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Default Not so good news.

I was doing extremely well with my diet/exercise, so close to reaching my mini goal.My husbands father passed away on Tuesday. The viewing was Thursday, and the funeral is Friday. He was 91 years old. It's difficult to exercise and eat right when everything is up in the air, and your spouse is depressed. You just wanna take the easy route and be there for them. If he worked at all this week it would've been easier to maintain everything, but he was home the whole time (totally understandable). Le sigh. Tragic, stressful, and depressing. I'm going to get back on track on Monday. I only skimped for a week!
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Take your time. If there's ever a time to relax, maintain, and focus on your family it's when someone passes away. There's absolutely nothing wrong with 'skimping' for one week.
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I agree. Obviously you're still committed, don't feel guilty about taking care of your family.
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It's clear that your goals are focused and you see this as a tragic, unforeseen challenge. Though going through a family death is very sad, you know what you need to do to get through this--and help your husband and his family get through this--and when you are able, it sounds like you know you'll restart your program. Take care of yourself and your family during this time. You have my sympathy.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. The death of a loved one is a stress of no other kind.

I don't know how far in your journey that you are, but I would hope that a some of your new found good behaviors on in place and it would be a shame to not rely on them.

Nothing eases stress in the long term AND in the short term as eating well. In fact many people find that while facing something such as this, that staying on plan is a HUGE comfort. At a time when everything seems out of control, the one thing that we can control is what we put (or don't put) in our mouths. Also nothing like a brisk walk to ease some of that stress.

Of course your food choices will not be the same as if you were in your home without *all of this*, and your program can't be followed to a *T*, so it's best to make the best choices that you can given the circumstances, so that you can best take care of you and be there for your family.

Sending good thoughts to you, your husband and the whole family at this sad time.

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So sorry to hear about your FIL passing.

Just treat yourself, and your family well and do the best you can until things are a bit more settled.
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I am so sorry for your loss, know that times like this call for kindness to yourself and your goals, focus on this event for now
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