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Default Things I'm starting to love about my body

I was feeling slightly frustrated this week, because I caught a glimpse of my back fat in the bathroom mirror (UGH for back fat) but I realized there's tons of stuff happening with my body that I like. I thought I could share some of my physical changes that I'm noticing, and y'all might want to, as well.

What is funny is how surprised I have been by these changes - since I have ALWAYS been overweight and unfit, I wasn't even aware that fit bodies were supposed to be this way.

So, here's a short list of some recent changes I'm loving:
- I have collarbones! Who knew?
- I'm starting to get that cut line of muscle on the outside of my thigh. I hate you, Jillian Michaels, but thanks for all the squats and lunges.
- This one's new to me, and I don't even know how to describe it. At the top of my inner thigh, in the groin area (I guess?) there's this new muscle/hollow area. I have no idea what's happening there, but I like it.
- When I fold my legs up, there isn't a huge pouch of fat on the inside of my knee.
- My wristbone is starting to get more prominent.
- Despite the persistence of the bat wings, I'm beginning to have more defined shoulders and biceps.

What are some things about your body that you're loving today?
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One of the main things I really like that is improving lately isn't visible, but it is physical. My breathing has improved from the exercise and improved nutrition, and that feels really good.
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I actually love being a curvy lady.
And I'm always complaining to my fiancÚ
about having chunky legs- but I'm realizing
more and more how great my legs actually
are. So what if they're chunky? They fit
perfectly with my body and I don't want
to change them. (That's where most
of my weight is in; my legs)
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i have also lost 30 lbs and i notice those things also! my i can actually feel my pelvic bone when i lay down, still got some meat covering it of coarse! i can also fell less fat on my ribs and my thighs! i overall feel great which makes me wanna keep goin to my goal!
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My smaller, thinner, longer-toed feet. In sandals. With the toenails painted. My feet are not fat, wide & stubby anymore.

My ability to wear shorts unapologetically, without feeling defensive about it. ("Yeah, it's hot, so I'm wearing shorts. Yeah, even fat women can wear shorts. You got a problem with that?") My legs aren't going to grow three inches longer, no matter how much exercise I do, but they're proportionate with the rest of me.
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I just hit the 30 lbs loss this week (need to update my ticker)...I can see that outside thigh muscle you describe (on one leg as my other is recovering from being broken + still quite atrophied). And what I've been TOTALLY waiting for from reading it here before were COLLARBONES! Woo-hoo! Just noticed them in the vanity mirror while in the car today! I can't wait to see what lies ahead!
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I've been waiting for collarbones for a really long time, but I've got a long way to go before I see them, so I'll try to stay patient

I really love my legs. They are becoming more firm, slender and toned and I love them!
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Like others, I also love that I have visible collar bones now that I've lost some weight! I also like my hands/fingers more, which sounds weird, but I think my fingers look more elegant and slim now, whereas before they always felt pudgy and not at all feminine! Oh and I also love my new back dimple (whatever this is!) - it's just a small indentation at the base of my spine, a sort of horizontal indent, which I could never see when I was bigger. It's really nice to observe these sorts of small changes that you can take pleasure from!

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This is so stupid... but my nails. Lol! Since I have been eating so many veggies, my nails have been growing! I couple weeks ago, I went and got a mani and they looked great!

And my arms... I think my arms are really starting to look better/thinner.
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Just an overall feeling of fitness. I can still get critical if I look at it, but loving the way I feel and move.
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I love how I just feel lighter... and well, I've been boxing a lot and doing push ups so I've lost an inch in my already small bust but things are perkier.... so I can't deny that I'm definitely loving that. I'm eager to see what my face will look like when it's a lot thinner. I've always had a fluffy face, and it's bazaar to realize that I've never actually seen what my own face looks like under all the fluff.
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You guys have hit on a lot of the same things I like: my arms, shoulders, legs. I really like how my arms hang straight down from my shoulders and don't bow out around my large body. I love my thighs not rubbing together and pulling up my shorts. I love being able to run and do boot camp and all of the exercises that I never thought possible. The veins are larger in my forearms, to supply blood to my now larger muscles, I think. The things I love are absolutely countless. Makes me want to never go back but also wonder how it is that I can still sometimes overeat/binge...


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Collarbones visible, check.
tiny wrist with visible bone, check.
slightly defined shoulders, check.

I'm also loving my legs. They finally look pretty decent in shorts that go a little above the knee. Thighs still rub together and I"m wondering if they will ever not rub...but The thighs are beginning to look more toned and defined under all the chub. And these legs of mine are POWERFUL they got me through my first half marathon and there are lots more miles to be covered that I look forward too!

still waiting for my stomach to not look like i'm pregnant though...
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yay for collarbones! that is actually the most important thing to me right now, which is very strange. Every day when I wake up, I judge my weightloss by how visible my collarbones are (I don't weigh very often). Also, my thighs are definitely getting slimmer.
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A strong body that will take me where I want to go, do what I want to do. Cheekbones. A neck that isn't as wide as my face. Visible collarbones. Barely visible bulges around the bra. Visible ab muscles (under the layer of fat, but they're there!). Smaller fat bulges at the junction of hips and thighs when I sit. Smaller fat bulges around my inner knees when I bend my legs. Still have a long way to go, but am liking the small changes that are visible so far.
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