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Default Comiserate with me! TOM hunger and cravings

UGH! I just want to shove my face into the biggest bowl of (you fill in the blank) I know it's completely TOM related and it's timing couldn't not be worse! The week before TOM is ALWAYS like this, I'm a bottomless pit and I want what I know is not best for me, and of course it always drops off those few lbs of water retention and b&@chiness!
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What a pain to have TOM on your first week of reaching goal. Something's
always got to steal our thunder! But you are a pro and have been through many many of these monthly roadblocks. Besides, you look mahvelous!
This too will pass.
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hang in there!

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I'm waiting for TOM too and enduring the blahs and urges for crazy junk food.

Hang in there!


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I get the same way!!! it blows!!
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Hang in there sweetheart x
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Oh man, I am in the same boat. But i found such a fantastic solution!

So my favorite thing ever is, embarrassingly, cookie dough. Not cookies, the uncooked stuff. But I found Smart Ones makes a chocolate chip cookie dough sundae that is 170 per dessert, in a 2-dessert pack. That was what I had yesterday when cookie dough was all I wanted in the entire world, and I feel like I made an ok choice, gave myself what I wanted, but didn't go over my allotted calories for the day. And because I let myself have something I wanted, I didn't go totally insane and eat everything in sight. woo!
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TOM is the absolute worst. For four days I eat like total crap. I try not to go too hard on myself though, because if I do, when I snap out of it, I'll be miserable and depressed that I ate so much and give up on all the hard work I accomplished before it.
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I TOTALLY feel your pain, and unfortunatley I subsided to the cravings today.
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Hang in there it will pass Keep going girl
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I am right there. Ol' Aunt Flo arrived today. However, I haven't felt the urge to binge just yet. I think because I have taken care of my salty craving with my daily regimen of whole grain pita chips and hummus. Salty snacks are really my vice - I don't usually crave sweets. So, I am proud of myself for staying on plan, despite the presence of potato chips in the house.
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omg, NC...yesterday, the day before TOM...was the absolute worst. The hunger was crazy! I food journal, i was still kind of hungry when i had written down my food and was planning on something for dinner. When I was done, my food journal showed I had already gone over for the day. I also had my premenstrual migraine as well.

so i totalled up the exchanges, put the book down, and decided not to eat dinner. I felt in control. I knew if I kept going i would just feel worse.

remember, it is your body, and YOU are in control.
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this thread resonated with me because I'm on my TOM right now

I had a dreadful case of the PMS munchies a few days ago. I binged and binged and didn't even care. On top of that, I was extremely depressed and the five-pound bloat made me ask, "Huh?!?!? WHY did I gain weight?"

It's true... it IS your body and you ARE in control, but I totally commiserate with you on how difficult it can be. Even when I was at the absolute top of my gain, I'd lose control during the TOM.

If you shoot down the cravings, they will go away in a few days and everything will be ok
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