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Default What would you eat if you couldn't chew, use straw, or eat dairy/

So I look like a CHIPMUNK right now after getting 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed.

Can someone share some non-dairy liquidy food ideas?? The no dairy is related to anesthesia.

I've got: tomato soup, pea soup, jars of baby food (apple, pear), mango juice.

What else can I add? I'm thinking "So Delicious" soy ice cream, mashed potatoes. I only got "no chewing, no straws, no dairy" from my dental surgeon but looking for a decent food list. I might need to eat like this for a few weeks.
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pureed mac and cheese
I eat a non-dairy pudding made by a company called ZenSoy
Soy yogurt--very helpful because it will have the live cultures your tummy needs right now
any canned soup can be pureed in a blender
ripe, soft bananas
chicken, beef, veggie broth
sorry that some of these aren't exactly diet friendly...
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Mushy things...
- squish up a ripe banana
- oatmeal
- applesauce
- soup
- fruit/vegetable juice
- cereal gets mushy if you keep it in your mouth for a minute...
- pasta (cook it a little longer)
- etc.

Wisdom teeth extraction sucks. I've been there too. They told me ice on for 20 minutes, ice off for 20 minutes, back and forth for the first day or two - it helped quell a lot of swelling for me. Hang in there!
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Smoothies- You don't have to drink them through a straw. You can always add protein powder to them.

You can always have refriend beans-mix in some salsa and a little rice, maybe.

What about really soft fruit? Kiwis, melon and bananas don't require a ton of chewing...really, you can mash them up if need be.

Cheerios? Babies eat them with NO teeth, so there has to be something to it. Oatmeal might work too.

Baked sweet and white potatoes too! Those are soft.

I lived on pudding and pot stickers when I had my wisdom teeth out. I know the pot stickers are a strange suggestion, but they don't really require a ton of chewing and I was so over sweeter foods by the end.
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I basically lived on smoothies (you could use almond or soy milk, fruit, and non-whey protein powder), eaten with a spoon. Cold enough to numb my mouth, and the spoon meant no straw to suck the smoothie through and rip out stitches.

Second on the refried beans - no chewing there. Most soups can be pureed, too, but if they were too acidic (think tomato soup, for example) they HURT my wisdom tooth sockets, so be mindful of that.

My grandpa has issues chewing, so I do a lot of cooking for him to keep in his freezer of tongue-mashable foods. We cook him pot roasts (until they are utterly falling apart) with carrots and potatoes cooked into oblivion, and he can squish those pretty well. Beef stew is the same idea...if you cook stew meats long enough, they no longer require any chewing at all. We also made him split pea soup (the split peas disintegrate into nothing but have a lot of protein), ground beef and macaroni (you could up the veggie content by putting tiny diced veggies in there...zucchini is particularly squishable) with tomato sauce, chicken and dumplings, and beef/barley soup.
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I use hemp protein powder sometimes in the morning with my smoothies. You can find some at a health food store. I'd say smoothies, smoothies. Bananas freeze well and make a wonderful smoothie whether they are frozen or not.
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Yogurt, baked winter squash, applesauce, jello, puddings. Baby food is not so bad, try some of the fruit.
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I overcooked pasta until it was positively mushy. I also had a lot of cream of chicken soup and applesauce. Mmmm, and mashed potatoes. Sorry, not so diet friendly either! Scrambled eggs work well too. Avoid spicy and acidic foods though, they will irritate the inside of your mouth.
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I got sugar free popsicles, they work wonders at keeping down the pain, too.
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Pureed lentil soup
pureed peaches
pureed carrots
pureed baked apples
smoothies with protein powder
almond milk/soy milk
mashed/refried beans
mashed potatoes/sweet potatoes - puree with veggies for more flavor, cooked spinach, peas, cooked carrots, onions, celery - all will give the potatoes a good flavor. You could also probably eat some potato pancakes without chewing. They have egg in them for some added protein. Buy some Earth Balance (dairy free margarine) to go with it.
cream of wheat/farina
cream of rice

Check out some baby recipes...lots of things can be cooked soft and pureed. And baby food tastes pretty good, especially the apple/fruit ones. Also, i know they sell teething cookies/crackers for babies that fall apart in your mouth from moisture.
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