but fit and active as well. No pressure, though! I started walking my dogs very short distances in late August, gradually increased, and now that the cold weather is here, have actually WANTED to keep exercising very moderately -- so I pulled out my dusty Wii Fit I got last Christmas. It's been fun, and I find I "feel like" doing it more than I expected I would. But still no pressure! I'm losing well without it, but now a little bit of exercise fits in well with my healthier lifestyle.
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I took a complete break from the gym recently for about 3 months. It didn't have much impact on my weight, but it has done on how I feel.

I'm not one of the "Now that I'm losing I have to do a marathon" types of people. Going for a walk is always a good thing, even if I have to go to an indoor mall to do it. I joined the gym so I could use machines and weights. I don't lift really heavy because my joints can't take it. I don't do spin classes or boot camps or any of that kind of thing.

So don't feel like you "have" to exercise like that. The biggest part of the weight loss formula is the food. That said, if someone has insulin resistance, they really do need to stay fit to reverse that. I'm pretty sure I have it, and I think that's why I haven't felt as well since stopping the gym.

I just joined a new gym! You can find some that don't have contracts and have cheap monthly rates, if you think it would help. I thought I would exercise at home with DVDs etc. when I stopped my old gym, but in reality I don't do that. I need to get out of the house and to a place where the only thing to do is exercise.


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Exercise does not have to be some horrific sweaty horrible thing.

You just want to burn some extra calories. Making this process SO much easier.

Exercise for me, anyway consists of walking, walking, walking. When I was in the losing portion of my journey, I also danced - just popped on the radio or Itunes and danced my fool head off for 30 minutes. I also did Leslie Sansone's WATP dvd's. VERY simple, and doable - and effective.

It's also very important to keep in mind, that you want to lose FAT, not muscle. This is crucial. And that involves strength training. Again, I never lifted weights or anything like that. But instead I turned to a resistance band. It's very simple, easy, doable - and effective.

I urge you, urge you, urge you to incorporate this into your life. I firmly believe that once you get into it, you will wonder why you were so reluctant to and wonder why you didn't do it early.

Scolding (with good intentions) over.
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